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Day 4
Objective: Explain how biological evolution is the consequence of the interactions
of genetic variation, reproduction and inheritance, and natural selection and
1. Stamps
2. Variation Lecture
3. Variation Lab
This is an example of variation in dogs. List
examples of variation within other
Darwin’s Ideas
• Heritability – traits passed from parents to offspring
• Variation – differences within a species
• Natural selection – some traits are favorable
• Heritable traits: differences in appearance due to genes.
• Non-heritable traits: differences in appearance not due to genes.
Where does genetic
variation come from?
1. Sexual reproduction: crossing over
2. Mutations: mistakes in DNA replication or environment
How do we observe variation?
Monogenetic trait: only
two possible
Polygenic trait:
many possible appearances
Exit Ticket
1. What type of trait is
shown in these
2. Do individuals or
populations evolve?
Defend your
How Many Chromosomes?
Human: __________
Chimpanzee: ______
Dog: __________
Butterfly: __________
Mosquito: __________
Pine tree: __________
Cat: __________
Cow: __________
Cucumber: __________
Record for least # chromosomes: ________
Trout: __________
Record for most # chromosomes: ________