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Plant Identification
Week 21
Zonal Geranium
Pelargonium x hortorum cv.
• Upright, bushy plant with short,
jointed stems
• Rounded, kidney-shaped, midgreen leaves
• Some leaves have a zone (a
band) of dark brown or maroon
• Flowers appear in ball shaped
• Colors – white, pink, salmon,
orange, red, purple, some with
white throats, or with bi-colors
Polianthes tuberosa
• Rosette plant formed from
bulb like rhizomes
• Grass-like basal leaves are
• Strongly fragrant flowers on
2-3 foot spike
• Tubular flowers are wax-like,
up to 2 inch long, and are
white with single or double
Fairy Primrose
Primula malacoides cv
• Rossette forming, stalked
• Oval-shaped, slightly toothes,
frilly margined, pale green
• Flower stalks up to 1 foot long
containing small, fragrant, flats
flowers arranged in tiers
• Flower Colors – white, pink,
lilac-purple, red-pink
Rhododendron cv.
• Small, woody shrub; some varieties
deciduous, some evergreen
• Leathery, glossy, elliptical-shaped
leaves with pubescence on
underside of foliage
• Flowers are bell shaped, funnel
shaped, trumpet shaped, some with
ruffled petals
• Flower Colors – white, yellow,
orange, pink, red, purple, bi-colored