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Contemporary science issues
Lesson 14: Journey to the centre of the Earth
Main Activity 1 – evidence cards
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Evidence card
Evidence card
Some rare meteorites are made of rock
containing a large proportion of iron and
We have little direct evidence of what is inside
the Earth. The composition of the mantle has
been examined mainly through samples
obtained from volcanic activity. A small amount
of mantle rock has been obtained by direct
Evidence card
Evidence card
Iron-nickel meteorites are much denser
than most Earth rocks. They are even
denser than rock samples that have been
drilled from beneath the crust (from the
The density of the Earth is higher than that
of any other planet in our solar system.
Evidence card
Evidence card
The average density of the Earth is
approximately 5.4 grams per centimetre
cubed (5400 kg per cubic metre). The
density of water is 1g/cm3.
The densities of iron and nickel are nearly
8000 and 9000 kg/m3 respectively.
Evidence card
Evidence card
The density of rock obtained from the
mantle beneath the crust is 4500 kg/m3.
Iron and nickel are magnetic materials.
Evidence card
Evidence card
The average density of rocks from the
Earth’s surface is 2700 kg/m3.
The Earth has a magnetic field around it.