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Chapter 6
1. Bluetooth digitizes an image and transmits the representative bits to a receiving
fax machine.
Answer(s): False
Page reference: 210
2. A(n) ____ is the physical means that transports the signal, such as a telephone
line, a television cable, or a radio wave.
Correct Answer(s): B. communications medium
Page reference: 199
3. Businesses use videoconferencing to save on travel costs and lodging, car fleets,
and the time of highly salaried employees, whether they work in different
organizations or at different sites of the same organization.
Your Answer: True
Page reference: 197
4. With digital subscriber line (DSL), data remains digital throughout the entire
transmission; it is never transformed into analog signals.
Answer: True
Page reference: 214
5. Ethernet is a common device often used as a central location to connect
computers or devices to a local network.
Answer(s): False
Page reference: 205
6. Dial-up connections through regular phone lines and Ethernet computer network
connections are examples of ____.
Answer: A. baseband
Page reference: 199
7. RFID technology is also used in warehouses where employees can use
handheld units to check a central system for availability and location of items to
be picked up and stored from and to shelves or bins.
Answer: True
Page reference: 198
8. Broadband offers greater bandwidth and faster throughput than baseband
connections. It is associated with a high-speed network connection, which is
required for fast transmission of large files.
Answer: True
Page reference: 199
9. Bandwidth is also referred to as access rate.
Answer(s): False
Page reference: 199
10. A WAN usually links multiple LANs within a large city or metropolitan region and
typically spans a distance of up to 50 kilometers (about 30 miles).
Answer(s): False
Page reference: 204
Chapter 7
1. The larger the data warehouse, the larger the storage capacity, the greater the
memory, and the greater the processing power of the computers that are
Answer: True
Page reference: 250
2. Data is accessed in a database by sending messages called "queries," which
request data from specific records and/or fields and direct the computer to
display the results.
Answer: True
Page reference: 237
3. The ____ describes the structure of the database being designed: the names
and types of fields in each record type and the general relationships among
different sets of records or files.
Answer(s): C. schema
Page reference: 244
4. DBMSs are usually bundled with a first-generation module that programmers can
use to develop applications that facilitate queries and produce predesigned
Answer(s): False
Page reference: 237
5. While a database itself is a collection of several related files, the program used to
build databases, populate them with data, and manipulate the data is called a
Answer(s): C. database management system
Page reference: 236
6. The description of each table structure and types of fields become part of a(n)
____, which is a repository of information about the data and their organization.
Answer(s): B. data dictionary
Page reference: 245
7. In object-oriented technology, a(n) ____ consists of both data and the
procedures that manipulate the data.
Answer(s): D. object
Page reference: 241
8. The smallest piece of data is a(n) ____.
Answer(s): B. character
Page reference: 235
9. In a relational database, a field is called a(n) ____.
Answer: A. attribute
Page reference: 239
10. A(n) ____ creates a temporary table that is a subset of the original table or
Answer(s): B. relational operation
Page reference: 243
Chapter 8
Practice Test Study Guide Results
1. Virtual private server technology enables one server to be virtually split into many
addressable servers, each for a different client and with its own domain name.
Answer: True
Page reference: 295
2. ____ is the most common programming language for creating Web pages and
other information viewable in a Web browser.
Answer(s): B. HTML
Page reference: 272
3. The purpose of ____ is to know the consumers better so the business can serve
them better while streamlining its marketing and sales operations.
Answer(s): C. consumer profiling
Page reference: 284
4. In ____ the host dedicates a server to the client, and the client can fully control
the content on the server's disks.
Answer: A. dedicated hosting
Page reference: 296
5. A(n) ____ occurs whenever a browser downloads the page containing the
Answer(s): C. impression
Page reference: 279
6. A large company whose entire business is done online is often called a domain
Web company.
Answer(s): False
Page reference: 294
7. ____ is usually the most expensive of hosting options.
Answer: A. Co-location
Page reference: 296
8. Some hosting companies charge extra fees for shared hosting if the site
experiences activity above a predetermined amount of data that is transferred or
number of visits from Web surfers, known as hits.
Answer: True
Page reference: 298
9. The ____ is commonly used to transmit whole files from one computer to
Answer: A. File Transfer Protocol
Page reference: 273
10. ____ consists of standards for formatting documents such as orders and
invoices, software that translates the data properly, and the networks through
Answer: A. EDI
Page reference: 292-293
Chapter 10
1. GISs process location data and provide output.
Answer: True
Page reference: 364-365
2. A static model is one that is automatically adjusted based on changing
relationships among variables.
Answer(s): False
Page reference: 347
3. A typical ____ consists of (1) a database of quantitative and qualitative data from
which information is extracted for display, (2) a database of maps, and (3) a
program that displays the information on the maps.
Answer(s): D. GIS
Page reference: 366
4. In the ____ phase of decision making, the method for considering the data is
Answer(s): B. Design
Page reference: 343
5. Spreadsheets enable you to enter data, but not formulas, in cells.
Answer(s): False
Page reference: 350
6. A model might be a widely used method to predict performance, such as best-fit
linear analysis, or it might be built by the organization, using the experience that
employees in the firm have accumulated over time.
Answer: True
Page reference: 347-348
7. Rather than containing a set of IF-THEN rules, more sophisticated ESs use
programs called ____, which are designed to mimic the way a human brain
Answer: A. neural networks
Page reference: 359
8. In the ____ phase of decision making, decision makers select the most promising
Answer(s): C. Choice
Page reference: 343
9. A(n) ____ has no algorithm to follow to reach an optimal solution - either because
there is not enough information or because there are so many factors that no
algorithm can guarantee a unique optimal solution.
Answer(s): D. unstructured problem
Page reference: 344
10. Inference engines are used to predict output on the basis of different input or
different conditions or to estimate what combination of conditions and input might
lead to a desired output.
Answer(s): False
Page reference: 347