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Pronoun & Antecedent
0 Definition: a word used to take the place of a noun.
0 Definition: the noun/word that the pronoun
Personal Pronouns
0 Pronouns that refer to the person speaking (1st), the person
spoken to (2nd), or the person, place, or thing being spoken
about (3rd).
1st Person
Singular I, me, my, mine
Plural us, we, our, ours
2nd Person
3rd Person
you, your, yours
he, him, his, she,
her, hers, it, its
you, your, yours,
y’all, y’alls
they, them, their,
0 Example: I did not like your dad when he called me a bad
influence on you!
Possessive Personal
0 Personal pronouns that show ownership or
1st Person
2nd Person
3rd Person
my, mine
your, yours
his, her, hers,
our, ours
your, yours,
their, theirs
0 Example: Give us back our trophy!
0 Example: His conscience was bothering him after he
lied to his mom.
Reflexive & Intensive
0 End in “self” or “selves”
1st Person
2nd Person
3rd Person
himself, herself,
Reflexive or Intensive?
0 Reflexive Definition: Adds information to the
sentence by pointing back to a noun or pronoun
earlier in the sentence.
0 Example: Tom fixed himself a bedtime snack.
0 Intensive Definition: Simply adds emphasis to a
noun or pronoun in the same sentence.
0 Example: Mom fixed the car herself.
Relative Pronouns
0 Pronouns that begin a subordinate clause (group of
words with a subject and verb that could not be a sentence on it’s
own) and connects it to another idea in the sentence.
Relative Pronouns
that, which, who, whom, whose
0 Example: Here is the girl whom I want you to meet.
0 Example: The assignment, which was very easy, was
0 Example: Where is the picture that you painted?
Demonstrative Pronouns
0 Pronouns that direct attention to specific people,
places, or things.
Demonstrative Pronouns
this, that
these, those
0 Example: Is this the cookie you wanted?
0 Example: Those children are very mean.
0 Example: This is my first day of school.
Interrogative Pronouns
0 Pronouns used to begin a question.
0 Not all pronouns used in questions are interrogative
Interrogative Pronouns
what, which, who, whom, whose
0 Example: Who told you the secret?
0 Example: Whom did you meet at the White House?
0 Example: Which of the essays is yours?
Indefinite Pronouns
0 Pronouns that refer to people, places, or things that are
often not specific.
0 Remember not to use the word “one” as a number
Indefinite Pronouns
another, anybody, anyone, anything,
each, either, everybody, everyone,
everything, little, much, neither, nobody,
no one, nothing, one, other, somebody,
someone, something
both, few, many, others, several
Singular or Plural
all, any, more, most, none, some
0 Example: None of the kids had much to eat.
0 Example: Give all of the tickets to everyone in the streets
0 Prentice Hall Writing & Grammar: Grammar Exercise
Workbook 9
0 Prentice Hall Writing & Grammar: Grammar Exercise
Workbook 10