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Knights Templar
Religious knights
 Founded by two
French Knights during
the Crusades.
 (“Knights Templar”)
When the Knights Templar were
1191 A.D.
 By two French
Knights, Sir Hugh des
Payens and Sir
Godfrey of St. Olmer.
 (“Knights Templar”)
Did not wear
extravagant clothing.
 Wore the white
mantle of the
Cisterian Order,
adding a red cross to
the front.
 (“Knights Templar”)
Other Names of the Order
Originally they were called the “Poor
Fellow Soldiers of Christ and the Temple
of Solomon”.
 This was because of their poverty and
lodgings given to them by the king of
Jerusalem, Baldwin II
 (“Knights Templar”)
Their Purpose
To protect Christian Pilgrims coming to the
Holy Land and leaving it.
 Served the Christian faith, killing all nonChristians in the name of God.
 Also served as protection for the Pope.
 (“Knights Templar”)
Weapons of the Knights Templar
Used long swords, daggers, and bows.
 Their shields displayed the cross upon
 Swords carried the family crest of a knight
or some importance.
 (“Knights Templar”)
Knights Templar Tactics
Forbidden to retreat in battle.
 Small numbers would often work with
other armies to defeat a common enemy.
 (“Knights Templar”)
Knights Templar in the Crusades
Joined Crusades to protect Christianity.
 Were created during the First Crusade.
 Fought in every Crusade.
 (“Knights Templar”)
The Siege of Ascalon
Began January 25th, 1153.
 Master of the Templars, Bernard de
Tremeley, arrived at Ascalons’ walls with
an army of Templars.
 (Dafoe)
Defeat at Ascalon
As they marched through the breach in
the city’s wall, they were slaughtered by
the awaiting Muslim garrison.
 The Muslims hung their corpses over the
city walls to taunt the other Christians.
 (Dafoe)
Knights Templar Wealth
They gained much wealth by helping
Kings of different countries.
 When Philip IV of France sought shelter
with the Knights Templar, he saw their
wealth and planned to steal it.
 (“Knights Templar”)
Because of the orders great wealth, they
became involved in Banking.
 Used a form of lending money known as
 This increased their wealth even more.
 (“Knights Templar”)
French Templars
Originally formed by French Knights
during the First Crusade around 1096 A.D.
 Philip IV accused the Knights of heresy
and magic, causing all French Templars to
be arrested on Friday 13th, October, 1307.
 (Library)
English Templars
Supported a man named Stephen in his
efforts to gain the English throne in 1136.
 Richard de Hastings attempted to
reconcile the differences between King
Henry II and Thomas.
 (Library)
Spanish Templars
Knights Templar were given privileges by
King Alfonso of Spain in 1130.
 The Templars had helped the rulers of
Catalonia and Aragon regain their lands
from the Moors.
 (Library)
Templars went into hiding and emerged
as the Freemasons in the 18th century.
 Supposedly they discovered the greatest
treasure in history, burying it in the
Temple of Solomon.
 (Knights Templar History)
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