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An ecosystem includes all
The different organisms
Living in a certain area, along
With their physical environment.
An ecosystem is composed of
Both biotic factors and
Abiotic factors.
Biotic factors are the living
Parts of an ecosystem…
Abiotic factors are the
Nonliving parts of an ecosystem…
An organism is one individual
Living thing.
A species is a group of organisms
That are able to produce
Fertile offspring, and that
Share common genes and
Therefore resemble each other.
A population is a group of
Individuals of the same
Species living in a
Particular place.
A community is a group of
Interacting populations of
Different species.
An organisms niche is its way
Of life.
The actual place an organism
Lives is called its habitat.
In predation, one organism
Kills and eats another.
The organism that is eaten
Is the prey and the organism
That does the eating is called
The predator.
Predators tend to feed on young
And weak individuals and
Often limit the size of
Prey populations.
Competition occurs when two
Or more organisms of the
Same or different species
Attempt to use the same
Limited resource.
A parasite is an organism that
Live in or on another
Organism and feed on it
Without it killing it.
Mutualism is a cooperative
Partnership between 2 species
In which both benefit.
Commonsalism is a relationship
In which one species benefits and
The other is neither harmed
Nor helped.
Darwin used the term natural
Selection to describe the
Unequal survival and
Reproduction that results
From the presence or
Absence of particular traits.
A change in the genetic
Characteristics of populations
From one generation to the
Next is known as evolution.
An adaptation is an inherited
Trait that increases an
Organisms chance of survival
And reproduction in a
Certain environment.
Coevolution is when two
Or more species evolve in
Response to each other.
The irreversible disappearance
Of population or a species
Is called extinction.