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Computer Monitors
B. Konkoth
Types of monitors
 Cathode
 Liquid
 The filaments at the
back of the cathode
tube shoot a beam
of electrons to the
screen at the front of
the tube
 This screen is
coated with
phosphor that
glows when struck
by the electron
 An LCD panel
produces an image
using a liquid crystal
material made of
large, easily
polarized molecules
2 types of LCD panels
 Active matrix
 Most common
 Contains cells of
liquid crystal, a
matrix of thin-film
transistors (TFT)
 provides a much
brighter, sharper
 Passive matrix
 Dual-scan display
 Has a row of
running on the top
of the screen as
well as the left of
the screen
Features of a monitor
Video cards
 Interface between the monitor and the
 Also called graphic adapters, video boards,
graphics cards, or display cards.
 Sometimes the video controller with a video
port is integrated into the motherboard.
Video card
Methods of data transfer
 RGB video port
standard method of passing three separate
signals for red, green, and blue which most
video cards and CRT monitors use.
uses a regular 15-pin Super VGA port
Methods of data transfer
 DVI port - Digital Visual Interface port
digital interface standard used by digital
monitor such as a digital flat panel monitor,
and digital TVs (HDTV).
for a video card that only has a DVI port, you
can purchase a VGA converter so you can
connect a standard VGA cable to use a
regular analog monitor.
Methods of data transfer
 S-Video – Super Video
this method sends two signals over the cable,
one for color and the other for brightness, and
is used by some high end TVs and video
it uses a 4-pin round port
Methods of data transfer
 Composite video
using this method, the red, green, and blue
(RGB) are mixed together in the same signal.
this is the method used by television and can
be used by a video card that is designed to
send output to a TV
Flat Screen Monitors
LCD - Plasma
 Picture Quality
Normal computing, both LCD and plasma
screens will provide sharp and clear
Watching Blu-Ray movies or playing highdefinition games, Plasma screens have less
picture lag and sharper color resolution
than LCD displays.
LCD - Plasma
 Power Usage
LCDs use considerably less power than
plasma displays, which use self-lighting
 Screen Burn-In
Plasma screens are more likely to
experience screen burn-in (the screen
becomes permanently discolored where the
unchanging image was)
LCD - Plasma
 Pixel Levels
LCD screens generally have more pixels
per square inch than plasma
makes them ideal if you are working with
complex spreadsheet programs or editing
 Size
Plasma monitors are usually ahead of the
curve regarding their maximum size
the biggest monitors are plasma
LCD - Plasma
 Lifespan
LCD monitors tend to be rated for 60,000-plus
Plasma monitors range from 20,000 to 30,000
 Price
Comparable pricing