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The Conflict Between
the Bible and the Darwin’s
Key Points
• The main viewpoint of the Bible
• The main standpoint of the
Darwin’s evolution
• The conflict between them
About the Bible
• Name of the Christian
Scriptures, consisting of
the Old Testament and
the New Testament. The
traditional view is that the
Bible was written under
the guidance of God,
therefore, entirely true.
• Old Testament: Christian
name for the Hebrew
Bible, the first portion of
the Christian Bible.
• Genesis, first book of the
Old Testament. It tells
the origin of the world
and of man, including
the stories of man‘s
disobedience and fall.
New Testament: the
distinctively Christian
portion of the Bible,
consisting of 27 books .
• fundamentalism:
conservative religious
movement that arose
among members of
various Protestant
denominations early in
the 20th century. its aim is
to maintain traditional
interpretations of the
Bible and what believed
to be the fundamental
doctrines of the Christian
faith. Nowadays this word
can apply to other
About the Darwin’s evolution
• Darwin's Theory of Evolution
is the widely held notion that
all life is related and has
descended from a common
ancestor: the birds and the
bananas, the fishes and the
flowers -- all related. Darwin's
general theory presumes the
development of life from nonlife and stresses a purely
naturalistic . That is, complex
creatures evolve from more
simplistic ancestors naturally
over time. The beneficial
mutations are preserved
because they aid survival -- a
process known as "natural
selection." These beneficial
mutations are passed on to
the next generation.
• Since the publication of Darwin’s On the Origins
of Species in 1859, the attitude of the Catholic
Church on the theory of evolution has slowly
been refined. For about 100 years, there was
no authoritative pronouncement on the subject.
Catholic concern about evolution has always
been very largely concerned with the
implications of evolutionary theory for the origin
of the human species; there was debate being
over whether God created the world in six days
or it original from simple species.