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Grades 9-12 Web Essentials, Quarter 4, Revised 2014-15
Big Ideas/Key Concepts: animation, graphics, digital photographs, commercial web site publishing, human relations
Student Friendly “I Can” Statements
Standard 10.0
Apply the appropriate process and technique to create
Standard 11.0
Demonstrate techniques used for graphic enhancement.
Standard 12.0
Evaluate commercial Web site publishing, compare various
domain hosting services, and analyze the current market rates
for hosting and maintenance of the site.
I can create basic animation.
I can Analyze the application of appropriate background color for
use in animation creation.
I can Demonstrate procedure to sharpen image quality.
I can Evaluate techniques to replace photo background.
I can Analyze blurring techniques to hide photo imperfections.
I can Demonstrate cropping procedures of photo dead space.
I can Evaluate commercial domain hosting services.
I can Distinguish between and evaluate different search engines.
I can Evaluate the concepts of domain name hosting, transfer,
parking, registration, and sub hosting.
I can Employ the use of Meta-tags to enhance and optimize
commercial Web site publishing.
I can Analyze various services offered by Internet hosting services.
I can Distinguish between services offered by commercial domain
hosting services and their costs.
I can Analyze various services offered by Internet Web site design
I can Distinguish between services offered and costs by a
commercial Web site design service.
I can Analyze the cost of host Internet connection and equipment
required for hosting and maintenance.
Standard 13.0
Design and present a basic Web project incorporating all
standards in the Web Design Essentials course.
Standard 14.0
Demonstrate human relations, communication, organizational,
time management, and professional leadership skills.
I can Demonstrate the ability to design a basic Web site
I can Produce, test, and deploy a working Web site onto a live Web
I can Manage files locally and on a Web server.
I can demonstrate self-initiative through group projects.
I know the value of leadership skills.
I can Illustrate image-building and public relations techniques.
I can Assess decision-making skills.
I can Demonstrate effective teamwork and critical analysis
applying conflict resolution techniques.
I can Examine the value of leadership skills and confidence through
personal reflection.
I can Demonstrate parliamentary procedure skills through team
I can Analyze the goals and apply the principles of Future Business
Leaders of America.