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“Romeo and Juliet”
Final Scene
Class Performance
Project/Job Descriptions
Actors: You will be responsible for memorizing your lines,
blocking (movements on stage), and rehearsing during class
time with your fellow actors.
Assistant Director: You will be the “right-hand
man/woman” of the teacher. You will direct rehearsals when
the teacher needs to be elsewhere, you will run errands,
pass along messages, and be second in command!
Set Design/Props: You will design the background for the
performance. You will research what the tomb of the
Capulet’s might have looked like, and create a painted
mural that will hang onstage. In addition, this crew will
be responsible for finding what props and set pieces are
needed (tomb Juliet lays on, torch, mattock, poison bottle,
dagger, etc.), and make them for the performance.
Program Design: You will be responsible for designing and
creating the program for the production. Included will be a
cover design, a cast and crew list, and a location and
character description.
Costumes: You will be responsible for selecting costumes
for the main characters. We have a supply of costumes in
the theatre department, and you will need to select
appropriate clothes for the actors, ensure that they fit,
and be responsible for keeping them neatly stored for
rehearsals and production.
Photographers: You will take photos of all aspects of the
production process (actors in rehearsal, set design work,
costumers, etc.) and create a slideshow (with music) of the
class project. You will also film the final production.