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Mini test – revision
(Mostly General)
Digestion + Reproduction
(Includes a couple of questions from
Biosphere and Cells)
Q1-What is the name given to all
organisms which live in a habitat?
Q2- (C)What is the name of the
digestive juice which breaks down big
droplets of fats into smaller ones +
neutralises stomach acidity?
Q3- Name a type of amylase found in
the digestive system
Q4- What is the general name given to
enzymes which break down proteins ?
– Give an example
Q8- What is the name of the first cell
formed by fertilisation?
Q10- Name an enzyme which breaks
Q11- what is responsible for the
breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins
and fats?
• (1 word)
Q12- Q5: Where in the digestive is
maltose broken down to glucose?
Q1- Community
Q2- Bile
Q3- Salivary amylase or pancreatic amylase
Q4- Proteases – E.G. Pepsin, trypsin.
Q6- Oesophagus
Q7- Gall bladder
Q8- Zygote
Q9- Oviduct
Q10- Pre-molars
Q11- Enzymes
Q12- Small intestine