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Mrs. I. Soto
Focus Questions
• What is Electricity?
• What is Magnetism?
• How Are Electricity and Magnetism
• What Are Some Sources of Electricity?
• How Do People Use Energy Resources?
Hi, I am Maggie the magnet. I am going to
tell you some facts about electricity and
Electricity is a form of energy produced by
the movement of electrons. Electricity is
electrical power or an electric current.
Static Electricity
Static Electricity occurs when there is a change
of matter in an object. Almost all the time matter
is electrically neutral. That means that it has the
same amount of positive charges and negative
charges. When these electrical charges builds
up on an object the results are static electricity.
Current Electricity
Current electricity occurs when an electric
current moves through a material such as
a metal wire. This form of energy can be
sent through wires in a flow of tiny
Complete Circuit
In order for the light bulb to light up you
need a circuit, a power source (battery),
and a conductor. Energy moves from the
source, through the wires , to the light
Power plants produce the flow of charges , which is then
sent to people’s homes, businesses, schools, etc. along
wires to provide electricity to light bulbs, give heat, and run
Open Circuit
Closed Circuit
Uses of Electricity
Electricity is an energy that is everywhere.
Electric energy can be changed into light energy
with the use of a light bulb, heat energy from a
heater, or toaster.
Electricity powers many of our everyday
devices like televisions, computers, games,
flashlights, refrigerators, among others.
Magnets are objects that have a magnetic
field around them. Magnets have two
poles, just like our Earth does. We have a
North Pole and a South Pole. The side
that points to the north is called the north
pole, and the side that point to the south is
called the south pole.
We are Magnetized, magnetism is a force
created by electricity. When a thing has
more electrons than it has protons, it has a
negative charge. If it has more protons
than electrons, it has a positive charge.
All magnets have a magnetic force field. Our
opposite poles attract, while our like poles
repel (push away) each other.
That means that the north pole of one magnet
will attract the south pole of another magnet.
Did you know that our Sun is highly magnetic?
That’s because there are some places on the
sun that has high levels of electrons or
protons. Our planet Earth is a gigantic magnet
with a force field surrounding it.
Magnets can be found in many items that
we use. For example, magnets are found
in headphones, CD players, computers,
DVD players, refrigerators, some furniture
have magnetic locks, there are
screwdrivers that have a magnetic tip,
even doorbells work with magnets.
The effect of a magnet on a compass
My World of Science MAGNETS, Royston, Angela 2001