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Marketing Information
The Key To
Business Success
What is Marketing
The data collected during the
marketing research process
Types of data
Company and competitor records
Customer profile data
Buying behavior
Shopping patterns
Demographics and lifestyle research
Government data
Market research reports produced and
sold by research firms
Marketing Information
Used to identify marketing
opportunities, solve
marketing problems,
implement marketing
plans, and monitor
marketing performance.
Why is marketing information
important to a business?
The information obtained from
research helps businesses plan their
future operations to increase sales
and profits
Research answers the what, where,
how, and at what price the products
should be produced
The information also helps
businesses solve marketing
problems or anticipate future
marketing potential
Marketing Research
Involves the marketing
function that links the
consumer, the customer,
and the public to the
marketer through
American Marketing Association
Marketing Research
Involves the methods used to
gather information, analyze
it, and report the findings
related to marketing goods
and services
Marketing research can apply
to any aspect of marketing.
Types of Market
Types of Marketing
The type of
research used is
based on the
problem to be
Attitude Research
Also known as opinion research
Attitude research is designed to
obtain information about how people
By using random samples of the
population and interviewing
techniques results can be
generalized to the total population
Attitude Research
Tells Us………….
People’s opinions on
Politics and Elections
The Economy
Social Issues
Public Policy
Market Research
Involves the systematic gathering,
recording, analyzing, and presenting
information related to the marketing
of goods and services
Research is needed before a product
is put on the market and also during
the life of the product
Research is not limited to products
Market Research Can
Tell Us About……
Particular consumer and
industrial markets through
Market Analysis
Future sales estimates through
Sales Forecasting
Future economic conditions
through Economic Forecasting
Media Research
Focuses on media selection and
Measures the effectiveness of
the ads message and the
placement of the ad
Can help determine which media
mix is most effective
Media Research Can
Tell Us About……..
The effectiveness of the print media
sent into the home through
Consumer Panels
Broadcast media can be researched
through Arbitron and Nielsen ratings
obtained through diaries and special
soft wear
Researchers are even developing
systems to measure the
effectiveness of online advertising
Product Research
Evaluating product design,
product usage, and consumer
acceptance of new and existing
Research is also conducted to
collect information about
competitive products
Product Research Tells
Us About………..
 New product acceptance
•Product testers
•Test Markets
•Product Rating Boards
 Existing product research
Satisfaction questionnaires
 Industrial Markets
 Consumer Markets