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Phase Presence and
Sequence Tester
Boris Fradkin 2015
A.L.F. Enterprise
FAST Description
FAST-1 is a pocket size, safe device for
phases sequence testing in 110-380 volt
installations. FAST-1 opens a line a testing
devises with additional advanced features.
FAST-1 prevents electrical shock and
electrocution by providing clear indication of
live circuits.
The Problem
There are some problems in electrical
installations. Among them:
Mains voltage presence must be checked
There is need to identify proper phase sequence
There is need to detect missing wire phases,
There is need to find open or blown phases,
There is need to determine proper connections for
rotating machinery,
There is need to detect live circuits
The Problem (cont.)
FAST-1 Phase Sequence Indicator is
used to determine the phase sequence
(R-S-T or T-S-R) of three-phase voltages.
(R-S-T is a clockwise rotation) It is
important that the phase sequence is
known prior to energizing electrical motors
and other equipment, as incorrect
connection could cause damage to the
equipment. FAST-1 ensures that the
motor is not damaged by incorrect wiring.
The Solution
FAST-1 is a small electronic device that comes to replace big,
expensive, unsafe devices with two or three probes. FAST-1 has a
plastic body with only one non galvanic probe, therefore there is no
danger of electrocution.
FAST-1 is an instrument for safely checking the presence of an AC
voltage in cables, wall sockets, fuses, junction boxes, etc.
No current flow is needed for correct operation. Voltage indication is
provided by means of a bright red light signal. Phase’s indication is
provided by means of three different color bright light signals.
FAST-1 is a battery powered device. It does not need an external
power supply. FAST-1 has a clear indication of main voltage
presence at the tip, of R-S-T (A-B-C) phases and also of battery
The next generation of this device will be equipped with a display and
shall provide additional information like main frequency etc.
The FAST-1 functions:
The device shall be developed for:
Voltage present testing.
Phase sequence testing.
Identical phase indication.
Continuity testing.
First Implementation
FAST-1 is integrated in one small clever
electronic device.
Marketing potential for Israeli market is more than
US$ 3M annually
World marketing potential is more than US$450M
Time to market: 8-12 months
Feasibility of the FAST-1 was proved in the
inventor’s laboratory
This unique testing device is based on ultra high
sensitive and fast detection and response.
The idea and the methods belong to the
Inventor, Mr. Boris Fradkin
A patent search was performed, no such
technology is available. A PCT patent was
There are technological entry barriers for
developing and manufacturing a product similar
to the FAST-1
Technology Advantages
The FAST-1 is cost-effective, sensitive,
selective and accurate.
The FAST-1 can be implemented in various
electrical testers.
The FAST-1 can replace the existing two and
three poles devices
The FAST-1 has the highest level of entry
Business Development
Standardization: getting certifications in every
country from the standard institutes.
Contacts with electrical testers producers for
integrating the FAST-1 in their devices.
Design, production and marketing of new,
promoted testers with LCD display, phase
identification and frequency meter.
New markets development.
Road Map
Development of FAST-1 for the Israeli 50 Hz
Development of FAST-1 for the USA 60 Hz
Development of additional devices – line of tester
devices based on the FAST-1
Cooperation with electrical testers producers
Internet marketing