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“The Disease Vector Molecular
Biology Laboratory”
Immo A. Hansen (PI), Lisa Drake, David Price, Stacy Rodriguez, Kristina
Gonzales, Hannah Drumm, Chelsea Rodriguez, Ana Serna, Florence
Schoderbeck, Mark Rollag, Hitoshi Tsujimoto
“Looking for new ways to
kill an old foe…”
Department of Biology and Institute for
Applied Biosciences, NMSU
Aedes aegypti
Mosquito Diuresis
Challenge: Causing renal failure
in mosquitoes
Approach: Identify the regulators
of insect diuresis
Amino acid transport
Challenge: Kill mosquitoes by
inhibition of amino acid transport
Approach: Characterize insectspecific amino acid transporters
and identify inhibitors
Sterile Insect Technique
Challenge: Sterilize mosquito
males without compromising their
Approach: Identify radioprotectors