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Rocks and Minerals
Chapter 6 Lesson 1
Natural Resources
 Rock
 Mineral
What are some words to describe rocks?
 Why do you think scientists study rocks?
 Why do you think we use rocks to make
Natural Resources
A natural resource is material from the
Earth or nature that we use everyday.
 Some natural resources are air, water,
plants, animals, and rocks.
Natural Resources
• What natural resources have you used
What are Rocks?
A rock is a nonliving part of Earth.
 Rocks are a useful natural resource found
all over Earth.
 Rocks have different shapes, sizes, colors
and can feel different.
 Not all rocks are hard. Some can be softer.
How are Rocks Used?
Chalk is a soft rock.
This is used to make
chalk to write on the
black board.
How are Rocks Used?
Limestone is very
 Limestone is used to
make concrete.
 Limestone was used
to make this building.
How are Rocks Used?
Marble is a very hard rock.
 It can be used in buildings,
statues and in our homes.
How are Rocks Used?
More things made from rocks:
What are Minerals?
Minerals are hard, nonliving parts of soil.
 They are made in the ground over a long
 Rocks are made of one kind or many
What are Minerals?
Marble is a rock made
from the minerals calcite
and dolomite.
Limestone is a rock
made from calcium
What are Minerals?
Minerals in rocks can make it shine or
 People use minerals and rocks for tools
because they are so strong.