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Java – Course Syllabus
Standard Edition
Emertxe Information Technologies – Java – Standard edition course syllabus
Module name: Java – Standard Edition
 Objectives:
 Demonstrates a working knowledge of Java
 At the end of the course candidates will learn to develop applications with the Java SE Platform,
with practical experience in designing a vertical solution for distributed, multi-tier applications
 Enable you to create Projects.
 Overview:
This course is targeted for fresh engineers or professional who want to build Java competency. There
will be one project offered as a part of standard edition, along with Oracle licensed e-kit with loads of
standard training materials from Oracle. By combining all of them this course will make you as an expert
in Java
 Duration:
35 days
 Platform:
Linux (Fedora / Mandriva / Ubuntu)
 Delivery method:
Instructor-lead, Worksheets, Assignments with hands-on 1 Project
 Module topics:
Java Application Development, Basic Datatypes
Conditional and Flow Controls
Arrays, Type Casting
OOPS Concepts
Packages, Exception Handling, IOStreams, Threads
Collection and Generic Framework
Java Applet create Graphical User Interfaces(GUI) using AWT & Swing
Assertions, Enumeration and Annotations
Emertxe Information Technologies – Java – Standard edition course syllabus
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