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Drugs Review
 Any use of an illegal drug is
considered abuse.
 Drinking on weekends only could
still be a sign of alcoholism,
especially binge drinking.
 Combining alcohol and other drugs
has a greater effect than taking each
of the drugs alone.
Drugs Review
 Alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco are
considered gateway drugs to harder
 Some drugs such as PCP, LSD can
cause delayed effects - flashbacks
and other mental problems,
 The most popular stimulant in the
world is not cocaine - it is caffeine.
Drugs Review
 Antiperspirants are drugs, not
deodorants. Definition of a drug:
something that effects (changes) the
body or mind.
 Stimulant drugs, such as Ritalin,
are used to treat hyperactivity.
They can have a calming effect and
focusing effect.
Drugs Review
 Generally, there is no cure for
alcoholism. Once an alcoholic always an
 The most psychologically addicting drug
are nicotine and cocaine. Psychological
addiction can be more difficult than
physical addiction.
 Most Americans do not drink, when you
consider children, teens and adults who
choose not to drink, older people who
don’t drink as well.