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Added or Background
 There is a lot more music in films than you realize at
 Music can be added to the film, creating atmosphere
and mood
 It can also be placed in a particular environment
through a radio, TV etc.
Music within
the scene
 Although the music played through a radio is intended to
represent the listening choice of the characters, it always has
some significance to the overall film
 The mood of this music could represent the mood of the
 There may also be some other meaning e.g. ‘End of the world’
in Independence Day
Music added over the film
 There will be a composer employed to write
additional music that will enhance the mood
or atmosphere of the film
 The structure of this music is dictated by the
amount of speech or action in the film
 The music may have two minutes of
sustained chords, before playing a more
melodic passage to fit around a particular
character’s speech
 In action films there are often loud chords
played to coincide with a clash or an impact
within the film
 These are referred to as ‘hits’
 Hits are used to enhance a sudden burst of
action or surprise in the film
Links to program music
 As the composer is writing music to describe the
action of the film, there is an obvious link to program
 For a reminder of what program music is, listen to
‘Carnival of the animals’ by Saint-Saens