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Guide to Downloading and Running
Maker Program
Note: The Maker program is only designed for the Windows operating systems. Currently, it
does not work on Mac, nor has it been tested on any other operating system.
To run the Maker program, you must have the Java 8 Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed
onto your computer. Before downloading Java, first determine whether you have a 32-bit or 64bit operating system installed. On Windows 7, open up the start menu and right click Computer.
Click on Properties. A window similarly to the one below should be shown:
Look in the red box to determine the operating system and just remember it for now. Now, go
to the following link to download Java 8. Do not search on google for Java. This would not be
the same as downloading the Java Runtime Environment, as required.
Java 8 JRE link:
Once on the page, accept the license agreement and pick your operating system depending on
what you found as your system type. Download, install the file, and run the installation after
the download has finished.
Now that you have Java 8 JRE installed onto your computer, the Maker program will run and
function correctly. Navigate to the link for the Maker program, download, and run the
Maker link:
Accessing the website when your device does not have ~
In order to access the website when your device does not have ~, you must use a
URL shortener to change the link to something that is typeable on your Android
device. Most URL shorteners will work, but for this example I will use TinyURL. On
your computer, go to the following link:
TinyURL link:
After navigating to the page, copy the URL from the website that you want to
access into the field that says Enter a long URL to make tiny. Then, click the
button that says Make TinyURL. An example is shown below:
As shown below in the red box, you now have a typeable URL that can be typed in
your Android device. These links will never expire.