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Present and past passive: negative
Mistakes aren’t hidden easily.
The glass wasn’t moved.
1 Write the sentences with the present passive negative.
1 The script / not write / by the producer
The script isn’t written by the producer.
2 The costumes / not design / by the actors
3 The soundtrack / not record / by the director
4 The lines / not speak / by the scriptwriter
5 The scenes / not fi lm / by the composer
6 The ending / not decide / by the musicians
2 Decide who does the things in exercise 1.
1 – The script is written by the scriptwriter.
actors / director / costume / designers
scriptwriter / camera / operators / musicians
3 Write the past passive negative. Then work with a partner. Can you guess the answer?
1 The Lord of the Rings films weren’t made (not make) in England.
a New Zealand
b Australia
2 The films … (not direct) by Steven Spielberg.
a Martin Scorsese
b Peter Jackson
3 The Return of the King … (not release) in 2002.
a 2004
b 2003
4 The role of Frodo … (not play) by Orlando Bloom.
a Elijah Wood
b Sean Astin
5 It … (not award) ten Oscars.
a nine Oscars
b eleven Oscars
6 The films … (not make) over six years.
a five years
b eight years
4 Write the verbs in the present or past passive. Then listen to your teacher and check.
My favourite animal film is Babe. It (1) ’s based (base) on the book The Sheep-Pig by Dick KingSmith and it (2) … (film) in Australia. Pigs (3) … (not usually choose) to appear in films, but this
one is special. He wants to be a sheep dog. And because Farmer Hoggart likes him, he (4) … (not
eat) for Christmas dinner!
Babe (5) … (not play) by one pig in this film, but by 48, because pigs grow very fast. And the 1,000
animals in the film (6) … (train) by 56 animal co-ordinators.
Active v. passive
People didn’t notice mistakes in the old days.
Mistakes weren’t noticed in the old days.
5 Write the correct option.
1 Tiger Woods doesn’t play / isn’t played tennis. doesn’t play
2 The Harry Potter books wrote / were written by J.K. Rowling.
3 The Tomb of Tutenkhamun didn’t discover / wasn’t discovered until 1922.
4 Portuguese speaks / is spoken in Brazil.
5 Charlie Chaplin didn’t direct / wasn’t directed all his films.
6 50 Cent sings / is sung rap music.