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International Climate
Assessment & Dataset
Peter Siegmund, Albert Klein Tank,
Ge Verver
KNMI, Netherlands
ET DARE meeting,
WMO, 3-6 November 2014
European Climate Assessment & Dataset (ECA&D)
Started in 1998
Regional co-operation between 62 countries in Europe
Brings together daily station records (historical and
contemporary) in a central repository
Pragmatic approach; country-specific data policies respected
Harmonized metadata and data QC / homogeneity testing procedures
Example: Flooding in Central Europe, May/June, 2013
ICA&D regions
ECA&D: European Climate Assessment & Dataset
SACA&D: Southeast Asia Climate Assessment & Dataset
LACA&D: Latin American Climate Assessment & Dataset
WACA&D: West African Climate Assessment & Dataset
Example: Start and end of the rainy season relevant for rice production
Example: improved precipitation data for water management in Jakarta
Jakarta flooding in February 2007
Conclusions I
ICA&D regional data repositories and web portals are developed for daily
data obtained from national databases in a region
Most daily data series did not exist in international archives yet
Products are relevant for national, regional, and global analyses and
assessments (contributions to ISPD, GHCN-D, GPCC, ISTI, ETCCDI)
Gridded fields are produced when station coverage is satisfactory
Recovered and digitized data is added when available
Capacity development is the key success factor
ICA&D is selected as GFCS high priority project 8 (total of 9)
Conclusions II
Data policy issues are partly circumvented because derived
indices/indicators are more readily shared and released than daily
observational records themselves
All data and products are restricted to non-commercial research and
Challenge of finding an institution which can commit the resources and
responsibility to host an ICA&D system
Thank you…
Current activities
ECA&D forms a WMO Regional Climate Centre (RCC)
node on data now
Monthly updates produced as part of the EU-projects
Digitized data for the Mediterranean (URV Centre for Climate Change)
included as part of EURO4M
Extension to sub-daily data (hourly and 6-hourly) developed as part of UERRA
Core set of ETCCDI climate change indices calculated for grids as part of EUEUPORIAS