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Weekly Sustainability News Summary
February 6, 2015
Company Initiatives:
Chipotle’s earnings call: a business case for sustainable sourcing – Tuesday’s earnings
call by Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. was much more than a laundry list of financial
accomplishments: It stood out as a remarkable business case for the sourcing of sustainable
meat and sticking to a business’s principles. Full Article: Triple Pundit
How smart data can develop socially conscious brands – “Big Data” and “Social Good”
may be the yin and yang of tomorrow’s most successful brands, yet they are not typically
thought of as bedmates. Full Article: Forbes
How Coke's Superbowl ad will #MakeItHappy and sell more soda to millennials –
Raised as digital natives, millennials are the new online storytellers. A perk of Coke’s
#MakeItHappy campaign is that it has high participation and shareworthy value, meaning that
consumers are happy to participate in the fight against hate and want to share their good deeds
with their friends. Full Article: Forbes
Why Google backed this uber-cool B Corp – Google recently announced a grant to a new B
Corp startup, HandUp, which allows donors to hyper-focus their donations to individuals with
specific needs, an approach that is rocking the non-profit world. Full Article: Forbes
Richard Branson leads call to free global economy from carbon emissions –
Governments should set a clear target of making the world’s economy free from carbon
emissions by mid-century, Sir Richard Branson and a group of other prominent businesspeople
have urged. Full Article: The Guardian
Trends, Surveys and Opinions:
California suffers dry January, prolonging devastating drought – California has
experienced one of the driest Januarys on record, and the lack of rain during a time of year when
the weather is usually wet indicates the state is likely headed for a fourth straight year of
drought. Full Article: New York Times
Climate change’s bottom line – Members of the Risky Business Project, an unusual collection
of business and policy leaders determined to prepare American companies for climate change all
agree on one issue: Shifts in weather over the next few decades will most likely cost American
companies hundreds of billions of dollars, and they have no choice but to adapt.
Full Article: New York Times
The state of green business, 2015 – The 8th annual State of Green Business was recently
released with some sobering conclusions: indicators measuring companies’ progress in
greenhouse gas and emissions, air pollutants, water use and solid-waste production are all
leveling off or even declining. Full Article: Greenbiz
Temperatures rise as climate critics take aim at U.S. classrooms – Conservative critics of
President Obama’s push for a global agreement on emissions are pressing a grassroots
counterattack, targeting how schools in the U.S. address global warming.
Full Article: BloombergBusiness