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Blue Ocean Strategy: Use by
Nintendo in the Red Ocean Video
Game Industry
Daniel Fischbach
13 February 2007
In my documentary study, I
plan to give the audience a
clear view of the Blue Ocean
strategy form of marketing,
compare it to other forms of
marketing, and discuss how
Nintendo is using it to its
Variable Model
Brief history of the game
Brief information about the
game console
Did this marketing strategy
Overview of the marketing
strategy for the company
Comparison to other
companies’ marketing
Interviews – “Experts” (NJIT
contacts, etc.)
Interviews – Bloggers’
Opinions via Email
Interviews – NJIT Students
Where else is the company
using this strategy?
Why is this strategy important
to the gaming industry as a
 Brief history of Nintendo
 Information about the new Wii console
 The above two will talk about
Nintendo’s new marketing
strategy, as well as compare
it to the strategy they have
used in the past and the
strategy their rivals are using
right now
 Interviews
 Business experts from NJIT School of
Management (face to face)
 Bloggers (email)
 Users (face to face)
Collecting Information
 Interviews (face to face, telephone, email, etc.)
 NJIT electronic library
 HBR article
 Web
 Current game news,
 Website
 Text (including interviews)
 Audio of interviews
 Photos
(marketing & enjoyment)
 Flash video
 E3 2006 keynote &
 Knowledge
 Marketing techniques
 Nintendo
 Changes in the video
 Gaming as something
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