Download Highly Integrated AUIR3240S Boost Converter for Stop

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Highly Integrated AUIR3240S Boost
Converter for Stop-Start Applications
The AUIR3240S is a highly integrated boost converter
designed specifically for the Stop-Start system that
halts the engine when a vehicle is stopped in traffic.
This system requires a “board net stabilizer” using a
power switch that disconnects the started and main
battery from the auxiliary electrical systems during
engine start.
Very low quiescent current on state
Boost converter with integrated diode
Standard level gate voltage
Wide operating voltage 4-36V
Temperature monitoring with NTC interface
ESD protection
Lead-free, Halogen free, RoHS compliant
• The new AUIR3240S is capable of driving several MOSFETs in
parallel to achieve very low on-state resistance (RDS(on)) with
current consumption below 50µA. The new device provides 15V on
the output with a wide input voltage (4-36V). The AUIR3240S also
features diagnostic on the output current and a thermal sensor
interface for very robust designs.
• Designing a boost converter with the requirement of low current
consumption is very challenging using discrete components. The
AUIR3240S makes the system robust, reliable and cost effective by
cutting down the number of components and the PCB space.
• The AUIR3240S is qualified according to AEC-Q100 standards,
features an environmentally friendly, lead-free and RoHS compliant
bill of materials and is part of IR’s automotive quality initiative
targeting zero defects.
March 2012