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ELA/Social Studies Homework 5th Grade
Week of: Jan. 23rd through Jan. 27th
Work due: Friday, January 27th
Vocab, States Map Tests: Fri., Jan. 27th
Vocabulary: We return to Greek and Latin root words this week.
nym, onym
These roots mean NAME or WORD.
This week’s ROOT WORD FOCUS is:
You must know the ROOT WORD FOCUS, the words, and the definitions for our quiz.
1) Acronym = an abbreviation formed by combining the initial letters in words
(for example, USDA is an acronym for United States Department of
2) Pseudonym = false name; a fictitious name (for example, Dr. Seuss is the
pseudonym for Theodore Seuss Geisel)
3) Homonym = one of two or more words that are pronounced alike but have
different spellings and meanings, such as isle and aisle
4) Synonym = one of two or more words that have the same meaning (for
example, large and big)
Homework: Your job this week is to come up with at least two more words and
its definition for each of the ROOTS listed above. You may use a dictionary
(because these will probably be words you don’t know).
Reading: Please read 30 minutes each night (even on the weekends!). There will
be no written part of your Reading Homework this week.
States on the Map! Learn these states and their location on the map. 
Southwest Region: Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona
(map on back of this page)
Southwest Region