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By: Kimberly O’Donnell
Capital- Olympic
Rialto Beach
Hoh Rain Forest
• There are many different types of
• Coastline Pacific Ocean
• Peninsula
• Glacier Capped Mountains
• Old growth forests/rainforests
Mount Olympus
• Olympics National Park’s culture dates
back thousands of years
• American Indians have lived on the
Olympic Peninsula for thousands of years
• Explorers, miners, and loggers moved into
the area by the 1800’s
• Elk are the main living creature in the park
• There are many different types of water
• The Pacific Ocean and Elwha River
• The strait of Juan de Fuca
• Hood canal and Puget sound
Rocks and Minerals
• There are many different types of rocks
and minerals in Olympic National Park
• One kind of rock is Basalt
• Another type of rock is sedimentary rock
• One other type of rock is igneous
Culture Continued
• The culture in Washington State has
changed over time
• First the Native Americans came to
Olympic National Park
• Then the Settlers came
• After them the visitors came