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Belief in the in a monotheistic god as reveled
to the Prophet Mohammad. God is referred to
as Allah. The Holy Book is the Quran
The Hajj
A required
pilgrimage to
Mecca the birth
place of
Mohammad, that
a Muslim must
make in his or
her lifetime.
2 million pilgrims a year
Osama Bin Laden sees us on Saudi Soil as an abomination against
Islam. Remember, he offered to protect Saudi Arabia after the Iraq
invasion of Kuwait. The Saudis picked us for protection. This was
the beginning of 9/11
The Kabba
Believed to
house a
sent by
Allah, of a
piece of the
Garden of
The Mosque
A Muslim house of worship
Taj Mahal
Mosques due to their contact mostly
fighting with the Byzantine Empire are
influenced by the design.
which have a
plain exterior,
Mosques may
be richly
Islamic Architecture is based on the
Roman Dome but modified in a
more “onion” shape and richly
The Roman
Arch has
also been
modified to
have a
Mosques are Known for the four
Towers that are used to call Muslims to
Prayer 5 times a day.
No Seats Worshipers use pray matts
There is usually an alter
Islamic art is based on geometry,
calligraphy, and organic forms.
Calligraphy is the highest form
The Imam
The Imam is the head of a Mosque and
religious leader. He can also be a strong
political leader!
Dome of the Rock
Located in Jerusalem
on the former site of
the Jewish Temple
destroyed by the
Romans around 70 AD
is the site where
Abraham was said to
have offered his son
for sacrifice. This site
is holy for Jews,
Christians and
The Dome of the Rock
The site where
ascended the
Golden Ladder
to Heaven
The rock where Abraham was to sacrifice
Isaac and the Rock where Muhammad
ascended to Heaven
Again the
is Richly
decorated in