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College Algebra
1) Use a loose leaf binder. NO SPIRAL TYPES!
2) Have plenty of notebook paper and pencil.
3) Put your syllabus in the back.
4) All returned and graded papers go behind
the syllabus.
5) Bring your notebook every day. 3-ring binder
6) Keep all papers in order.
7) Keep textbook, or papers from
other classes, OUT!
All problems on all tests, quizzes, and
homework should be written legibly, in order
and numbered.
All that you might be tempted to call “scratch
work” is important in this class. It shows you
are working the problems yourself.
Duh…may I
scratch my
Section 1.1 notes
Jan. 15
A natural number is like a
counting number. 1,2,3…
All naturals and 0 are the whole
Integers are whole humbers and
their opposites.
Rationals can be written as
ratios of two integers.
Irrationals can never be written
as repeating or terminating
Real numbers can be placed on
the number line.
On the left put “Section #
On right put date (0ptional)
Do all work orderly.
Keeping good notes may help
your quiz grades because
sometimes I allow you to use
your notes on a quiz, but if you
don’t take notes, you won’t
have that advantage.
Taking notes from online
videos is optional, but they do
help on your notebook grade.
Be sure to label “Section #
video notes.”
Date is optional.
You may also take notes from
online powerpoints or
examples. (Optional.)
You may also take notes from
your textbook. (Optional).
Section 1.1 video notes
Write using set notation
N = { 1, 2, 3, …}
W = { 0, 1, 2, 3, …}
J = { …-3,-2,-1, 0, 1,2,3…}
Q = { p/q| p and q are integers}
Section 1.1 notes from text.
The opposite of a number is like 4
and -4. zero is its own opposite.
A number and its reciprocal will
multiply together to get 1.
Section 4.1 OLHW
1) 2x – 3y = 6
x= 2y
Feb. 25
2(2y) – 3y = 6
4y – 3y = 6
x = 2(6) = 12
(12, 6)
3) 6x – 3y = 0
3) 2x + 3y = 8
6(1) – 3y = 0
-3y = -6
On left, write section # OLHW
Show all work, number your
problems and be orderly.
You may just put a check mark by
problems you could answer
without work, such as a multiple
choice or short answer.
Work that must be done to
determine a graph should be
shown on your notebook paper.
(see next slide)
on each
Section 1.4 OLHW
5.) Graph 2x + 3y = 12
If x = 0 then 3y = 12 so y = 4
(0, 4) is on the graph.
If y = 0 then 2x = 12 so x =6
(6,0) is on the graph
Use graph paper if
doing classwork, extra
credit, or quiz, but you
may freehand sketches
that you transfer to
online homework.
 Show your work on
how you determined
points on the graph.
 Transfer graph to
online if needed.
Classwork, extra credit, or group
work must be appropriately
labeled on the top left side of
every paper. You must write the
section number and number all
You may also do odd problems and
check them from the book for
practice before turning in evens
for extra credit. This will help
your notebook grade.
Section 5.2 classwork
1. (-2)2 = -4
March 14
2. (-8)/(-2) = 4
Section 5.2 textbook odds
1. (-3)(-4) = 12
3. (-3) + 1 = -2
5. 24 – (-2) = 26 7. -3 – (-5) = 2
9. 54 -68 = 14
11. 6 + (-2) = 4
your work
Go on and fill up each page
with your math work.
Never use math websites on the internet to do your math problems for you.
Phones or ipads may never be
used for calculating in this class.
If you bring some calculator to
class other than the TI-83 or TI-84
you may have trouble using it for
the purposes we have in this
class. Also, I may not be able to
help you figure out how your
calculator works.
Developing an orderly notebook and keeping accurate records of your work is
an important life skill, but it also gives credence to your efforts in this class.
Ten percent of your grade is the notebook.
Much educational research lately has confirmed the value of keeping
a good notebook.
Student success in this course will depend on learning how to keep a
notebook and using it.