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Aim: What are some other agents of erosion?
I. Wind Erosion – it can pick up loose rock materials, such
as sand, silt, clay and carry them away.
A. Occurs usually in dry areas
1. Beaches
2. deserts
}No plant life to hold soil in place.
B. Wind erosion my also erode by abrasion
1. Sand blown by wind breaks down material on
rock’s surface
2. Ventifact – angular shaped rock that is formed due to wind
II. Ice (Glacier) Erosion
A. Glacier – large mass of moving ice.
1. As a glacier moves, it carries, pushes, and drags loose
rock material.
2. When ice melts, unsorted rocks and boulders are left
scattered around on hilltops and the sides of valleys.
3. Valley Glacier – formed in mountains.
a. Move very slow
b. Moves fastest near the center of the flowing ice.
4. Continental Glacier (Greenland and Antarctica)
a. Grinds down hills leaving them polished (scratched)
and rounded.
b. Creates “U” shaped valleys