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Persephone, The Goddess Of Spring
By: Ashley
Brief Biography
Persephone was playing in a flowery
meadow when she was seized by
Hades and carried to the underworld
as his bride. Her mother, Demeter,
searched for her and was furious when
she found out that her husband Zeus
conspired in Persephone’s abduction.
She refused to let Earth fruit until her
daughter was returned. However, due
to the fact that Persephone tasted the
food of Hades, she was forced to
spend a part of the year with him.
Myth Conclusion
Her Annual
return to
Earth in
spring was
marked by
flowering of
the meadow
and sudden
growth of the
new grain.
Fun Facts
Daughter of Demeter and Zeus
Maiden name is Kore (Cora)
Queen of the Underworld (Dead)
Wife of Hades
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