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The Greeks
The Persian Wars
The Persian Wars
Persian Rule
• Persians controlled most of Asia
– This included Ionia
• Ionian Revolt
– Athens sent ships to help
Battle of Marathon
• Darius tries to punish Athens
• Athens requests help
• Hand-to-Hand Combat results in Victory
– Themistocles builds and Athenian Navy
Spartans on the Defensive
• Leonidas leads Spartans against Xerxes
and the Persians
– Spartans are eventually defeated
• Persians march down and burn Athens
Battle of Salamis
• The Persians were lured into the strait of
• Athenian Navy sinks the Persian ships
– Faster, more maneuverable ships
Delian League
• Athens emerged from the war as the
most powerful city-state
– Organized an alliance
– Created and Athenian empire
Direct Democracy
• Direct Democracy –
– Citizens are directly involved in the
government daily
– Council of 500 and the Assembly
– Began to pay a stipend
– Jury enacted
• Could include several thousand
• Citizens over the age of 30 serve for one year
– Ostracism practiced
• Pericles – leader
– Promoted democracy, helped the economy
– Rebuilt the acropolis
– Turned Athens into the cultural center of