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Univariate statistics
summarize variable, detail
Measuring central tendency – mean, median
Measuring variation – variance, standard deviation
other measures
Skewness (measures symmetry or lack of it)
Skew: right (+) and left (-)
Kurtosis (measures peakedness)
Poly- or multimodal
Discussion of weighted and unweighted analyses
Sample size (N)
Problems created by missing data
Ways to correct the problem of missing data
Problems created by outliers
Techniques for identifying outliers
Mean, minimum & maximum values
Box Whisker plot
Stem & Leaf plot
Frequencies (f), proportions (p), and percentages (P)
Creating intervals for a measurement variable
Optimal number of intervals in a frequency table
Assignment #2 Homework Assignment: (1) Choose any reasonably sized and
documented dataset (at least 100 observations and at least 10 variables) and prepare
it for analysis (create new variables etc.). (2) Discuss the dataset generally (e.g. how
large it is) and variables of interest to you specifically. (Due 5/7/04)
What is the logic behind the construction of an index or scale? What are their limitations?
Understanding relationships between two variables, scatterplots, crosstabs, presentation of data
in tables.