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Practically all products with simple (fast) carbohydrates have sweet
taste therefore they are loved by many people. Fast carbohydrates
have very high speed of assimilation therefore they cause
immediate increase the level of sugar in your blood and the
considerable burst of insulin. Insulin reduces blood sugar, turning it
into fat.
Proteins - molecules consisting of one or more chains of amino acids.
They are good for our muscles, nerves and blood.
They shall provide 20-30% of caloric content of food.
Protein which can be found in dairy products is long-playing but easy to
assimilate. So it is good for breakfast and before you go to sleep. Meat, fish and
poultry are good for main course.
Fats are the main source of the thermal energy necessary for life.
Fats make the smallest part of our supply 15 % because they are harmful to
our body, they can cause warmly vascular diseases.
•Breakfast: cereal, a sandwich with
butter, cocoa.
•Tiffin:, banana.
•Lunch: Chicken soup, mashed
potatoes with chicken rissole
•Snack: tea, apple.
•Dinner: fish stew with vegetables.
•Supper: cottage cheese.