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Training « Do clothes make the man? »
From 27th March til 5th April 2015, Potsdam Germany
The main topic of this training is centered on a fight against discrimination through
theatre and especially through the design of the stage costumes. Since the clothing
plays an important part in our society – the way of getting dressed affects the visual
basics and the manners how people see the world. This leads to the creation of the
barriers between the communities or even to the discriminatory acts. Therefore, the
purpose of this training is to fight against the prejudices through interactive methods
of non-formal education such as creation of the make-up, stage costumes, visiting
and discovering alternative Berlin, meeting with professional costume designers and
make-up artists.
Place: Potsdam, Germany
Dates : 27th March – 5th April 2015
Woking language : English
Participation criteria:
 At least 18-years-old resident of France;
 Being motivated and respecting the activity programme;
 Having motivation and wish to develop new projects and partnerships between
countries of European Union and close partners of ours;
 The expences of restorations and accommodation will be covered by hosting
 Transport costs will be refunded by the hosting association maximum height of
275 €;
 To adhere to the AMSED.
More information and registration:
To register yourself please contact with Lavinia Ruscigni by e-mail address
[email protected] or by phone 09 81 91 71 67.