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Diegetic vs. Non Diegetic
Diegetic sound
Sound that comes from the diegesis
Music from story source
Ambient sounds
Non-Diegetic Sound
• Soundtrack Music
• Voiceover
• Exaggerated Sounds
Something that people produce to or
modify to communicate meaning
news articles
t-shirts-bumper stickers
Intentional/and Unintentional text in
the movie “Crash”
What was the movie’s intention overall?
Feel Good Movie?
Some critics see portrayal of a Persian as racist
Screenplay :settings, actions, dialogue,
Shooting Script: used during filming, scene
numbers, shots, camera placement use
Storyboard: series of drawings/photos for each
shot, brief notes, a rough draft
Screenplay Samples castaway.html
In transforming experiences into
scenes in a screenplay the
following might happen:
Certain experiences may not be included
Experiences may or may not be included in the
Events may be rearranged
Experiences may be altered
New scenes without corresponding experiences
may be added
Writer’s Territory
Subjects (Character’s actions and dialogue)
Structure (arrangement of dialogue and events)
Meanings: (What the film says about its
subjects in general terms, or, more often, what
it implies by showing subjects in particular
Production Personnel
Casting and Performance
Cinematography and Mise en Scene
Music and Sound Effects
Independent vs
Rarely are there Writer/Directors in
A screenwriter will sell his/her script and not
have very much say about the end product in
Positive Tendencies
from Script to Film
More concise
less reliant on dialogue
more visual
Storyboard: series of drawings/photos for each
shot, brief notes, a rough draft
Helps the director/cinematographer visualize
Extremely important for animation
History Films?
Are they non-fiction or do they
make fiction seem more real?
“JFK” Oliver Stone 1991
November 22, 1963 Assassination
Lee Harvey Oswald charged with murder and
then assassinated by Jack Ruby.
The Warren Commission investigated the
Many people still remain unclear about the
causes of his death
Movie uses real documentary footage
documentary like footage
dramatized chronological events
Makes reference to actual events
Presents one theory
Jack Valente, NY Times 1992
Stone Blends the half true, and the totally
false to manufacture the plausible
(1995) Robert A. Rosentstone in Visions of the
Past: The Challenge of Film to Our Idea of
History writes:
Despite documentary like elements this film is
a Hollywood Drama (heroic main character
played by Kevin Kostner--playing Jim
Another is the desire of the director to make
the viewers see believe what they see in the
theater as the truth
Mainstream films utilize a specific form of film
language that--a seamless one of shot, editing,
and sound designed to make the screen seem
no more than a window onto the unmediated
Hollywood Films: beginning, middle, end.
Emotional response-- a moral message w/ a
progressive view of history
the story is closed, completed, and ultimately
simple--Alternative viewpoints are not shown
History(in film) is a story of individuals-usually historic individuals who do unusual
things for the good of others if not all human
historical issues are personalized,
emotionalized, and dramatized for film
appeals to our feelings as a way of adding to
our knowledge or affecting our beliefs