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Meeting the challenges
of climate change
13 October 2009
> Copenhagen only 54 days away
> Must agree to an ambitious 2
degree deal
> Must demonstrate the right policies to
implement a global deal and show
leadership on moving to low carbon
The EU’s role
> EU is a global leader on climate
> Need to keep EU at the forefront and
firmly on the path to a low carbon
> Leading by example with diplomatic
October Council
Last opportunity to agree EU position:
> €100 billion annually by 2020
> Global key: 50% emissions, 50% GDP
> Participation by all except LDCs
> Finance should be adequate,
predictable and timely
> Effective, fair governance
A low carbon world
> Cost of action far less than inaction:
climate change presents opportunities
> HSBC: revenues in the low carbon
sector worth $530 billion, more than
global aerospace or defence industry
> Low carbon and environmental
industry worth £3 trillion a year - and
Climate change in the UK
> Since 1990, UK economy grown by
48% and emissions fallen by 20%
> UK low carbon industry worth £106
billion and employs 880,000 people,
and has grown during downturn
> The Climate Change Act, which
provides a clear signal of a
commitment to low carbon transition