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The Gods Are Everywhere!
I had great fun compiling this initial list and adding to it as I uncovered and
discovered more things. One of the most comprehensive lists of its kind ☺
I already knew of a lot of companies, Street names, fictitious characters,
etc with the names of the Ancient Gods. I was to find a great deal more,
on further net searches and upon my own travels. A work in progress, as I
am discovering more and more :) The aim, at first was to find companies,
also famous bands, fictitious places, characters, etc in movies/TV etc that
shared the names of the Gods (mainly Greek/Roman), without being
affiliated with the Gods and Goddesses such as ‘Athena stationery’,
Hermes Removals... Apollo Cheese (Actually back then, Apollo was the
patron God of Cheese makers ☺) I once saw a car’s license plate which
read AP:OLLO and another which read APO11O.
The majority of list contains stuff not really related to the Gods, however,
I’ve included at list at the end of TV shows/books/movies/computer games
featuring the Gods (and famous creatures and mortals) such as Percy
Jackson, Clash of the Titans, Hercules/Xena, Roman Mysteries, Age of
Mythology, etc and compiled a list of English words that were inspired by
the Gods, eg Herculean (meaning mammoth effort), from Hercules’
legendary strength and labours, Titanic, meaning huge (and the name of
the infamous ‘unsinkable’ ship) from the Titans’ gigantic size, etc. Please
note that I had not included phone numbers for privacy. Some of the
companies may have closed down since I started making this list in 2006.
I have not included most famous people with more common names such
as Diana, Helen, etc - no offence to Dianas or Helens of the world (or
Helen of Troy) - that would probably launch 1000 more pages … I keep
to less common mortal names, such as Ele(c)ktra, Alek(c)tis, Olympia, etc.
Also not included are personal addresses/numbers, etc for security
reasons. Also, no offence, but I have not included everyday mortals ☺
with names of the Gods/Goddesses as there are many. I’ve known people
called Artemis, Athena, Elysia, Eris, Io, Hector, Phaedra, Persephone,
Titania, Ulysses… I’ve also not included people’s personal online handles/
avatars, named after Gods/Goddesses or infamous ancient mortals or
I’ve also grouped the Gods’ other names (Such as Zeus/Jupiter/ Jove,
Hades/ Pluto, Aphrodite/Venus, Hestia/Vesta, Hermes/Mercury,
Poseidon/ Neptune/Triton, etc)
The list is organised thus:
Lists of companies, street names, etc named after the Gods
Fictitious characters and other fictitious mentions of names of the
Gods (Though not the Gods themselves)
Famous folks, bands, songs, etc with names of the Gods
Planets, moons and other astrological bodies with mythological
GaiaOnline collectibles with nods to the Gods
Movies, TV, Books, Operas and computer gamesetc, actually set in
the time of Ancient Greece/Rome/Egypt where the Gods and
famous mortals star
Some words in the English language which originate from the
ancient Greek
Books and references on Hades and Persephone and the
When I began this list, it amazed me just how many things, companies,
famous folks and characters were named after the Gods. One night I
stayed up excitedly, finding heaps of companies and things with names of
the Gods, before I finally entered the realms of Hypnos and Morpheus and this was well *after* Apollo’s arrival!
It heartened me how ingrained their names are thousands of years
later and although the majority of today’s world no longer honour or
worship the ancient Gods… I’m sure Apollo has nothing to do with the
production of baby prams ;) … Nor that Hades grinds the peppers in the
excruciating hot pepper sauce which bears his name…maybe he’s tried it
however ;) it’s really heartening that the Gods are still amongst us in spirit
and in our everyday dealings with this world, even if most don’t even
notice, realise or really think of the Gods directly when they see Venus
Perfumes, Athena Hairdressers, or that Nike shoes take borrow their
name from ‘Athena Nike,’ Goddess of Victory! So when they see things
like Zeus Publications, or a truck with HERMES REMOVALS in big red
letters passes them on the street, on some level, even subconsciously, it
reminds us that the Gods are still and will always be amongst us. Bless!
Now without any further ado ... on with the show!
Companies, Streets, etc, with names of
Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Celtic Gods
and Goddesses, Mythical Realms And
other mythological figures/ Places
AEOLUS {God and Ruler of the Winds}
Winds} ~
USS Aeolus – More than one ship shared this name. A later version was
featured in the creative non-fiction novel and movie The Perfect Storm.
Aeolus tyres
Aeolus Trucks
Aeolus Project
Aeolus Pharmaceuticals
Aeolus pipe organs
Anubis (God of Judgment, Egypt)
Anubis press
APHRODITE ~ VENUS {Goddess of Love and
Beauty} ~ Greek~Roman
Aphrodite herb (also known as Damiana - for happiness, wellbeing and is an
aphrodisiac :) (That word comes from Aphrodite too, you know! :D
Aphrodite paintings
Aphrodite perfume
Aphrodite fashion
Aphrodite promotions
Aphrodite maintenance
Aphrodite’s Temple
Aphrodite bath products
Aphrodite Natural lip tint from The Perfect Potion
Aphrodite loose light pink eye shadow colour by Mica Beauty
Aphrodite’s Pink Nightie, OPI nail colour – cute!
Aphrodite Illuminate candles
Aphrodite’s Love Crate, goodie box for the skin and hair by Brightwood
L’Aphrodite café – nice!
Aphrodite - Napoleon Perdis lip colour
Rose Aphrodite, Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Rogue Pur Caste Satin Radiance
Aphrodite yarn
AprhodiTea, herb tea from Happy High Herbs and The Herbalist
Aphroditea – tea company
Venus (the name of a real humpback whale)
Venus adult products (hehe > ;)
Venus adult shops
Venus art supplies
Venus (a buff shade of ‘Avon’ nail polish)
Venus beauty (so fitting!!)
Venus citrus
Venus camping gear
Venus, a style of carpet
Venus Cove (place in the US)
Vénus, Dior Lip gloss
Venus de Violet, OPI nail colour – cute!
Venus drinks
Venus doll hose furniture
Venus electronics
Venus exotic foods (Yow! Gotta get me some ;)
Venus Envy, green Manic Panic hair dye
Venus Florentine – a gorgeous garden statue I saved up for. For me she is
Venus flower basket, beautiful deep sea sponges
Venus group (a business website)
Venus fashion
Venus flytrap, incest eating plant
Venus (ganache dark centre chocolate, yum ;) from Senz ~Love Mood Creations
range} Verrrry nice!!! :D
Venus Greek brandy – very nice in Goddess shaped bottles!
Venus hair
Venus natural lip tint from The Perfect Potion (They also do Lakshmi, Sirona,
Freya and Uzume)
Venus maternity
Venus manufacturing
Mount of Venus (Palmistry term - referring to lines and formations on your
Mythical Venus, dress from Holy Clothing (check their eBay store for more
gorgeous stuff!)
Venus navel oranges
Venus Perfumes, liquid
Venus Perfumes, solid (different company from the liquid ones - Made in
Greece - the ones that come in those gorgeous mini porcelain jars/
amphoras, with lovely Greek frescos painted on them)
Pink Venus, M.A.C eyeshadow shade
Venus repairs
The Venus Project (an amazing project for positive change in humanity
Venus sporting goods
Venus scent by DB
Venus swimwear
Venus taps (faucets)
Venus talent agency
Venus trees
Venus van
Venus yarn
Venus water purifiers/ionisers
Venus women's shavers (also Venus Divine, Embrace, Breeze, Tropical,
Oceana, Spa, Sensitive, Malibu. GaiaOnline also featured various “Venus
Embrace” Avi clothing, purple bikini, skirt, etc) See GaiaOnline entry.
Venus (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc)
Venus (various)
Venus Vibe, metallic lilac house paint colour by Dulux
Venustus beauty salon
Venus comb shell
Apollo ~ Apollon {God of the Sun, Muse of
Poets} Greek {His Sanctuary was at Delphi}
Apollo Asian foods
Apollo art
Apollo bathrooms & kitchens
Apollo baby prams/strollers
Apollo Bay Resort
Apollo batteries
Apollo Bay (place)
Apollo bicycles
Apollo blinds
Apollo business centre
Apollo campervans + magazine
Apollo cakes
Apollo cars
Saturn Apollo Carpets
Apollo candles
Apollo chocolates
Apollo collector’s magazine
Apollo constructions
Apollo cheeses
Apollo computers and computer equipment & accessories
Apollo computer font
Apollo dive gear (One of Apollo’s forms was actually a dolphin)
Apollo – fragrance of Lynx deodorant
Apollo engineering
Apollo electronics
Apollo floor & sanding
Apollo footwear
Apollo fruit
Apollo gas products
Apollo Grey, Dulux dark grey, gritty house paint colour
(Also have Mykonos blue)
Apollonians Greek coin store
Hammersmith Apollo, entertainment centre in London
Apollo hi-fi
Holden Apollo car
Apollo holidays
Isul Apollo (Gorgeous Dollfie vintage style explorer doll)
Apollo insulation
Apollo knit fabric
Apollo lighting
Apollo line/mount (Palmistry terms)
Apollo Japanese sweets
Apollo movie making company
Apollo music
Apollo, name of a meerkat cub in Meerkat Manor
Apollo Movie Guide
Apollo musical instruments
Apollo marketing
Apollo metals
Apollo plastic sleeves
Project Apollo (health)
Apollo office stationery (different from the plastic sleeves)
Apollo optical
Apollo parking
Apollo patios
Apóllo printing
Apollo printers
Apollo relocations
Apollo restaurant
Apollo shops
Apollo space program – also Apollo Space Academy
Apollo (Street, Road, etc)
Apollo take away food
Apollo Theatre
Apollo towels
Apollo tomatoes
Apollo truck(s)
Apollo 13 computer font (has cute rockets)
Apollo valley
Apollo (the name of a real humpback whale)
Apollo white goods
Apollo wholesalers
Apollo van
Apollo (various)
Apollon restaurant
Delphi water ionizer
Delphi cars
Delphi electronics
Delfini Restaurant
Ares ~ Mars {God of War and Creative Thought}
Ares electronics & technology
Ares computer software
Ares download site
Ares environmentally friendly products
Ares research
Ares rocket
Ares music
Ares space program (Astromaterials and Exploration Research Science)
Mars art
Mars confectionery - (Mars bar ;) Mars was the inventor’s last name ☺
Mars Aquarium (yes, the same guys that make the chocolates, different division)
Mars (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc)
Mars foods
Mars plastics
Mars pressurized pen by Fisher – has over 80 years of ink and can write
underwater and through water and oil – I wants one!!!
Mars fabrics
Mars fireworks
Mars, grassroots company
Mars café
Mars Hill café
Mars electronics
Mars forklifts
Mars home improvements
Mars black (art paint colour)
Mars mobile phone company
Metro Mars, metallic gold Dulux house paint colour
Mars printing
Mars property
Mars (various)
Plain of Mars, Mars Positive & Mars Negative (Palmistry terms)
Field of Mars, placed in Greece & Australia
Artemis ~ Diana ~ Luna ~ Karyatis
of Animals} Greek~Roman
Artemis fishing
Artemis investments
Artemis multimedia
Artemis natural products
Artemis perfume
Artemis restaurant
Artemis records
Artemis showers
Artemis security
Artemis tea
Artemis yacht
Artemis wines
Artemis (various minor companies)
Artemisia (name of a herb, said to bring relaxing and sensual dreams when
drunk as a tea :) and is very cleansing of stuck, stagnant and negative
energies when burnt or used as a smudge stick.
ARTemis, art group
Diana blueberries
Diana kids blinds (for home)
Mount of Luna (Palmistry term)
Luna fabric range (Macquarie textiles)
Nokia Luna (mobile phone model)
Hotel Luna Convento, Italy
Casa Luna hotel
Luna, China Glaze nail polish colour
Luna real estate
Luna party gear
Pizza Luna, pizzeria
Cala Luna Ristorante
La Luna, type of rose
Luna Nuova, Italian/Spanish restaurant
Luna, Apocalips colour by Rimmel
Luna, name of a real Orca whale. Documentary made about him called The
Lune, Dior fashion mono eyeshadow
Lunaria Financial, Ltd, creative financial company
Lunar, RMS Beauty eye polish
Lunar Escape, light yellow house paint shade by Wattyl
Moon Goddess, off white house paint shade by Taubmans
Karyatis foods
Karyatis hotel
Karyatis Greek Art Company
Karyatis brandy (same as the Venus brand)
Athena ~ Minerva ~ Pallas ~ Nike
{Goddess of
War and Wisdom} Greek~Roman – The
Parthenon was built for her
Athena adult products – ooo!
Athena bathrooms
Athena biotechnology
Athena cakes
Athena champagne
Athena cosmetics
Athena beauty products
Athena bags
Athena bookshop
Athena dairy
Athena deli
Athena designs
Athena fashion
Athena foods (other)
Athena Greek foods
Athena greeting cards
Athena group
Athena hairdressers
Hotel Athena, Toscana
Athena interior design
Athena Institute, biomedical research
Athena, name of a meerkat cub in Meerkat Manor
Kult of Athena ( cool reenacment weapons and armour store
Athena - Napoleon Perdis lip colour
Athena natural products
Pallas Athena Hotel
Athena perfume
Athena restaurant
Athena renovations
Athena School – fitting for the Goddess of Wisdom!
Athena stationery
Athena (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc)
Athena technology
Athena (various)
Winter Storm Athena name given to a storm
Plaza Athenee, in Paris
Athens/Athenian (Various) – Such as Athenian hotel, Restaurant
Athens, Greece and Georgia, USA, named in honour of Athena
Athens, Greek pizza by Castile
Athens Court apartment blocks
Athens, very light grey/off white house paint shade by Wattyl
Minerva olive oils (this is very nice)
Minerva handcrafts & fabrics
Piazza Della Minerva (in Rome)
Minerva Books
Hotel Minerva
Minerva art magazine
Minerva motorbikes (they look like Vespas, so cool!)
Minerva (various)
Nike shoes (Athena Nike - Goddess of Victory)
Pallas Couture
Parthenon – name of several Greek restaurants
Atlas {Greek Titan}
Atlas demolition (who can blame him…)
Atlas cedarwood {an essential oil}
Atlas books
Atlas cotton
Atlas construction
Atlas campervan made by Olympic
Atlas chairs
Atlas Entertainment
Atlas gardening gloves
Atlas glass
Atlas air
Atlas computer font
Atlas fabric range (Macquarie textiles)
Atlas filming
Atlas insect spray
Atlas hearing aids
Atlas Mountain Rose, (Body Shop fragrance)
Atlas Mountains, Morocco
Atlas (Map book of the Earth and other variations such as Atlas of Sacred
Places, Vineyard Atlas, Travellers Atlas, Atlas of Middle Earth, etc)
Atlas Mason Company
Atlas (region on the Moon)
Atlas Italian pasta maker
Atlas Oceanic sound & Picture
Atlas pools & pool service
Atlas pet carrier
Atlas (Map book of the Earth and other variations such as Atlas of Sacred
Places, Vineyard Atlas, Travellers Atlas, etc)
Atlas Souvenirs
Atlas the service dog
Atlas travel – fitting!
Atlas travel insurance (different from above)
Atlas waste disposal
Atlas water tanks
Atlas (Various)
Giant Atlas Moth (25 cm – 10 inch wingspan!) Would love to see one of these
beautiful creatures!
Atlis (spelt this way) olive oil
Aurora ~ Dawn ~ Eos { Goddess of Dawn}
Aurora Italiano pasta sauce (Now called Dolmio)
Aurora, Sir Douglas Mawson’s Antarctic research vessle
Aurora picture frames
Aurora sewing machines
Aurora space ship
Aurora Group
Aurora (streets, etc)
Hotel Aurora
Aurora Hotel
Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) & Aurora Australis (Southern Lights)
Aurora (various)
Aurora real estate
Aurora, various car models
Aurora, Chantecaille Galactic lip shine
Aurora analog wristwatch by RipCurl, comes in purple and black
Aurora, Dior fluid eyeshadow
Aurora, historical Russian ship
White Dawn, white house paint shade by Berger
Eos lotions
Volkswagen Eos
Eos Canon camera
Eos cosmetics, different from Eos lotions
Cerridwen - Cerridwyn {Goddess of Wisdom}
Ceridwen’s Cauldron – Lush bath melt – really nice!!
Chronos {Father of time} Greek Roman
(Not to be confused with the Titan Kronos/Chronus)
Chronos (Roman numeral computer font - fitting too!)
Demeter ~ Ceres
{Goddess of Agriculture}
Demeter organic foods (barley, etc - fitting!)
Demeter bio dynamic milk
Demeter perfumes & colognes
Demeter produce
Demeter - Napoleon Perdis lip colour
Ceres organic foods (also fitting! :)
Ceres Project - on sustainability (very fitting too!)
Ceres community
Ceres centre
Ceres (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc)
Ceres (praline cinnamon chocolate, yum ;) from Senz ~Art of Expression range}
Ceres (various)
Dionysos ~ Bacchus
{God of Wine, Merriment and
the Secrets of the Universe}
Dionysos wines (fitting, huh!)
Dionysos theatre
Dionysos resort
Dionysos jewellery
Dionysos clothing
Dionysos erotic products (ooo ;)
Dionysos extra virgin olive oil
Dionysos name of an amazing African elephant
Dionysian productions
Dionysian pictures
Bacchus wine/liqueur (what else, lol ;)
Bacchus distillery (different company, located in Australia)
Bacchus Marsh (a place in Victoria, Australia - must visit sometime, sounds
lovely ☺)
Bacchus, place in Newcastle, Australia
Bacchus, type of apple
Bacchus cigars
Bacchus, Korean energy drink
Bacchus books
Bacchus Restaurant
Bacchus music
Bacchus Construction
Bacchus wall plaque
Bacchus bar & hotel
Baccus hotel (spelt that way)
Bacchanal hotel
~ {Goddess of Healing and Horses}
Gallo~Roman, educational resource
Epona Co, home wares
Epona shoes
Epona TV
Epona Medical
Epona fashion
Erebus ~ Erebos
{A God of the Underworld}
Mount Erebus, mountain in Antarctica
ErIs ~ Discord
{Goddess of Chaos} Greek~Roman
Eris (natural marzipan chocolate, yum ;) from Senz ~Art of Expression range}
Eros ~ Cupid
{God of Love} Greek~Roman
Eros essential oil blend (and also Eros body care from The Perfect Potion,
Eros clothing
Eros adult theatre (very fitting ;)
Eros adult products – ooo - fitting!
Eros (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc)
Eros natural products (massage oils, etc) Body Shop
Eros (books various)
Eros satellite
Eros electronics
Eros cinema
Eros perfume by Versace (mens and women’s versions) quite nice
EROS image gallery, US Geological Survey
Eros, Napoleon Perdis lip colour
Rose Eros, Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Rogue Pur Caste Satin Radiance
Cupid online dating service (again, fitting, lol)
Cupid’s Arrow, web Avi’s, dinky’s, cursors, skins, etc
Cupid sweets ☺
Cupid's Kiss, pink cocktail drink
Cupid equestrian
Cupid gifts
Cupid weddings
Cupid freestanding bath by Carma – nice!
Cupid wedding attire (different company and both very fitting! :D
Cupid hair
Cupid Cash (cute Valentine’s Day instant scratch lotto tickets)
Cupid (various)
Cupid’s Revenge couples competition
Struck By Cupid – redValentine’s Day ice cream – lovely with hearts and
arrows – very cute and yummy!!
Cupid Lips, Kit Cosmetics, full colour lip glaze
Cupid Pink, Body Shop hot pink high gloss nail colir
The Fates ~ Lachesis ~ Clotho ~ Atropos
~ The
Morae {Goddesses of Fate)
Razer Lachesis computer mouse
Gaia~Gaea {Great
Great Earth Mother}
Gaia organic products
Gaia finance
Gaia publishing (books)
Gaia Oasis spiritual retreat (Bali)
Gaia Retreat & Spa (Australia)
Gaia environmental company {Very fitting as we should look after our Mother)
Gaia batteries
Gaia comics
Gaia hair and beauty
Gaia beauty salon (different form above)
Gaia safety products
Gaia natural products
Gaia natural baby products
Gaia clothing
Gaia (various)
PanGaia magazine
PanGaea – the supercontinent millions of years ago before they split apart
GaiaOnline game & web fun site (Has cool God and Goddess things – See last page for GaiaOnline collectibles, items, etc)
Hades ~ Pluto ~ Orcus
{Sovereign of the
Lord of the Dead. God of Wealth and Justice
Justice }
Hades Hills Mountain Range (Place in Quebec, Canada).
Hades hot sauce (“Infernal fires of Hades”) LOL!! I so wanna try this! Probably blow m’ head off, but hey ;)
Hotter than Hades pepper mix
Hades Company
Many companies/things are called Shades, a dark and mysterious place of
Hades. It’s Hades with an S in front. Interesting how sunglasses are called
“Shades” and many people seek shady spots in the Summer ☺ I also had
a perfume called Shades. Nice!
Hades 360 roller coaster – looks FUN!!!
Hades smoky eye & black make up
Hades bath oil
Hades roasted coffee essence by Cyclops – Yum! I wants some, precioussss! ;)
Pluto water (a laxative water from yesteryear - Pluto is a planet of releasing :) ...
Have a chuckle, but it’s true. Releasing the physical, emotional & mental
shit we no longer need. Go Pluto! Yes he’s still a planet as far as I’m
concerned, so there!)
Pluto Rocks {He sure does! And so do these! Little rock shaped chocolate
coated coloured candies. Mmm! Pluto is delicious too ;) Got some before
an overseas trip – hope I can go to Pluto one day!
Pluto pups {Also called Dagwood or Corn Dogs, though I think Pluto pups
sounds waaay better & cuter! They’re battered & fried hot dog on a stick
... I’m not too keen on hot dogs, but I luv Pluto Pups. When due to
Severe anaemia, I could no longer be a vegetarian, I broke my
vegetarianism with a Pluto pup ;)
Pluto foods
Pluto Dive, deep sea diving company
Pluto wind chimes
Pluto herb
Pluto home wares (They make lovely purple Pluto Curtains!!!)
Pluto (name of a prize winning goat - I shit you not!)
Pluto press
Pluto clothing
Pluto ice cream
Pluto computing
Pluto pet food
Pluto electronics & technology
Pluto Company
Pluto boating
Pluto men's cologne
Pluto books (various)
Pluto perfume (No, I’m NOT kidding, lol! It’s in honour of Disney’s Pluto :) –
Citrussy, I’m told! Must get me some!)
Pluto (Street, Road, etc)
Pluto (Various companies, etc)
Plutonium (metal)
Pluto is mentioned on the back of Oak choc mint milk – so funny I had to
include it! – very yummy!
Plouton homeopathic cold & flu remedy – great stuff. Pluton is another of Hades’
Orca whale, named after Orcus
Helios ~ Colossus {God of the Sun}
Helios olives
Helios records
Helios vegan foods
Helios snack foods
Helios health foods
Helios health & beauty
Helios (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc)
Helios heat
Hotel Helios
Helios natural therapies
Helios, bright yellow house paint shade by Wattyl
The Colossus (A Mammoth magazine crossword)
The Colossus Crossword Book
Colossus (A Mega kebab - you can even get Greek ones!)
Colossus, coloured PC chassis/box
Colossus cooking oil
Hephaistos ~ Vulcan {God of the Forge}
Vulcan metals (fitting!)
Vulcan air conditioning
Vulcan Hotel
Vulcan industrial
Vulcan, UK fighter jet
Vulcan, (Street, place, etc)
Vulcan State Forest, NSW Australia
Vulcan International, steel manufacturers
Vulcan Plane
Vulcan retro toy washing machine
Vulcano Island (Aeolian Islands, off the coast of Sicily) – There’s also a
hotel called Aeolian there
Vulcano hotel
Vulcanologist, one who studies volcanoes
Hera ~ Juno {Queen of the Gods, Goddess of
Hand fasting} Greek~Roman
Hera (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc)
Hera technical products
Hera management
Hera lighting
Hera timber
Hera perfume, Eau de Beaute, various fragrances, Korean
Hera skin care
Hera hair & beauty salon
Prostant Hera – Latin name for the native Australian plant mint bush
Hera, Napoleon Perdis lip colour
Herra hair perfume (spelt that way – GORGEOUS STUFF!!! ☺)
Juno NASA space probe – reached Jupiter on July 4 2016!!
Juno music
Juno Magazine
Juno ISP
Juno cards
Juno lanterns
Juno web hosting
Juno, medium brown house paint shade by Wattyl
Herakles/Heracles ~ Hercules
{God of Heroes}
Herakles (computer font)
Hercules truck(s)
Hercules House – a safe haven for the mentally challenged
Hercules trampoline (these are awesome!!)
Hercules tea
Hercules Military supplies (The enemy doesn’t stand a chance, lol)
Hercules aircraft carrier
Hercules (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc)
Hercules plastic snap-lock bags
Hercules engineering
Hercules fishing gear
Hercules graphics
Hercules adult toys ;)
Hercules furniture
Hercules Incorporated
Hercules cologne – He’d need this after his 12 labours! ;)
Hercules line fishing equipment – should catch the BIG one!
Hercules cleaning machines
Hercules building material
Hercules hardware
Hercules construction
Hercules strong tape
Hercules plastics
Hercules towing
Hercules, giant moth
Hercules (region on the Moon)
The Pillars of Hercules, a phrase applied in Antiquity to the high hedland of the
entrance to the straits of Gibraltar. Named by Hercules hinmself.
Hercules bath salts
Herculaneum, ill-fated town of ancient Rome
Herculaneum (computer font)
Hermes ~ Mercury ~ Quicksilver
{Messenger of the Gods} Greek~Roman
Hermes accessories
Hermes abrasive cleaners
Hermes boutique (leather goods, ties, etc)
HERMES brain scan machine
Hermes computer font
Hermés Fashion (French)
Goodyear tyres have Hermes’ sandal in their logo
Hermes hotels (various)
Hermes Hotel, 19 Apollonios St
Hermes House pregnancy courses
Hermes Hotel, Athens
Hermes jewellery
Hermes leather goods
Hermes Messenger Service (This fits!)
Hermes perfume
Hermes Removals (I got my stuff moved by them, hehe!) – The inspiration
for this list
Hermes space exploration vehicle, never made, sadly
Hermes research
Hermes (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc)
Hermes stamp
Hermes (various)
Hermes (vintage typewriters)
Hermestas artificial sweetener
Mercury alcoholic cider
Mercury, Armani nail laquar, fade to grey
Mercury AV charger
Mercury boating equipment, (out-board motors, etc)
Mercury Cinema
Mercury consulting
Mercury creative services
Mercury catering
Mercury cider (different from above)
Mercury collages
Mercury Cruiser
Mercury engineering
Mercury (car) Ford
Mercury old cars
Mercury liqueur
Mercury management
Mercury metals
Mercury (the quicksilver metal)
The Mercury, main Tasmanian newspaper
The Mercury, local Australian Newspaper
Mercury Mount (Palmistry term)
Mercury mobile helpline
Mercury publishing
Mercury rubber seals for window & door frames
Mercury Records
Mercury Space Program
Mercury shop
Mercury shoes
Mercury tobacco
Mercury technology
Mercury web graphics
Mercury (various)
Quiksilver sport fashion label (wetsuits, etc – spelt that way)
Hestia ~ Vesta
{Goddess of Hearth and Home}
Hestia lingerie
Hestia fashion
Hestia shoes
Hestia ornaments
Hestia healing products (Aromatherapy, etc)
Hestia financial services
Vesta technology
Vesta supplements
Vesta land
Vesta furnishings
Vesta conferences
Vesta building
Vesta home products
Vesta beauty
Vesta jewellery
Vestal clothing
Vesta (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc)
Vesta (Place in Minnesota & Virginia, USA)
Vesta, antiqie matchboxes –named after her as she’s the Goddess of the
Hearth. Saw these on The Antique Roadshow. Fascinating!!
Horus {Sun God} Egyptian
Horus oil perfume (eye of Horus)
Horus engineering
Horus Oasis, spiritual group
Eye of Horus natural eye make-up – very nice!
Eye of Horus on Isla Playa de Cleopatra (fiting!), Turkey – a beautiful eco house
shaped like the Eye of Horus
Hypnos {God of Sleep} Greek
Hypnos music
Hypnos records
Hypnos beds - (the most comfortable beds in the world!) very fitting!
Hypnos Club, sleep site – fitting
Hygeia {Goddess of Health} Roman
Hygeia health foods – fitting!
Hyperion {Greek Titan}
Hyperion books (Disney)
Hyperion movies
Iris{Goddess of the Rainbow} Greek~Roman
Iris natural pharmaceuticals
Iris computer font
Iris – of the eye
Iris – type of flower
IRIS – NASA Telescope, (Interface Region Imaging Spectograph)
Iris café
Iris - Napoleon Perdis lip colour
Violet Iris (Yves Saint Laurent Mascara volume effect Faus Lils)
Iris lane, street, etc
Beautiful Iris, M.A.C eyeshadow shade
Iris, Dior Colour & contour lipstick
Iris perfume by L`Erbolario
Iris Noir Secrets D'essences by Yves Rocher
White Iris perfume by Bronnelly
D’Iris perfime bu Bois also Iris Prima
Iris Splash perfume by Ozmos
Infusion D'iris Perfume by Prada
Night Iris perfume by mark.
Blue Iris perfume by Shirley May
Iris perfume by Yardley
Iris perfume by Demeter
Fleur D'iris Perfume by Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier
Iris solid perfume by E’Rbolaria
Figue-Iris perfume by Guerlain
Iris Meadow perfume by Aerin – nice!
Iris plants
Iris toner by Clarins
Black Iris, scent from Mor
Isis {Sun, Earth and Mood Goddess} Egyptian
Isis chocolates
Isis computer font
Isis construction
Isis books + Audiobooks
Isis electronics & industrial
Isis perfume
Isis health + health club
Isis jewellery
Isis Theatre
Isis design
Isis (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc)
Isis (various)
Isis zone meditation
Isis Club, club of the Australian football team of the same name
The River Isis – part of the river Thames in London
Kalypso ~ Calypso {Sea Goddess} Greek
Kalypso clothing
Kalypso media
Kalypso kold storage (spelt that way)
Kalypso computer software
Calypso Café
Calypso Inn
Calypso Col’s Roti Hut (Yummy Caribbean takeout)
Calypso Seafood (Fitting! Yum! ;)
Calypso Hairdressers
Calypso home accessories {I have one of their funky green & purple desk fans,
cool as!}
Calypso music label
Calypso clothing
Calypso clothing
Calypso (a type of mango)
Calypso (place, various)
Calypso internet
Calypso Holiday Park
Calypso cruises
RV Calypso Jaques-Yves Cousteau’s research vessle
Calypso beauty products
Calypso charter
Calypso diving – fitting!
Calypso - Napoleon Perdis lip colour
Calypso – Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte lip colour
Calypso Coral, Bobbi Brown rouge for liups & cheeks
Calypso shimmer – Bobbi Brown shimmer lip colour
Calypso Blue, dark aqua house paint shade by Taubmans
Kharon ~Charon {Ferryman of the Dead} Greek
Charon software & technology
Charon Company
Charon Real Estate
Charon (Street, Rd, Place, Ave etc)
ronus~ Saturn
{Father of the Gods, God
of the Sky} Greek~Roman
Kronos Greek foods {Very fitting!!}
Kronos sports products
Kronos chocolates
Kronos technology
Kronos (various)
Cronos truck
Cronos (car)
Saturn condoms
Saturn Grey (nice Avon eyeliner colour)
Saturn films
Saturn books
Saturn foods
Saturn technology & engineering & software (Sega Saturn, etc)
Saturn baby products
Saturn (car)
Saturn carpets (Saturn Apollo, Saturn Olympus)
Saturn (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc)
Saturn health
Rings of Saturn (Firework)
Saturn loans
Saturn dinner sets
Sega Saturn computer gaming platform
Saturn Sparkle (silver Avon eyeliner)
Saturnalia (A Lush exclusive Bubble bar - smells Divine!)
Saturn (various)
Saturn Mount (Palmistry term)
Saturnalia solid bubblebath by Lush – great stuff!
Leto {Mother of Artemis & Apollo} ~ Greek
Leto Restaurant
Merlin {Wizard guide of King Arthur}
Magical Merlin cobalt house paint shade by Taubmans
Metis {Titan & Mother Goddess} ~ Greek
Metis Media
{God of Dreams } ~ Greek~Roman
Morpheus sleep products (How fitting ... ZZZZZZzzzzz ;)
Morpheus construction – (I hope they don’t fall asleep on the job!)
Morpheus, computer font
Morpheus, medium grey house paint shade by Wattyl
Morphine comes from Morpheus
The muses
{ Patrons of the Arts } Greek~Roman
Muse Greek restaurant, (very nice and even though olives aren’t my thing, the
way they marinate theirs… sigh… What’s the Greek word for Belissimo? ;)
Earth Muse – ecosway eye shadow colour
Muse Café & Restaurant (different from above)
Muse fashion jewellery
Awaken the Muse, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) campaign
The Muse and the Marketplace – writer’s resoruce
The Muses online store
Muse paving and tiling
Darling Muse (By Terry Aqua print eyeshadow)
Muse production, movie company
Clio ceramic pots (very nice, I’m growing Italiano herbs in mine! Very fitting!)
Clio Italian pantyhose
Renault Clio
Erato CD music company
{Goddess of Divine Retribution }
Nemesis Now, new-age/Pagan journal company (GORGEOUS stuff!!)
Nemesis, goth/mystical figurine company
Nemesis communications (try missing a bill, lol)
Nemesis pest control (call her to eliminate obnoxious neighbours >;)
Nemesis athletic clothing
Nemesis computers
Nemesis software
Nemesis games
Nemesis books
Nemesis travel
Nemesis shuttle service
Chocolate Nemesis (a chocolate cake from a restaurant in Australia ☺
{Gentle God of the Seas}
Seas} ~ Greek~Roman
Nereus boats, fiitting!
Nereus Program – oceanography – very fitting too!
Nereus spearfishing – another oceany one!
Nereus, medium green house paint shade by Dulux
Nereus kayaks
Nereus, underwater exploration robot, sadly lost :(
Nereus hotel, Cyprus, Greece
Nereus diving magazine
Nereus Sea-Breeze homes
Nereus sustainable recycling systems – eco friendly!
Nereus, astrological group
Nereus Penthouse
Nereus strategic communications
Nereus (Street, Place, Ave, Drive, etc)
{Goddess of night } Greek~Roman
Nyx make up
Nyx jewellery
Oceanus ~ {Greek Sea God ~ Per Poseidon }
Oceanus lingerie
Oceanus marinara (very fitting!)
Oceanus perfume and body products (Body Shop - very nice!)
Oceanus dive gear {very apt ;}
Oceanus Books
Oceanus sail fabric
Oceanus sailing school {Both very fitting!)
Oceanus printing
Oceanus home wares
Oceanus make-up
Oceanus material
Odin ~ {King of the Gods} Norse
Odin productions, movies & TV
Odin Cinema, Johannesburg
Ostara ~ Eostre ~ Easter {Celtic~Germanic
Ostara Australia (Outreach program for mentally challenged people)
Osiris {Lord
{Lord of the Underworld, God of Justice and
Rebirth} Egyptian
Osiris clothing
Osiris hotel
Osiris tea kettles
Osiris electronics, software & technology
Osiris white goods
Osiris statistics
Osiris snaekers
Osiris constructions
Ouranos ~Uranus {Grandfather
{Grandfather of the Gods}
Uranus shirts
Uranus (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc)
Uranus (various)
Uranium (metal - Names after Uranus)
{God of Nature} Greek~Roman
Pan medicines
PanGaia magazine
Pan Macmillan, publishers
Pan-Am airlines
Pan oil perfume
Pan photography
Pan books
Pan Asian foods
Pan bread and pastry products
Pan, lovely woody natural perfume by Perfumes By Nature
Pan bakery
Pan Disc - music company
Pan Roma, Italian restaurant
Pan-American Highway
Pan Dance - music company
Pan Queen :) - (Indian food company)
Pangea organics
PanGaea – the supercontinent millions of years ago before they split apart
Pandemonium comes from Pan as does Pantomime
(Kitchen ware, frying Pans ☺ , just had to throw that in, lol)
Pasiphae {Daughter
Daughter of Helios} Grekk~Roman
Pasiphae, NARS Dual intensity eyeshadow
Persephone/Proserpina{e} Kore
{Queen of the
Underworld, Goddess of Spring} Greek~Roman
Persephone theatre
Persephone, elegant embroided Goth/new-age style top from Holy Clothing
(eBay store)
Persephone (art)
Persephone restaurant
Persephone Wedgewood
Persephone books
Persephone’s Place, massage clinic
Persephone’s Place, online Wiccan gathering place
Persephone’s Beauty, blog
Persephone opals
Proserpine, lovely nature-kissed place in QLD, Australia
Kore natural make-up
4 Seasons (butter cream mocha chocolate, yum ;) from Senz ~Art of Expression
range - talking bit of a liberty here ☺ - However, I believe it should’ve
been called Persephone, since Her cycle going down to Hades and
returning is what created the Four Seasons) –
I also had a 4 Seasons Pizza – yum!
Poseidon ~ Neptune ~ Trident ~ Triton
{God the Seas, God of Earthquakes}
Greek~Roman {Triton was the name of the son of
Podeison and also another name for Poseidon himself}
Poseidon seafood (fitting!)
Poseidon oceanic tours (very fitting also!)
Poseidon pools, spas & pool care (very fitting too! Also incl solar heating - hey
the Gods are eco-fiendly too!)
Poseidon dips (very nice tasting!)
Poseidon bookstore
Poseidon air conditioning
Poseidon electronics
Poseidon dive products (very apt!)
Poseidon diving (different company)
Poseidon hardware products
Poseidon casino
Poseidon computer font
Neptune @ Sapphire - accommodation
Neptune aquarium accessories (very apt!)
Neptune’s BBQ Meals – their low fat octopus looked great!
Neptune Beach, Florida
Neptune café (more than one)
King Neptune’s catch, fish shop
Neptune carnival rides – diffrernt from below
King Neptune carnival games (Man, King Neptune SO owes me a stuffed owl,
lol! And one of those gorgeous cuddly smiling eye Cheetahs if I have my
way! ;)
King Neptune Day & Nite club (oo sexy!! ;)
Neptune engineering
Neptune eyeliner by Smashbox (Always sharp 3D)
Neptune fishing tackle (very ftting!)
Neptune Islands (west of Adelaide, Australia)
Neptune Kitchen / Interior / Garden
Wild Neptune krill oil – Also another brand called Neptune Krill oil
Neptune marbles (dark blue with white streaks)
Neptune marine + wetsuits, etc (fitting!)
Neptune Mount (Palmistry term)
Neptune’s Net, seafood restaurant – sounds delish!
Neptune, old ship bound for Sydney
Neptune, place in New Jersey, USA
King Neptune’s Park, Port Macquarie, Australia
Neptune restaurant (seafood of course!)
Neptune seasonings (their Mediterranean salt is really nice!)
Neptune Sea King fishing gear (Very apt!)
Neptune Sea King tuna (yes it is dolphin safe :)
Neptune (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc)
Neptune seafood – fitting!
Neptune washing products
Neptune seafood pizza – fitting!! By Castile (They also have Sicily & Santorini)
Neptune Sapphire, ill-fated cargo vessel
Neptun Hotel, Bergen, Norway (spelt that way)
Neptuna, Hyperdimension, PS3
Trident nautical supplies (very fitting :)
Trident fishing gear (Same here :)
Trident clothing
Trident gum
Trident foods (Their hot & spicy instant Thai noodles are my all-time fave
noodles since they first came out in 1986!)
Trident Sales & Distribution (I bought a bottle of their mountain water –
Trident toys
Trident Jewellery
Triton computer hardware
Triton ATM machines
Triton Money services
Triton oceanic supplies – fitting!
Triton back packs
Triton seafood – again, fitting!
Triton, cool soccer playing lion at Johannesburg zoo
Triton trucks
Triton (type of Car)
Triton fishing gear and tackle – very fitting!
Triton boats & boating equipment (Very fitting again!)
Triton machinery
Triton car dealership
{Greek Titan}
Prometheus books
Prometheus Society (educational society)
Prometheus information & intel
Prometheus journal
Prometheus software
Prometheus institute (sustainable development)
Promethium (radioactive metal)
Promethium Armour
Promethium Technologies
The Promethium, intellectual group, for the free sharing of ideas, thoughts and
{Mother of the Gods, Earth Goddess} Greek Also a Titan
Rhea birds
Selene ~ Selena{Moon Goddess} Greek~Roman
Selene restaurant
Sophia {Goddess of Wisdom}
Sophia furniture
Thalia {Muse of Poetry} Greece ~Rome
Thalia awards
Thanatos {The God/Spirit of Death} Greece
Thanatos story magazine, sadly no longer in production
Thor {Thunder God/ } Norse
Thor vacuum cleaners
Thor Mining
Thor industries
Thor, German ship
Thor 1, Norweigan ship
The TITANs {The Elder Gods} Greece
Titan art
Titan advertising
Titan books
Titan comic books (different from above)
Titan chocolate bar (very yummy!!!)
Titan cars
Titan car oil
Titan cranes
Titan, a style of carpet
Titan dealers
Titan doors & frames
Titan energy wristbands
Titan Ford (Car Dealers)
Titans group
Titan “Go Green” Recycling truck (see the Gods are eco-friendly :)
Titan garden supplies
HTC Titan, (type of cell phone)
Titan ionizer & energizer
Titan internet service provider team group name
Titan lager
Titan, Joya shoe style – great shoes!
Titan magazines
Titan office furniture
Titan protein bars (Choc mint is the best! Different rom Titan chocolate bars)
Titan plumbing
Titan tough paper towels
Titan stick insect – these are gorgeous!!! Saw a couple in my garden once. They
grow up to about 30 cm (12 inches)
Titan strollers
Titan tools hardware
Titan wristwatches
The Titanic {the infamous ‘unsinkable’ ship}
Titanic Tangy Tomato, (flavour of Bluebird chips, nice!)
Titanium strong metal
Titanium, carpet colour
Zeus ~ Jupiter ~ Jove
{King of the Gods}
Zeus (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc)
Zeus plastics
Zeus Industries
Zeus secretarial
Zeus commercial hot food display units
Zeus electronics
Zeus natural foods
Zeus hairdressers
Zeus publishers
Zeus poker game
Zeus children’s games
Zeus Internet service
Zeus restaurant
Zeus company
Zeus books
Zeus (various)
Zeus, (domestic breeding Bengal cat STUD, hehe!)
ZeuS Tracker, online
Zeus Brain Host, online
Zeus 2 slot machine
Jupiter health bars
Jupiter casino
Jupiter’s hotel & casino (different)
Jupiter citrus juicers
Jupiter mattresses/bedding
Jupiter child products
Jupiter technology & electronics
Jumping Jupiter (Fireworks)
Jupiter, plug-in for Eclipse IDE
Jupiter (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc) – A friend of mine lives in Jupiter st!
Jupiter foods
Jupiter health care
Jupiter musical instruments
Jupiter, place in Florida
Jupiter ionisers
Jupiter water purifiers
Jupiter Lighting
Jupiter media
Jupiter restaurant
Jupiter images
Jupiter models
Jupiter trumpet
Jupiter videos
Jupiter air
Jupiter utility trucks
Jupiter (various)
Jupiter health centre & club
Jupiter marbles (metallic glazed, speckled red & black - There are also
Milky Way ones metallic dark shimmering rainbow)
Jupiter Mount (Palmistry term)
Jupiter Ward, mental health ward at Great Western Hospital
Jupiter Centre, shopping mall in Poland
By Jove! (old fashioned announcement of surprise)
Thunderbolt, medium grey house paint shade by Wattyl
~ Companies, etc named after other
predominant mythological figures ~
Achilles {Greek Hero}
Achilles foot & heel products (maybe he could have done with some ;)
Achilles ancient Greek like font
Achilles tendonitis – sore heels – NOT fun, used to have it Joya shoes were a
Achilles – ancient Greek font
Achilles Radial, car shop
Achilles, name of a meerkat cub in Meerkat Manor
Aesop {Greek
Aesop cosmetics
Adonis ~ Adonais {Greek Beauty}
Adonis fashions
Adonis foods (must be very healthy if he’s THAT good lookin’ ;)
Adonis (almond cream profiterole chocolate, yum ;) from Senz ~ Love Mood
Creations range} Not so healthy, lol
Adonis films
Adonis restaurant
Adonais clothing
Adonais computer ancient Greek style font
{Greek Warrior}
Ajax cleaning products
Ajax Halloween costumes
Argos ~ Argo {Greek ~ Various}
Argos computer font
Argos book catalogue
Argos furniture
Argos satellite tracking
Argos press
Argos art & media
USS Argos ship
Argos online shop
The Argo St Restaurant on Argo St
Argus ~ {Greek ~ Giant}
Argus security
Argus software
Singleton Argus, local newspaper
The Amazons {Greek
Warrior Women}
Amazon rainforest
Amazon tanning cream
Amazon body cream
Amazon Green, YSL Dessin Do Regard eyeliner
Rose Amazone, Yves Saint Laurent, Rogue Pur Colture Glossy lip gloss
Amazone (font)
Andromeda {Greek
Andromeda Napoleon Perdis lip colour
Andromeda – Google network
Andromeda, NARS dual intensity eyeshadow
Andromeda cosmetics
Dolphin Boy}
Arion fashion
Arion electronics
Arion music
Arion hotel, Athens
Youth who rode Pegasus}
Bellerophon Equine Centre
{Most famous Roman Emperor }
Caesar salad (I wonder why they called it this, did he invent it, lol + Caesar
Caesar’s Palace (chicken shop)
Caesar’s Palace hotel, Vegas – they also have the Luxor – look great!
CaesarStone, quartz
Caesar Awards
Caesar stone
Caesar campervan made by Olympic
Caesar’s Tower in Warwisk castle, England
CalliSto Calisto
{Greek Nymph of Artemis}
Callisto fruit drinks
Calisto computer font
Calisto hair studio
Callisto, NARS Dual intensity eyeshadow
{Greek Princess}
Cassiopeia, NARS Dual intensity eyeshadow
Cassiopeia make up (different from above)
{Greek mythical creatures}
Centaur computer font
{Greek Enchantress, Queen}
Circe beauty products
Circe (name of an actual humpback whale)
Cleopatra {Egyptian Demi~Goddess, Queen}
Cleopatra hair {I am SO going there! ;)
Cleopatra soap {very nice & creamy too!} - had a pic of her on it ☺- There’s also
an Italian (and other) brands of Cleopatra soap, some organic ☺
Cleopatra chocolate
Cleopatra perfume
Cleopatra bath milk salts
Cleopatra’s Choice, online store
Cleopatra bio-dynamic milk and cream
Cleopatra cosmetic milk
Cleopatra bath milk
Cleopatra bath soak (fittying the milky ones, hey! ;)
Cleopatra’s Gown, Taubmans deep pruple house paint shade
Cleopatra Body & Nails
Cleopatra Thai Massage
Isla Playa de Cleopatra, Turkey – There is a beautiful Eye of Horus house there
- shaped like the real thing!
Cleó’s health food
Cleo, NARS eyeshadow duo
Cleo sofa/lounge – very comfortable!
Cleo Rose, fuscia colour Manic Panic hair dye
Cyclops ~ Kyklops
{Greek One eyed Giants}
Cyclops organic foods
Cyclops Audio visual
Cyclops (Bicycles, scooters)
Cyclops runners jawbreaker candy
{Greek Inventor, father of Icarus}
Daedalus (Hotel)
Daedalus (Bed & Breakfast - B&B)
Daedalus (Enterprises)
{Greek Dolphin}
Delphinus make-up
{Greek Nymph}
Echo car (Holden & Toyota)
Echo sound gear (fitting)
Echo tours
Echo name of a ladies watch style
Echo, name of a real elephant matriarch
Echo fabric range (Macquarie textiles)
Sony Echo
Echo alalog wristwatch by RipCurl, comes in white and black
Echo Beach, light yellow house paint shade by British Paints
Green Echo, light yellow-green house paint shade by British Paints
Echo, the name of a real Beluga whale
Tragic Heroine}
Elektra Records
Elektra hospitality wares
Elektra health products
Elektra cups
Elektra hairdressing supplies (Well if turns out like Jennifer Garner in the movie,
Elektra then way cool!)
Electra cars
Electra, Italian coffee machine
Electra cafe
Electra cables
Electra bicycles (very nice and collectible ones too!) – My fave is the Chicago
Grey “Delivery”
Harley Davidson “Electra”
Electra Palace hotel (in Athens)
Electra hotel (again in Athens)
Electra, commercial plane
Buick Electra car
Electra, M.A.C eyeshadow shade
Electra - Napoleon Perdis lip colour
Violet Electra – Estée Lauder lipstick
Elektora Ancient Greek computer font
{Greek Princess}
Europa Corp (movie company)
Europa Park
Europa Casino
Europa marketing
Europa Coffee, café
Europa, NARS dual intensity eyeshadow
Europe was named arter Europa
{Greek ~ World’s first Doctor }
Hippocrates natural medicines
The Hippocratic Oath doctors speak was written by Hippocrates
{Greek Monster}
Hydra constellation
Hydra (various)
Hydra Force cosmetics (Go figure…(A beauty cream for each of your 9
Heads ;)
Hydra beauty serum – (wtf?!) Yes, I know it’s short for’ hydrating,’ but still, LOL!
(Different from Hydra Force cosmetics)
Hydra therapy
Heart of Hydra (Astrological term)
Hydra missiles – fitting name for awful weapons!
Hydra Life, Dior make-up, hehe!
kerberos ~ erberus {Greek Guardian of the
Kerberos computer security
Cerberus security
Cerberus security guards (both very apt!)
Cerberus productions
Cerberus Games, computer game company
Cerberus Cottage, Facebook community
HMVS Cerberus, naval ship
ikarus ~Icarus
{Tragic Greek Youth}
Ikarus font
Icarus Airlines (former rather ill-fitting, or tongue-in-cheek name of Olympic
{Queen of Sparta }
Leda heath foods
Leda property
Leda machinery
Leda security
Leda electronics
Leda place in Western Australia
Leda lighting
Leda bathrooms
Leda farm equipment
Leda grape harvester
{Greek Gorgon}
Medusa Street (LOL) I wonder if the residents turned to stone ;)
Medusa hairdressers … {Go figure, LOL!}
Medusa Greek meze café
Medusa beauty products, (I shit you not. Again, LOL. Perhaps that was preGorgon phase ;)
Medusa films
Medusa hotel
Medusa anime store
Medusa furniture
Medusa cement
Medusa tree – has tanlged snakelike roots
Medusa, Wonder of the Sea, giant jellyfish calendar
Medusa (various)
Medusa, Eyes to Kill, Armani eye shadow quad
Midas automotive (including tyres)
Midas fashion
Midas shoes
Midas’ Touch consulting (sounds good, eh! ;)
Midas taps (facuets) and shower heads, bathroom equipment
King Midas golden plums – yummy!
Midas, dark yellow/gold house paint shade by Wattyl
Midas Touch, dark yellow/gold house paint shade by Dulux
{Underworld Judge} Greek~Roman
Minos olive oil
Minos computer font
{Tragic Greek Youth } ~ Greek~Roman
Narcissus brand Asian foods
Narcissus toiletries & body products
Narcissus incense
Narcissus shoes
Narcissus art
Narcissus designer dinnerware
Flower of Narcissus - lovely range by Mor Cosmetics, sadly gone now
Narciso Rodriguez, perfumes
Vanille & Narcisse fragrance, L’Occitane
Narcissia, Bare minderals long wearing eyeliner
Narcissa, olive green house paint shade by Wattyl
{Infamous Roman Emperor }
Nero burning software (cheeky!)
Nero cordless kettles
Nero coffee (very nice!)
Nero giftware
{Companion of Odysseus
Odysseus }
Nestor men’s hair
HMAS Nestor, Australian Navy ship
Odysseus ~ Ulysses
{Greek Hero/Explorer}
Odysseus fetta – expensive but nice!
Odyssey adventures – sounds amazing!
Odyssey tours
Odyssey Black, golf putters
Odyssey cruise ship – fitting!
Odyssey ferry
Odyssey space ship
Odyssey entertainment
Odyssey Channel
Odyssey bar & restaurant
Odyssey scooters
Odyssey Travel – again fitting and you’re in for an adventure!
Odyssey Records
Honda Odyssey
Odyssey, M.A.C lipstick shade
Social Media Odyssey
Odyssey Explorer, research vessle – fitting!
Odysseé Greek computer font
Odyssee (ganache milk tea chocolate, yum ;) from Senz ~ Love Mood Creations
Ulysses Press
Ulysses butterfly – lovely
Ulysses Getaways – lovely holidays
Ulysses Club (Motorcycle club)
Ulysses, a portal for University Foundation of the Andean Area
Ulises, name of a real Orca whale
{Sister of Emperor Augustus ~ Rome }
Octavius ~ Roman Empreor
Octavia chocolates
Octavia typewriters
Ŝkoda Octavia (car)
Octavius Oak, dark grey house paint shade by Berger
{Tragic Greek King }
Oedipus music
{Greek Musician}
Orpheus electronics
Orpheus hi-fi equipment {Fitting, huh!)
Orpheus music {quite fitting too!}
Orpheus (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc)
Orpheus Chamber Music Orchestra – fitting!
{The Hunter} Greek~Roman {Although the
Ancient Egyptians saw this Constellation as Osiris}
Orion pickles (The things they think of! ;)
Orion TV
Orion movie company
Orion art
Orion artwork
Orion shipping
Orion boating equipment
Orion Air force Jet
Thunder of Orion (firework)
Orion’s Eye (firework) – THESE LOOK SO FUN!!!!
Orion Asian snack foods – Their custard cakes look YUM!
Orion Mp3 player
Orion water ionizer
~ Greek~Roman
Pandora, colour of large fluffy grey/silver rug at carpet shop,
Pandora cakes & pies
Pandora beds
Pandora boutique, music site & records
Pandora furniture, also the name of specific pieces
Pandora dolls
Pandora electronics & computers
HMS Pandora, old royal navy warship (Australia)
Pandora internet rario
Pandora jewellery
Pandora jewellery store (not same as Pandora Jewellery)
Pandora’s tours (lol wonder if they travel to the planet in Avatar… or somewhere
else they shouldn’t ;)
Pandora, Italian cake – should be interesting!
Pandora, NARS eyeshadow duo
Pandora’s Garden, light green house paint shade by British Paints
Pandore, Dior nail polish
{The Winged Horse} ~ Greek~Roman
Pegasus airlines (nice!)
Pegasus art
Pegasus books
Pegasus Bridge in France
Pegasus business training
Pegasus computer font
Pegasus company
Pegasus coach tours
Pegasus delivery company
Pegasus e-mail
Pegasus entertainment
Pegasus foods
Pegasus Greek sculpture shop
Pegasus, horse saddles – fittiing!
Pegasus (in Kentucky Derby)
Pegasus marketing
Pegasus Motel
Pegasus Pontiac, prototype car
Pegasus Park (Equestrian Centre - fitting name!)
Pegasus pony club (also fitting, cute! Lol)
Pegasus publishing
Pegasus Printing
Pegasus projects
Pegasus Royal Mail
Pegasus satellite entertainment
Pegasus technology
Torch Pegasus (Toy spinning top)
Project Pegasus
Pegasus yearbook
Pegasos Royal, hotel in Turkey
Pegaso’s Café
{Greek Hero}
Perseus electronics
Perseus music
Perseus online Ancient Greek-English dictionary
Perseus men’s cosmetics
{Greek Heroine~Oracle}
Phaedra, hotel, Greece
{Greek Mortal, loved by Apollo)
Phoebe, NARS Dual intensity eyeshadow
{Greek Mythical Transformation Bird}
Phoenix music
Phoenix watches
Phoenix Rising bookshop
Phoenix rising Lush bath ballistic – great stuff!
Phoenix photographic company
Phoenix institute (alternate healing)
Phoenix seedless mandarins
Phoenix, hotel, Greece
Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix organic foods
Phoenix campervan made by Olympic
Phoenix prams
Phoenix institute, holistic educational campus
Phoenix roll sushi
Phenix Dior fluid eyeshadow (spelt that way)
{Greek Philosopher}
Plato’s Discount Books
Satyr {Half Man Half goat beings Ancient
Satyr computer font
{Greek Philosopher}
Socrates educational store
Socrates distributors
Socrates bar
Socrates truck
{Underworld Nymph ~ also Underworld
River} Greek~Roman
Styx Valley, a beautiful forest in Tasmania, Australia. I would so love to go there.
Styx Avon men’s’ fragrance
~ Ancient Greek Places, and other
related, Etc ~
Acheron passage (River in the Underworld)
Aegean olive oil
Ageis corp
Ambrosia foods {delish custard, rice puddings, etc, made in Devon, England} –
Best custard in the WORLD!!! (Not the light version, the full cream one ;)
Ambrosia health centre
Ambrosia’s herbs
Ambrosia’s delight cakes
Ambrosia health foods
Ambrosia chocolates –yum!
Lady Ambrosia, white house paint shade by Wattyl
Ambrosia Restaurant
Atlantis books
Atlantis films
Atlantis publishing
Atlantis pens made by Bic
Atlantis apartment block
Atlantis office goods, filing boxes, etc
Atlantis white goods
Atlantis moving co … (I guess they would need somewhere to move to!)
Atlantis space shuttle
Atlantis seafood restaurant (hehe)
Atlantis hotels, Greece, Dubai, USA and Bahamas
Atlantis City Holdings
Atlantis – name of a waterproof ladies watch, LOL
Atlantis ocean motif praline chocolates, hehe
Atlantis City Hotel – hope it doesn’t sink ;)
Atlantis, ship – this too!
Atlantis fisheries – lol
Atlantis fish monger – (different from above)
Atlantis fish & chip joint – as long as they’re crisp!
Atlantis, China Glaze nail polish colour – sparking blue nice!
Jewels of Atlantis, scratchie lotto ticket
Atlantis Story, gorgeous little girl’s sparkly top from Target. Wish they came in
my size!!
Jewel of Atlantis, computer game
Atlantis Seaside apartments
Atlantis on the Bay, restraunt
Atlantic Brands foods
Atlantic records
Atlantic films
Atlantic Technology
Atlantic furniture (A but wet maybe, lol ;)
Virgin Atlantic airlines
Atlantic news
Atlantic clipper, tall ship available for cruises - nice!
New Look Atlantic, paint colour
Atlantic Plumbing
Atlantic large print books
Atlantic Lumpbing, LOL!
Atlanta (Greek heroine & place in the US)
Atlanta computer font
Atlanta - Napoleon Perdis lip colour
Delphic food products
Delphi hotel
Elysia heath retreat (Australia, hunter Valley)
Elysia Town in Rome
Elysian, hotel in Chicago
Elysian community
The Elysian, hotel in Bali
Elysium health spa (Australia)
Elysium computer font
Elysium sounds
Elysium soaps
Elysium records
Elysium Hotel - Greece
Elysium housing estate Australia (Of course the real Elysian Fields looks WAY
better than this godawful, godforsaken sterile place! Hades’d upchuck his
Ambrosia! ;) What an insult to the Gods!
Pyramids of Elysium (On Mars)
Eleusian natural, nurturing beauty products (Named after the Eleusinian
Elys wool
Flavour of the Greek Gods - Tea of the Greek Mountains, {This is delicious!}
(They also do dried oregano)
The Greek Gods organic yoghurt – looks YUM!
Bronze Goddess Etseé Lauder bronzer range
DeVine Goddess Lipstick – Napoleon Perdis lipstick range
Pink Goddess, Clinique Buttershine lipsticl colour
Sun Goddess,Stilla, Smucge stick duo
Goddess, NARS velvet shadow stik eyeliner
Moon Goddess, off white house paint shade by Taubmans
Teal Goddess, off white house paint shade by Taubmans
Garden of Hespera, range by Mor Cosmetics
Mythical, dark pruple house paint shade by Berger
Nymphe – Napoleon Perdis Lip colour
Mount Olympus FG Star fighter (Greek Air Force Strike jet)
Mount Olympus Greek Pizza – yum!
Olympus cameras
Olympus sports store
Olympus chef quality kitchenware
Olympus fishing gear (must be Poseidon’s ;)
Olympus games
Olympus computer font
Olympus hotel
Olympus citrus press
Olympus Self Discovery, Greek Archetypes
Olympus (Street, Rd, Ave, Blvd, etc)
Olympus answering machine cassettes – cute – retro!
Saturn Olympus carpets
Olympus Mons, huge volcano on Mars. It’s Latin for ‘Mount Olympus’
Olympic Airlines, (formerly, rather badly or cheekily, named ‘Icarus Airlines’)
Olympic brushes
Olympic brain – term
Olympic Games (Also called Olympics) – Many cities have Olympic parks and
Also the Paralympics for physically disabled persons - and the Special
Olympics for mentally challenged persons
Olympic cash company
Olympic cycles
Olympic Clothing Co.
Olympic foods
Olympic fruit & vegetables (different from above) They have their own truck!
Olympic group
Olympic hotel (in Greece, also in Australia)
Olympic home wares (I wonder if Zeus will get them to redecorate Olympus ;)
Royal Olympic hotel (in Athens)
Olympic locksmiths
Olympic note/scrap books
Olympic sails
Olympic sport stores
Olympic sized swimming pool - term
Olympic stationery
Olympic Springs natural spring water
Olympic sport bar/hotel (different from above, in Australia)
New Olympic hotel
Olympic car wash
Olympic Peninsula, Forks Washington, USA
Olympic Tours
Olympic truck
Olympic weights (weightlifting)
Olympic white goods
Olympic Yeeros & Pizza Bar
Hotel San Giorgio Olimpic – (spelt that way)
Olympia auto mall
Olympia bra
Olympia (exhibition centre, London)
Olympia (hotel, London)
Olympia Grand Ballet
Olympia Stadium, retro indoor stadium in Detroit, demolished in 1987
Olympiastadion, Berlin
Olympia Equestrian show
Mr. Olympia (American body building competition. Won by Arnold
Schwarzenegger 7 times!)
Olympia olives
Olympia, place in the US in Washington State
Olympia, Napoleon Perdis lip colour
Olympia (Street, Road, Boulevard, Avenue, etc)
Olympia Sports store - fitting
Olympia Theatre
Olympia typewriter
Olympia, Washington, USA
Olympia wax candle products
Olimpia electronics
Olympian cars
Olympian computer font
Animal Olympians, show about athletic animals
Olympēa, fragrance by Paco Rabanne – VERY nice! Quite sweet. Reminds me
of Aphrodite and Persephone as Goddess of Spring. As Queen of the
Underworld she would need something more woody with notes of
cinnamon and sandalwood.
Grand Hotel Olimpio
Olympiad games
Papyrus computer font
Old Papyrus, light beige house paint shade by Wattyl
Pompeii Ash, gritty charcoal house paint colour by Dulux
Pompeii Purple, OPI nail colour – cute!
Rosetta Stone, medium brown house paint shade by Wattyl
Spartan tools, hardware
Spartan health foods
Michigan State Spartans, team
Trojan publishing
Trojan birth control products
Trojan Recruitment Group
Trojan tools
Trojan Transport
Trojan truck
Trojan jets – (fun!)
Trojan viruses (not so fun)
Trojan condoms – (again, fun! >;)
Movies, TV, Books, Plays, Poems, Computer
Games, Fictitious Characters, Toys, Jets, Ships
(Space & Sea),
Sea), & Other Vehicles, Places,
Fictitious companies, etc, With Names of Gods
& predominant Mortals:
If you do a character search on, for names of Gods and
Goddesses, many will come up of who played them in various productions - E.g.,
here be the entries for Aphrodite, Ares and Hades: (Aphrodite) (Ares) (Hades)
Achilles - starship in Stargate Continuum
Achilles – Roman Gladiator classic Star Trek episode Bread and Circuses
Song of Achilles, novel by Madeleine Miller
Achilles, novel by Kevin McLeod
Captain Adonis, Battlestar Galactica
SS Ajax, ship mentioned in Star Trek: The Next Generation {Red once
Commented that it would be a very clean ship, lol}
Ajax, Gorilla on Disney’s House of Mouse
Alectis, novel by Katherine Beutner
Andromeda Strain, TV mini series
Princess Andromeda – Tynon fantasy online game character
Andromeda Tonks (Nee black) – Mother of Nymphadora Tonks in Harry Potter
Anubis - character in Stargate.
Anubis army in The Mummy – not very nice!
Anubis city in 3001: The Final Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke
House of Anubis, TV series
Carter in Moshi Monsters is based on Anubis. Very cute!
Mighty Aphrodite (Movie)
Aphrodite, novel by Russell Andrews
Goddess of Beauty, special edition Barbie, based on Aphrodite/Venus
Also Aphrodite Barbie – special edition
Dating Aphrodite ~ Modern Adventures in the Ancient World, Luke Slattery
The Birth of Aphrodite (1971) - movie
The Affairs of Aphrodite (1970) - movie
Aphrodite (various movies and references)
If Aphrodite had Arms, movie, 2007
Bi no Senshi! Aphrodite, episode of Saint Seiya, Japanese anime
Aphrodite, one of Mabel’s sisters in The Pirate Movie, 1982
Aphrodite, Goddess, Dr Who comic The Life Bringer
Aphrodite, novel by Monica S. Cyrino
The Luminous Life of Lily Aphrodite, by Beatrice Colin
Aphrodite, mentioned and called upon throughout 2008 movie Sappho
Aphrodite’s Magic, by Jane Meredith
Aphrodite’s Kiss, novel by Julie Kenner
Aphrodite’s Passion, novel by Julie Kenner (Sequel to above)
Aphrodite - The love of food and the food of love, Isabel Allende
Aphrodite, series Isabel Allende
Aphrodite’s Muse, delightful book by Jane Meredith
Honouring Aphrodite, article in Living Now magazine by Marianne Williamson
Chogokin Aphrodai, female robot, Japanese
Venus Cove, place in novel Halo series by Alexandra Adornetto – also see
Greek Gods book entries below
Voyage to Venus, book by CS Lewis
Venus series by Edgar Rice Burroughs Pirates of Venus, Lost on Venus,
Carson of Venus, Escape on Venus , The Wizard of Venus
Venus Beauty (subtitled movie)
Niles refers to Daphne as his “Venus” in Frasier :) Aww.
Sailor Venus, (Mina) character in Japanese anime Sailor Moon
Venus, movie starring Peter O’Toole
Venus (many other minor productions - various - see for details)
Venus Fang Fang, vampire character in Emily the Strange
Venus Mantrap, Doctor Who Audio drama
The Birth of Venus, novel by Sarah Durrant
The Venus Conspiracy, novel by Michael Cordy
Venus Envy, novel by Elizabeth Haiken
Venus McFlytrap, Monster High character
Leonardo de Venus, artist in The Jetsons, futuristic cartoon
Venus, UNIT code name in classic Dr Who
Venus, The Caterpillar, children’s book by Colin Thomson
Venus, novel by Ben Bova
Intra Venus art expo
Men are from Mars Women are from Venus, book series by John Grey, PhD.
Venus Conspiracy, novel by Michael Cordy – also a movie
Venus in Spurs, non-fiction book by Sheila Gillooly
Venus, character in Hammer of Thor – Heroclix action figure
Venus Signs, non-fiction book by Jessica Shepherd
Transit of Venus – 1631 to the Present, Nick Lomb
Venus in Cancer, book by Robbie Basho
Mr Venus, the Computer Wizard, Melanie Gulie
Venus in Furs, novel by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch
Venus In Fur, play inspired by above novel
Venus Sings ~ Discover Your Erotic Gifts and Secret Desires Through Astrology,
Jessica Shepherd
Garden of Venus, novel by Eva Stachinak
Venus, agent’s code name in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Venus on Mars, novel by Jan Millsapps
Venus, Mars & Us, novel by K. M Kiss
Venus, Mars & Us, novel by Jessie M.
How to Survive Mercury Retrograde: And Venus & Mars, Too Bernie Ashman
The Battles of Venus & Mars, Michael Germaine
Atmospheres of Venus & Mars, J. C Brandt
The Plasma Environment of Venus, Mars and Titan, Karoly Szego
Venus & Mars, Andrew Lynch
Venus & Mars, Patrick Jones
(Various Venus/Mars books on
Venus and Mars, 2007 South Korean film
Venus, planet in game Warframe
You are the first Kid on Mars, children’s picture book by Patricxk O’Brien
Apollo 13 (various movies on the infamous ill-fated space shuttle)
Apollo Robo (Guardian Robot)
Apollo Creed, heavyweight champion in Rocky
Commander Apollo, Battlestar Galactica
Also a track on soundtrack called Apollo to the Rescue
Apollo, Lord of Kobol {God in Battlestar Galactica}
Apollo, a dolphin in Lucy Daniels awesome Dolphin Diaries series
USS Apollo - starship in Stargate
Apollo (various productions - see for more details)
Apollo Musagetes, poem by Matthew Arnold (1822-1888)
The Apollo show
Apollo, the God, Dr Who comic The Life Bringer
Apollo features in Vampire novel Curse the Dawn by Karen Chance
Apollo, (Vampire posing as the God) in Kerrlyn Sparks’ Secret Life of a Vampire
Apollo, gay guy, head of a beauty salon in Kerrlyn Sparks’ Secret Life of a
Apollo, horse in novel Vampire Darcy’s Desire, Regina Jeffers
Live at the Apollo, books, TV show
Apollo, type of steampunk doll
Apollo Academy series by Kimberly Chase
Apollo, the Powerful Owl by Gordon Winch
Apollo 18, movie
Apolla, one of the teen twin sisters in the T.Witches series by Randi Reisfeld
Oracle of Delphi, Audio drama by Scott Handcock
Delphi (Delphini), character in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Arachne, evil Spider Goddess in Tara Moss’ The Spider Goddess, book
two in the Pandora English series
Ares, character in Stargate
Ares, the God, Dr Who comic The Life Bringer
Ares NASA space missions, feature heavily in The Martian
Sailor Mars, (Rei/Raye) character in Japanese anime Sailor Moon
Mars Attacks! (Bad, bad movie!)
Mission to Mars (Excellent Mars Movie)
Red Planet (Another good Mars Movie)
Waters of Mars (Dr Who Movie, David Tennant - yum)
The Road to Mars (Eric Idle, sci-fi comedy novel)
Mars Needs Moms, Disney movie
Resurrection of Mars, Dr Who Audio Drama
M.A.R.S organisation in Gi Joe
Veronica Mars, TV series
Mars, 2010 animated movie
Princess of Mars, John Carter
An Anthropologist on Mars, by Oliver Sachs
Mars and Marsy kids’ characters from Staedtler stationery
Warlords of Mars, comic
Men are from Mars Women are from Venus, book series by John Gray, PhD.
The Long Mars, novel by Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter
The Daughters of Mars, novel by Tom Kneally
Warriors of Mars, Dr Who
Champions of Mars, novel by Guy Hayley
Sons of Mars, Adventure Time characters
Mars Inc, novel by Ben Bova
Mickey’s Message From Mars, Mickey Mouse cartoon
Venus on Mars, novel by Jan Millsapps
Venus, Mars & Us, novel by K. M Kiss
Venus, Mars & Us, novel by Jessie M.
How to Survive Mercury Retrograde: And Venus & Mars, Too Bernie Ashman
The Battles of Venus & Mars, Michael Germaine
Atmospheres of Venus & Mars, J. C Brandt
The Plasma Environment of Venus, Mars and Titan, Karoly Szego
Venus & Mars, Andrew Lynch
Venus & Mars, Patrick Jones
(Various Venus/Mars books on
Venus and Mars, 2007 South Korean film
Mars, planet in game Warframe
Mars One: Humanity’s Next Great Adventure ~ Inside the First Human
Settlement on Mars, edited by Norbert Kraft
Argo name of Xena’s horse
Argo, King of Trolls, She-Ra ~ Princess of Power
The Argonaut - the name of main character, Jason Chaser’s car in Matthew
Reilly’s novel (and movie) Hover Car Racer
Argos, ship in Machine Men/Battle of the Go Bots
Argo, movie (2012)
Argo: How the CIA and Hollywood Pulled off the Most Audacious Rescie in
History, book by Antonio Mendez
Argonian, space ship in She-Ra ~ Princess of Power
A.R.G.U.S, secret agency, Arrow
HMS Ariadne, name of research vessel in Alistair McLean’s novel Santorini
Arion almost 4000 year old vampire character in Immortal Embrace –
upcoming novel
Arion, Lord of Atlantis comic book series
Arion, the dolphin boy, book
Arion's Lyre: Archaic Lyric into Hellenistic Poetry, book
Aristotle, one of Doctor Green’s dogs in Transformers Rescue Bots
Aristotle, space ship in Doctor Who, series 8
Artemis, a Japanese Transformer (Cybertron/Autobot)
Artemis, Miss Constance Hardbroom’s Nephew in The New Worst Witch
Artemis, white talking male moon-cat in Japanese anime Sailor Moon
Artemis, book by Julian Stockwell
Artemis Fowl, fantasy series by Eoin Colfer – also graphic novels
Artemis, one of the teen twin sisters in the T.Witches series by Randi Reisfeld
Artemis Squad, computer game
Artemis, old ship on Star Trek: The Next Generation “Ensigns of Command”
Amidst the Petticoats of Artemis (Cairo Jim YA novel) Geoffrey McSkimming
Hounds of Artemis, Doctor Who Audio drama
USS Artemis, Star Trek ship
Artemis, main character’s Goddess self in Jordanna Max Brodsky’s series The
There is an Artemis statue in Roy Lewis’ novel Goddess of Death
Luna, one of the Space Chimps, voiced by Cheryl Hines
Luna, grey talking moon-cat in Japanese anime Sailor Moon
Luna Maxwell, girly vampire in Ellen Schreiber’s Vampire Kisses series
Luna, fantasy movie
Luna, character in book Pluto, Animal Lover
Lunanne, cute character from the toy line Zelfs
Luna, movie about a real whale
Eva Luna, novel by Isabel Allende
Luna, character in Justin Somper’s Vampirates series
Luna University in new Dr Who series
Luna, character in Legend of the Seeker series 1 episode Confession
Bella Luna, psychic character in The Villa Girls by Nicky Pellegrino
Luna, wise moon in Bear in the Big Blue House – awesome show!
Luna Motthews, moth Monster High Character
Luna, novel by Julie Ann Peters
Asclepius, (the world’s first doctor), Dr Who comic The Life Bringer
Athena {Sister of Apollo in Battlestar Galactica}
Athena, wife of King Triton, The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Beginning, voiced by
Lorelei Hill Butters - A great water name!}
Athena, character in Stargate
Athena (romance movie, 1954)
Escape to Athena, movie (Yes, it was Athena, not Athens)
Athena Force, series of novels about girls with special talents who attend
Athena Academy {Different Authors}
Goddess of Wisdom Barbie - Based on Athena + Special Edition Athena Barbie
Athena, (Vampire posing as the Goddess) in Kerrlyn Sparks’ Secret Life of a
Athena, famous singer in Kate Quinn’s novel Mistress of Rome
Athena, movie
Athena, main character in Paulo Coelho’s Witch of Portobello
Athena, also known as ‘Stormy’ character in Vampire Kisses series by Ellen
Athena, character in Christopher Pike’s Last Vampire series
Athena, robot girl in Tomorrwoland
USS Athena, Star Trek ship and Fan club of same name
Athena, the Greek Goddess Bear (Beanie Kids) I altered mine to have blue &
white wavy hair. Very cute!
Athenia (Autobots Earth Base in Transformers Headmasters - called Sydnia in
English dub)
Athenodora (name of Caius Volturi’s wife in the Twilight saga)
Little Athens, movie
USS Athene, another Star Trek ship
Minerva McGonagall (Professor - Harry Potter - played by Maggie Smith)
Minerva, a cute Japanese (Cybertron/Autobot Femme) Transformers
Minerva, bitchy, quirky, rich bitch in movie Hudson Hawk
Minerva, Greek dancer in My Mother the Car episode Absorba the Greek
Minerva, character in Cornelia Funke’s InkSpell and InkDeath
Stargate: Atlantis (series)
Atlantis project, oceanic project in Star Trek: The Next Generation episode
Hearts in Atlantis, movie starring Anthony Hopkins, 2001
Children of Atlantis (Lee Harding, sci-fi YA novel)
Lego Atlantis, a fun build yourself playset
Arion, Lord of Atlantis comic book series
Atlantis was raised in an episode of the Japanese series Transformers Victory
And Sub Atlantica raised in G1 episode Atlantis, Arise)
Atlantis, novel by Chris Gibbons
Atlantis Code, novel by Charles Brokaw
Atlantis, various books
Shades of Atlantis, Carol Oates
Atlantis series, by Harry Turtledove
Doctor Who visits Atlantis in The Time Monster
Man from Atlantis, TV show
Lost Empire of Atlantis, Gavin Menzies
Milo: Return to Atlantis, Disney movie
Atlantis Fantasy, game of Facebook
The Atlantis Revelation, novel by Thomas Greanias
Atlantis: Revelation, novel by Marcus Blake
Atlantis Revelation, novel by Thomas
Atlantis, Luc Besson Documentary on the ocean
The Atlantis Gene, The Atlantis Plague, The Atlantis World, (Origin Mysteries)
by A. G. Riddle)
Thea Stilton, The Journey to Atlantis, children’s novel by Edizioni Piemme
Atlanta, Battlestar in Battlestar Galactica
Paddlepop Atlantos online adventure
Dia Atlas, Autobot/Cybertron in Japanese series Transformers Zone
Rebecca, time Traveller of Atlas, Goth/mystical steampunk faery figurine
Emerald Atlas, series by John Stephens
Atlas Shrugged, novel by Ann Rand
Cloud Atlas, novel and movie
The Emerald Atlas, young adult novel by John Stephens – book 1 of a series
Atlas, Prince of Atlantis in Thea Stilton, The Journey to Atlantis, by Edizioni
Aurora, loving mother robot in 80’s Astro Boy anime.
Aurora, yet another poor maid in Gilmore Girls - 6th series
Aurora, main character in Apollo Academy series by Kimberly Chase
Madame Aurora in Tara Moss’ Pandora English series
Bastet, character in Stargate
Bellerophon, cure for Chimera virus in Mission Impossible II
Road Caesar, Japanese Autobot (Cybertron) Transformers Victory
Caesar, chimp in Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Caesar, Luke’s diner assistant, Gilmore Girls series
Sidorio, a Vampirate who was a pirate in ancient Rome, one of the crew who
kidnapped Caesar, who later had them killed, in Justin Somper’s cool
Vampirates saga.
Caesar, The Hunger Games. The Capitol is also based on Rome and the games
of the Gladiatorial conflicts
Little Caesar, movie
Caesar, sniffer dachshund in ‘Allo ‘Allo episode
Seizer – spelt that way, Decepticon in UK G1 Transformers comics.
Callisto, mutant character in the X-Men
Callisto, planet on Red Dwarf (where Lister got the 'Marilyn Monroe' droid he
gifted to Kryten)
Callisto (moon) mentioned in Doctor Who Voyage of the Damned
Callista, character in Tinkerbell and the Neverbeast
Calypso Vengeful Sea Goddess in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
& At World’s End, played by Naomie Harris
Calypso Cricket, book by Roland Fishman
Kalypso, character in Justin Somper’s excellent Vampirates series
Singnora Cassiopeia Polidori - Vampiress, in Fat Vampire by Adam Rex, (No,
she wasn’t the fat one, lol) Funny book ;)
Castor, in Tron Legacy, played by Michael Sheen
Centaurs featured in Harry Potter
Centaurs featured in Narnia
Cetus, ship in Laura Dockrill’s novel Lorali
Charon, featured in Barry Trotter and the Dead Horse, (Harry Potter Parody by
Michael Gerber) chapter, Ah, Underworld!
The Charon, a race in Ian Irvine’s epic fantasy series The View from the Mirror
USS Charon, ship in Star Trek
Charon, world mentioned in Anne Mcaffrey and Margaret Ball’s Brainship series
book Partnership
Charybdis, ship on Star Trek: The Next Generation, episode The Royale
Chimera, bio-weapon virus in Mission Impossible II
Chronos, documentary movie, non-verbal, time lapse IMAX film, a cinematic
journey through our world’s ancient history and timeless beauty
Chronos, classic Dr Who character
Chronosphere, steampunk time travel machine, Alice Through the Looking
Glass, 2016
Queen Cleopatra, Tynon online fantast game character
Cleopatra in Space, graphic nobel series by Mike Maihack
Cleo de Nile (Character in Monster High, Daughter of the Mummy)
Cleo, pyramid Moshling in Moshi Monsters
Carry on Cleo, movie about Cleopatra
Asterix & Cleopatra, animated movie, 1976 (You can get on DVD now)
The Cleo Stories, children’s stories by , Libby Gleeson
Cleo Cat, one of the limited edition Zelfs – gorgeous!!!
Cletus, horse in Gilmore Girls series
Colossus (Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin - Character - in the X-Men)
Colossus Decepticon in Transformers
Colossus, name of a huge tractor truck in Disney Cars 2
Colossus Rhodes, evil wrestler in Transformers Animated
Colossus: Hoover Dam and the Making of the American Century, Michael Hiltzik
Cretan Labyrinth, Tynon online fantast game place
Cybele's Secret, novel by Juliet Marillier
Cyclops (Scott Summers - Character in the X-Men)
Cyclops, bad guy in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe & She-Ra,
Princess of Power
Cyclops, novel by Clive Cussler
Daedalus class starships (Also USS Daedalus) - Stargate & Stargate Atlantis
Damocles operation 3001: The Final Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke
Project Damocles, ficticious M.E.C.H operation in Transformers Prime
Dawn, character in Buffy
Demeter character in Katie McAlister’s hilarious novel A Girl’s Guide To
The Demeter - the ill-fated ship that brings count Dracula to England, in of
course, Dracula and other tales of the legendary Transylvanian Count
Last Voyage of the Demeter, movie on the Dracula tale
Ceres, novel by Jeff Benziger
Ceres, horse in novel Vampire Darcy’s Desire, Regina Jeffers
Ceres, planet mentioned in The Ship Avegned, novel of the Brainships series by
S.M Stirling
Ceres, planet in game Warframe
Diana, moon-cat in Sailor Moon. Daughter of Luna and Artemis
Dionysos, slave in Spartacus, 1960
Dionysos, poem by John McEnroe
Blue Bacchus, Japanese Destron (Decepticon) Pretender, Transformers Victory
John Bacchus, George Gently mystery series played by Lee Ingleby
Dyon, G1 Transformers character from G1 Transformers episode War Dawn
Echo F-18 Super Hornet jet character in Disney’s Planes
Elektra {Elektra Nastios Movie & Marvel character - Assassin. Also starred in
movie/Comic DareDevil} Played by Jennifer Garner
Electra, character in Foz Meadows Solace series
Electorine, character in Star Trek, The Next Generation episode Haven
Elysian Fields - (Apartment establishment in A Streetcar Named Desire. A sad
take on its namesake)
Man From the Elysian Fields (The Elysian Fields in this flick was a calling
agency… Oo.
Elysian Fields, false place in Kerrlyn Sparks’ Secret Life of a Vampire
Elysium, place in World of Darkness.
Fanfare For Elysium, trading card for fantasy Vampire genre
Warriors of Elysia, computer game
Elysium, place in Blue Bloods vampire series my Melissa de la Cruz
Elysium, movie starring Matt Damon & Jodie Foster – (horrible!)
Elysia, world with a matriarchal android society in Star Trek: The Next
Generation (first giant novel) Metamorphosis
Daughter of Elysium, Joan Slonczewski fantasy novel
Elysium ~ The Elder War, Vampire novel, by Daniel Greenberg
Elysia, gas giant in computer game Metroid Prime 3
Elysia, Vampire spiritual world in The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, Heather
Prince Endymion, character in Japanese anime Sailor Moon
Epona, horse in The Legend of Zelda, computer game
Erato, character in Fat White Vampire Blues by Andrew Fox
Erebos, YA novel by Ursula Polanski
Erebus, place, in League of Angels online game
Thunder of Erebus, novel by Payne Harrison
Eridani (Eridanus) world in Brainships novel series
Eris, evil mermaid queen in Barbie ~ A Mermaid Tale and its sequel
Eris, planet in game Warframe
Eros (various movie titles)
Eros armour in Sacred Underworld computer game
For Eros, lovely poem by John O’Donohue
Eros and Eschaton, non-fiction book by Terrance McKenna
Stupid Cupid (Aww, Poor Cupid!)
Cupid (various movie titles)
Cupid Cats in Katie McAlister’s vampire series
Cat Playing Cupid, novel by Shirley Rosseau Murphy
Various Cupid items, Immortal Night, online Vampire and Lycan game
Cupid, one of Santa’s fabled Reindeer
Cupid’s Arrow, children’s novel by Isabelle Merlin (nice name!)
Bitten By Cupid, Vampire anthology, including story Kiss and Kill Cupid,
Jamie Rush
Bubba Cupid, Moshi Monsters
Bitten By Cupid, cute Lynsay Sands vampire novel
Cupid, girl character in Arrow series 3
C. A (Chariclo Arganthone) Cupid, Ever After High doll, daughter of Eros
C. A Cupid, Monster High doll, daughter of Eros (Same character as above –
transferred to Ever After High from Monster High) – Has a Pegasus
companion called Peggy/Philia
Gabe, the Cupid Dog, cute movie
Cupid’s Arrow, fictional dating show from above movie
Cupie, Cupid Zelf – very cute!
Europa Report, movie
Europa, moon in game Warframe
Freya, minor Game of Thrones character
Freyja, minor charatcer in The Vampress Girls by Jacy & Nick Nova
Gaia Coalition, sadly evil organiosation in Harlock: Space Pirate
Battle Gaea, a Japanese Transformer (Destron/Decepticon)
Grecian Goddess Barbie, special edition
AH! My Goddess! Japanese anime & manga
Absorba the Greek, My Mother the Car Greek episode
Office Gods, cute Greek Style Gods for the office: Computa, Caffeina, Copius
Deliverus, Faxus, Filus, Phonia, Stressa
The Elder Gods, fantasy Novel, David Eddings
The Younger Gods, fantasy Novel, David Eddings
Amulet of the Gods, fantasy novel
A Greek God at the Ladies Club, funny novel by Jenna McKnight
Mansions of the Gods, Asterix
Return of the New Gods, comic book series
Born of the Gods, Magic the Gathering game
“By the Great Parrot of Hades!” quote on Doctor Who episode Pirate Planet –
So funny, had to include it, lol
Hades, asteroid featuring vampires and other manners of monsters in Lisa
DuMond’s novel Darkers. Also called Cold as Hades.
Hades (movie from Germany)
Hades (short movie)
Hades (Movie Adis - Greece/Italy)
Hades Project Zeorymer (Anime)
Saint Seiya Hades (Anime)
The Bride from Hades
Sorts Hades, Ett (1996) (TV)
Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart to Hades - (Book)
Hades, Russell Andrews novel
The Hades Factor, Book - Robert Ludlum
The Shortest Way to Hades, Book
Hades’ Night (Movie)
Hades, vida despues de la muerte (Movie 1993)
When Law Comes to Hades (Movie, 1923)
Hades (computer game)
Hades (novel by David Muchai)
Manna From Hades - novel by Carola Dunn
Call Sign Hades - novel by Patrick Bury
Eclipsing Hades, Balthazar D.M
The Hades Moon, astrological book by Judy Hall - (bloody good one too)
Hades Immortal Throne, mentioned in Titan Quest, computer game
Hades, (Jack posing as the God) in Kerrlyn Sparks’ Secret Life of a Vampire
Beasts from Hades, fantasy novel
The Wells of Hades, novel
Golden Hades, novel by Edgar Wallace
Hades Ascendant and Others: More Weird Tales from the Ophelia verse, Chris
The Pluto Conspiracy (Book by E. M. Robyn)
Breakfast on Pluto (Movie starring Liam Neeson)
Pluto (Mickey Mouse's dog - who was named in honour of the Planet - not the
other way around - and yes -- Planet ~ LONG LIVE PLUTO!!!!!)
Pluto also has his own cologne! Citrussy scent, I’m told. Cuuuute!
Pluto Nash {Sci-fi comedy starring Eddy Murphy}
Sailor Pluto, (Setsuna/Trista) character in Japanese anime Sailor Moon
Pluto (the God) in Barry Trotter and the Dead Horse, (Harry Potter
Parody by Michael Gerber) Chapter, Ah, Underworld! (Hehe)
Lenny Loosejocks Goes to Pluto (A cute online and relatively easy computer
game at Where you have to find and disarm a
bomb to save planet Pluto from invaders. Too bad it didn’t work against
the IAU
Pluto, Animal Lover, Lauren Stover
Pluto was to be K-9’s original name in Dr Who
Passage to Pluto, young adult sci-fi novel by Hugh Walters
To Pluto and Back: A Voyage in the Milky Way, children’s sci-fi picture book,
Gunilla Ingves
Let’s Explore Pluto and Beyond, children’s picture book, Helen Orme
Pluto, saltwater fish who sadly died in H20 Just add water, mermaid series
Pluto, agent’s code name in Mission Impossible movie, 1996. Appears also in
Mission Impossible 3, Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation
Pluto, planet in game Warframe
My Mum’s from Planet Pluto, children’s book by Gwyneth Rees
Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. The Unpleasant Penguins from Pluto, Dav
The Puzzling Pluto Plot, graphic novel by Blake A. Hoena
The Pluto Files ~ The Rise and Fall of America’s Favourite Planet, Neil
DeGrasse Tyson
Orcus, (another of Hades names) character on Forgotten Realms
Orcus, character on Dungeons & Dragons
Orcus Games, book trilogy by Louise Herman
Dís, (another of Hades’ names) mother of the Dwarf twins Fili and Kili from The
Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien
Hathor, character in Stargate
Hecate featured in Barry Trotter an the Dead Horse, (Harry Potter Parody by
Michael Gerber) chapter, Ah, Underworld!
Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth and Me, delightful children’s novel by E. L Konigsberg
Mistress Hecketty/Hecate Broomhead (Awful snobby character in The Worst
Witch series played by Janet Henfry)
Helios (Was the name of an organisation in a Knight Rider episode)
Helius, the God, Dr Who comic The Life Bringer
Helios-Ra academy, in the Drake Chronicles, vampire fantasy, Alyxandra Harvey
Helios, character in Sailor Moon Series, appears as Pegasus to Chibi Moon
San Helios, planet Doctor Who
Helia, male character in Winx Club
Vulcan’s (Hephaistos) Hammer, by Philip K. Dick
Vulcania, Celestra, transforming robot dolls – cute!
Hera, Star Wars captain
Hera, novel by Chrystalla Thoma
Hera's Revenge, novel by Wendy Dingwall
Fair Juno novel by Stephanie Lauren
Juno {Movie About a teenage rock star}
Juno Eclipse (An Imperial officer turned Rebel in Star Wars: Extended
Universe – She actually began the rebellion. Good Woman. :)
Juno of Taris, novel by Fleur Beale
Zuka Juno, character in Star Trek: The Next Generation novel Gemworld by
John Vornholt
Storming Juno, movie
Hercules, exoskeleton, creation of the annoying Skuld in Japanese Anime, Ah!
My Goddess!
Hercules, vehicle in Doctor Who
Hercules, character in book Pluto, Animal Lover
Hercules Saves Christmas, dog movie
Hercules, dog in Gabe, the Cupid Dog, movie
Hercules and Hercules Unchained, starring Steve Reeves
Hercules and the tyrants of Babylon, old movie
Hercule Poirot, Agathie Christie detective
Herculoids, cartoon show
SS Hermes (Fictitious ship in Red Dwarf series 8, destroyed by a shape
changing, weird space thing, escape pod one surviving)
Gipfeltreffen - Hermes Phettberg trifft Helge Schneider (2001) (TV)
Hermes Bird (1979)
Hermes, the God in Dr Who comic The Life Bringer
Hermes (or Vampire posing as the God) in Kerrlyn Sparks’ Secret Life of a
Hermes space station in The Martian
Sailor Mercury, (Ami) character in Japanese anime Sailor Moon
Mercury Rising movie
Waking to Mercury, (Novel by Starhawk)
Mercury Crossing, occult bookstore in Tate Donovan’s Dead series
Mercury, kid in Dino Riders 80’s cartoon
Mercury, Valiant, Animated Film, John Cleese
Mercury, Tron 2.0, 2003, Video Game, Rebecca Romjin
Mercury, Batman: The Brave & the Bold, Animated Series, Corey Burton
Mercury General, Kurtwood Smith, Titan Maximum, Animated Series,
Mercury President, Titan Maximum, Animated Series, Breckin Meyer
The Talisman of Mercury in classic Dr Who episode The Daemons
Mercury Mouse, character in Thea Stilton, The Journey to Atlantis, children’s
novel by Edizioni Piemme
Mercury’s War, novel by Lora Leigh
Mercury, planet in game Warframe
Quicksilver (Pietro Django Maximoff - Character in the X-Men)
Hippoltya, Queen of the Amazons featured in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer
Night’s Dream
Horus, name of Ardeth Bey’s falcon in The Mummy
HORUS colonies, in Winterlong trilogy by Elizabeth Hand
The Horus Heresy series by various authors. First novel is called Horus Rising
by Dan Abnett
Hydra, Japanese Transformer (Destron/Decepticon)
Hydra, Stargate novel
Hydra, Dungeons & Dragons character
Hydra, Imperial Inquisitor in Star Wars: Last of the Jedi series
Hydra – very evil organisation in Marvel comics and Avengers movies
Hypatia (Tia), character in The Ship Who Searched by Anne McCaffrey and
Mercedes Lackey
The Fall of Hyperion, novel by Dan Simmons. Has a world called Hyperion
Icarus Space Station (Fictitious space station in movie Thunderpants)
Icarus and Icarus II - (Space ship in Sunshine, 2007 - voices by Chipo Chung)
Icarus character and storyline in Varekai, Cirque Du Soliel, French Canadian
performing arts company
Kid Icarus, character in Super Mario Bros, voiced by Alessandro Juliani
The Icarus Factor, Star Trek: The Next Generation season 2 episode
The Icarus Agenda, novel by Robert Ludlum
Icarus, in the movie Pi
Icarus Road in The Brittas Empire
Icarus, ship in Guardians of the Galaxy
Icarus, ship mentioned in The Matrix Reloaded
Icarus Desscending, 3rd novel in Winterlong Trilogy by Elizabeth Hand
Icarus, people in Deucalion, novel by Brian Zcaswell
Icarus,novel by Dean Meyer
Icarius, Galactic Protector, Masters of the Universe
Iris, novel by John Bayley
Iris, character in Laura Dockrill’s novel Lorali
Iris, novel by Jean Marsh
Iris, Vampires Suck, parody of Alice from Twilight
Iris, minor character in Arrow, series 2
Iris, ill fated probe in The Martian
Iris Grace, beautiful book about her autistic daughter by Arabella Carter-Johnson
Iris Clops, green Cyclops Monster High character, daughter of the Cyclops
Iris & The Tiger, novel by Leanne Hall
Iris, little girl in How to Hide a Lion children’s book series
Curse: The Eye of Isis (2003) (Video game)
Isis Au 8 (Movie,1972 - I was born then, yay)
Isis special edition Goddess Barbie
Hands of Isis, novel by Jo Graham
Isis, name of Lord Grantham’s labrador in Downton Abbey (was originally going
to be a boy dog and called Pharaoh) RIP, lovely doggie!
Imhotep, (The Mummy movies) played by Arnold Vosloo
Imhotep, character in Stargate
Kali, character in Stargate
Kerberos, Spiro’s dog in Olympia series by Shoo Rayner
Cerberus, Collectible Egg on Facebook’s Hatchlings. Very Cuuuute! ;)
Fluffy in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s (Sorcerer’s) Stone was based
on Cerberus (Given to Hagrid by a Greek chappie {not an Irish chappie}
as incorrectly mentioned in the movie)
5th Head of Cerberus, novel by Gene Wolfe
Cerberus: Wolf in the Fold, novel by L. Chandler
Cerberus Egg, Facebook collectable
Cerberus, Orpheus’ dog in Cornelia Funke’s InkSpell and InkDeath
Kronos (Fictitious password in movie The Incredibles)
Kronos, classic Dr Who character (Different from Chronos)
Kronos, a Chronovore, (time eating Monster) in Doctor Who: The Time Monster
Crystal of Kronos, Dungeons & Dragons item
Kronos, translated name of the Klingon homeworld in Star Trek. Spelt Qo'noS in
Kronos, minor character in Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series novel
Kronus Typhoon, Sailor Uranus’ attack in Sailor Moon
Cronus, character in Stargate Atlantis
Cronus (very scary looking horror movie, 2010)
Cronus - computer fantasy game
Cronos, Mexican vamire film, 1993
Chromia, a Female Autobot Transformer (Femme) featured in Transformers
Generation 1and Revenge of the Fallen, originally voiced by Morgan
Lofting. (Chromia is named after Chromium, the metal named after
Chrono Controller, baddie in Final Fantasy 5
Death Descends on Saturn Villa, novel by M. R. C Kasasian
Sailor Saturn, (Hotaru) character in Japanese anime Sailor Moon
Saturn’s Return, Australian play
Saturn Return, by Mark Levine
Saturn, planet in game Warframe
Saturnia, Celestra, transforming robot dolls – cute!
Leda, character in Jennifer Ashley’s Immortals series
Medea, world in Brainships novel series
Medusa, novel by Clive Cussler
Medusa, novel by Michael Dublin
Medusa Seed, novel by Dave Stone
Medusa, special edition Barbie
Medusa cascade, awe inspiring place mentioned in several Doctor Who
Medusa, an apparition of, appeared in Doctor Who episode The Mind Robber
Raft of the Medusa, novel by Théodore Géricault
Medusa Rising, novel by Cindy Rees
Medusa, dog in The Dog Who Saved Halloween
Medusa in Terry Prathett’s (RIP) Unseen Academicals
The Medusa and the Snail: More Notes of a Biology Watcher, by Lewis Thomas
The non-fiction book Female Rage by Mary Valentis and Anne Devane mentions
Medusa a great deal
Hydroid Medusas, half machine half monster creratres in Star Wars: Clone Wars
Deuce Gorgon (Character in Monster High, son of Medusa)
Ms Gorgon, character in The City Who Fought of the Brainships series by Anne
McCaffrey & S.M Stirling
Midas, Russell Andrews novel
Midas {Character in movie Girls Fight Tonite/Chick Street Fighter}
Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box, movie
Midas, obnoxious, spoiled dog in Barbie movie The Princess and the Pauper
The Minatour (The name of a bomb in a Knight Rider episode)
The Minatour, beastie featured in Narnia movies
The Minatour, an apparition of, appeared in Doctor Who episode The Mind
Minatour, Beastie in another Doctor Who episode
Maze of the Minatour, game in Partnership of the Brainship series by Anne
McCaffrey and Margaret Ball
Asterion (the Minatour featured in Sara Douglass Troy Game series)
Minos, planet on Star Trek: The Next Generation, episode Arsenal of Freedom
Minos Korva, Federation planet in Star Trek
Minos Compact, online game (
Mines of Minos, computer game
Morpheus, charismatic leader character in The Matrix trilogy (Laurence
Morpheus, evil dream machine in Doctor Who episode Sleep No More
The Muses are featured in an episode of Charmed. One is called Melody. They
wore lovely light blue, flowing dresses.
The Muses are featured in 80s movie Xanadu
The Myth Makers, classic Dr Who episode set in Ancient Greece
The House of Narcissus, gorgeous children’s picture book, Margaret Wild &
Wayne Harris
Black Narcissus movie
Narcissus in Chains novel by Laurel K. Hamilton
The Nigger of the Narcissus, book by Joseph Conrad
Narcissa Malfoy, mother of Draco and wife of Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter
Nemesis the Decepticons’ purple battle cruiser that they first left Cybertron in.
(However, the ship itself was only named in the much later Beast Wars
Star Trek: Nemesis (terrible movie - and I AM a Trekkie - Yes a Trekkie, more of
a fan of the newer Star Treks. A Trekker is a fan of the original)
Nemesis, dark horror role playing game
Team Nemesis, an Australian Martial Arts team from Melbourne
Nemesis: The True Story of Aristotle Onassis, Jackie O... book
Nemesis book by Jo Nesbo
Nemesis, movie, 1992
Nemesis, name of two different characters (one male one female) in the DC
Comics universe
Nemesis, character in anime Beyblade
Nemesis, Marvel character, also in their computer games
Nemesis, character in Resident Evil computer game
Silver Nemesis, Doctor Who episode
Nemesis Prime, evil remote controlled Optimus Prime, Transformers Prime
The Nereid – ship in Andy McDermott’s The Hunt for Atlantis
Nereus, character in Aquaman comics
Niobe, character in The Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions, Jada Pinkett Smith
Journey into Nyx, Magic the Gathering game
Nyx, Scout Fairy in Tinkerbell and the Neverbeast, Disney Fairies movies.
Nix, controlling character in Tomorrowland, played by Hugh Grant
Oceanus, character in Japanese anime Dragon Ball Z
Octavia, green octopus-humanoid Horde woman in She-Ra Princess of Power
Octavia Warms Up, children’s picture book, Barbara Beak
Octavia, snake character in The Guardians of Ga’Hoole, owl series
Odin Freeburn, character in The Gods of Wheat Street, movie
A false Odin appears in Doctor Who series 8 episode The Girl Who Died
Space Odyssey quartet, Arthur C. Clarke
USS Odyssey, Starship - Stargate: Atlantis
Far Eastern Odyssey, cook book by Rick Stein
Odyssey Explorer, ship in Winx Club series
Ray Parkin’s Odyssey, biography by Pattie Wright
Odysea Explorer, Ayishas yacht in Winx Club
Odysea Explorer, Winx Club dolls
Becoming Odyssa adventures on the Appalacian Trail, Jennifer Pharr Davis
Ulysses, the Doctor’s father, (Doctor Who)
Michael Ulysses Green in Aussie Angels 2 Whale of a Time, Margaret Clark
Ulysses, another Doctor Who character
HMS Ulysses, novel by Alistair MacLean
Mount Olympus Drive, road in Kerrlyn Sparks’ Secret Life of a Vampire
Olympus Has Fallen, movie
The Dolphin Olympics, computer game
Olympic carrier, Battlestar Galactica
The Olympic Conspiracy novel by Kathrine Roberts
The Olympic coven, (of Greek Vampires) in Twilight
Olympiad, Game of Champions, computer Olympic game
Olympia, Golden Girl’s horse, Golden Girl & the Guardians of the Gemstones,
80’s fantasy femme toyline & books
Olympia, character in German movie Italian for Beginners
Olympia, yet another ill-fated maid in the Gilmore household, Gilmore Girls,
series 5, Lisa Sears
Olympia ~ Paris in the Age of Manet, by Otto Friedrich
Ouranos, online 3-D role playing game
Sailor Uranus, (Haruka) character in Japanese anime Sailor Moon
Uranus, planet in game Warframe
Zombie Bums from Uranus, young adult novel by Andy Griffith
Orpheus – (A fictional bank account name in a Knight Rider Episode ... they
Liked their Greek Mythology, didn’t they!)
Orpheus Mining Colony, fictional colony in Star Trek
Song of Orpheus episode of Beauty and the Beast, 1987
Orpheus, Space Odyssey ship
Orpheus Lost, novel by Janet Turner Hospital
Orpheus, character in Cornelia Funke’s InkSpell and InkDeath
Osiris, character in Stargate
Osiris (Ship mentioned in the Matrix Reloaded & in the Animatrix, 2003)
epsiode Final Flight of the Osiris
Un pique-nique chez Osiris (2001)
The Osiris Chronicles (1998) (TV)
The Osiris Project, novel by J. Swift
The Eye of Osiris, features in Sherlock Holmes, Tales of Terror, The Curse of
the Pharaohs by Kel Richards
The Orions (Green aliens on classic Star Trek)
Pan (Short for Pantamalion - Lyra’s Daemon in Phillip Pullman’s The Golden
Compass/Northern Lights, The Amber Spyglass & Subtle Knife series voiced by Freddie Highmore in the movie - hope they make the other 2!!)
Pan’s Labyrinth {Fantasy/Horror movie}
Peter Pan (character/movies and books/play)
Pan’s Daughter, by Nevill Drury
Pan’s Whisper, novel by Sue Lawson
Niles posed as Pan in a painting in Frasier episode “The Ann Who Came to
Pandora (the name the humans gave to the Na’vi’s beautiful homeworld in
Avatar. They called her NA’AT)
Pandora’s Box features in Rogue Vampires online game
Pandora’s Box (featured in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider ~ The Cradle of Life)
Pandora’s Box (featured in Doctor Who)
Pandora's Box, BBC documentary
Pandora, Anne Rice Vampire novel, (Pandora played by Claudia Black in
Queen of the Damned)
Pandora English main character (also Pandora Magazine) ~ Pandora English
series, Tara Moss
Pandora, novel by Jilly Cooper
Pandora, villain in Sonic Wings computer game
Pandora, mother in The Vampire Chronicles
Pandora in Dungeons & Dragons
Pandora and the Flying Dutchman, movie
Pandora and the Perfect Egg, Children’s book by Abbey Jones – she was only
10 when she wrote this!
Pandora’s Box, one of the many treasures in Mr Gold’s (Rumplestiltskin’s) pawn
broker shop in Once Upon a Time, season 3
Hurricane Pandora, ficticious novel by character ‘Jack Berger’ in Sex & the City
series 6
Port Pandora, in The Pirate Company by Susan Carson
Pandorica, box and gathering in Matt Smith Doctor Who series
Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus {Movie and Toy line}
Pegasus - My Little Pony collection (“Crystal Princess” ~ Silver Glow, Morning
Monarch, Star Flight, Twinkle Bloom, Twirlerina, Windy Wisp, Royal Rose,
Heart Bright, Daisy May, Aurora Mist, Pearly Pie. Too Cute!)
Pegasus, Dora the Explorer character
Pegasus series by Anne McCaffrey - To Ride Pegasus, Pegasus in Flight,
Wings of Pegasus
PegaSue, character from the toy line Zelfs – VERY Cute!
Pegasus, Schleich fantasy figure, in two poses also Pegasus foal
Pegasus, mentioned in Saddle Club book 78 Horseflies (Also mentions
Bellerophon and his story)
Pegasus (Story time collection - Winged Unicorn)
Pegasus in Oz, (Oz book by Annie Brzozowski)
Pegasus of Pulbah, Australian children’s book by Betty Hodges Linton
Pegasus, in Alice Through the Looking Glass cartoon
Pegasus missile, in 80’s Knight Rider episode
Pegasus, Space Odyssey ship
Pegasus Bride, novel by Stephen E. Ambrose
Pegasus, world in Brainships novel series
Pegasus feathers used on Captain Hook (Killian’s) ship in Once Upon a Time
season 3
Pegasus (Helios) appears to Sailor Chibi Moon in Sailor Moon series
Pegasus, novel by Danielle Steel
Pega ponies, in Barbie A Fairy Secret
Pegasus companion Peggy/Philia of C. A (Chariclo Arganthone) Cupid, from
Monster High/Ever After High
Goddess of Spring Barbie - Based on Persephone – beautiful doll!
Persephone {Character in The Matrix Reloaded, played by Monica Belucci}
Persephone featured in Barry Trotter an the Dead Horse, (Harry Potter Parody
by Michael Gerber) chapter, Ah, Underworld!
Persephone 5, Star System in Star Trek: The Next Generation
Persephone ~ novel by Sally Pomme Clayton
Persephone the Ladybug, children’s book by J. Moria Stephens
Persephone, Nina’s middle name in Andy McDermott’s action adventure series
Persephone’s - seafood restaurant in Gilmore Girls, mentioned in series 6
Lady Persephone, played by Claire Foy in BBC’s remake of classic show
Upstairs Downstairs (similar show to Downton Abbey)
On Persephone’s Island ~ A Sicilian Journal - great book about Sicily by Mary
Taylor Simeti
Persephone, character in Frankenweenie
Persephone, character in The City Who Fought of the Brainships series by Anne
McCaffrey & S.M Stirling
Persephone, a potential name for a car in an episode of The Simpsons.
Incidentally the first time I’d ever heard of her!
Purrsephone, cute werecat character in Monster High
Purrsephone (left) and her sister Meowlody
“Phaedra Oracle of Athens” - Synergy posing as her in Jem & The Holograms
episode Midsummer Night’s Madness.
Phoenix, Alexander Sterling’s alter ego in Ellen Schreiber’s Vampire Kisses
Phoenix, Lena’s ship in kids movie Paddle pop Hero
Phoenix Lights ~ We Are not alone, documentary movie
Phoenix, character in Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box, movie
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, novel by J. K. Rowling
Fawkes, Dumbledore’s Phoenix in Harry Potter series
Phoenix, character in Embrace series by Jessica Shirvington
Polyphemus, Gas giant in the movie Avatar of which Pandora (NA’AT) is a
Fires of Pompeii, Doctor Who episode starring David Tennant, set in Ancient
The Dogs of Pompeii, novel by Vaughan Edwards & Barry Creyton
King Poseidon, Japanese Transformer Destron (Decepticon) Gestalt made up
by the Seacons
The Poseidon Adventure, 1972
Poseidon, also the name of the ship, 2006 (WARNING: GODAWFUL!!!)
Poseidon himself sunk that ship, erm…movie.
The Poseidon Adventure, 2005 (SS. Poseidon – also had code word Trident –
T’was a bit better)
The Poseidon Explosion, 1973 (Also called Explozia!)
Project Poseidon, 2006
Poseidon (various)
Poseidon Flux, one of the attacks in League of Angels online game
Poseidon’s Arrow, novel by Clive Cussler
Poseidon’s mermaid daughter features in Snow White’s New Adventrues movie
Podeidn’s Trident will feature in Pirates of the Caribbean ~ Dead Men Tell No
Tales (2017)
Poseidus, planet with a bottomless ocean in Voltron Force
King Neptune (Character in Book Sooty’s Caravan story “Soo’s Stolen Bracelet”)
Sailor Neptune, (Michiru) character in Japanese anime Sailor Moon
Neptuna, Lagoona Blue (Daughter of the Sea Monster’s) cute companion in
Monster High
The Neptunes, band in cartoon Jabberjaw
Baby Neptune, kids water safety DVD
Neptune’s Vengeance, one of the attacks on League of Angels online game
King Neptune, toy Beanie Kids 2009 Quest game
Neptune Fantasy Barbie – special edition
Neptune, cute Ty Beanie Boo character
My Neptune Voyage, interractive space adventure book available by mail order
Neptune, Aisha’s uncle in Winx Club
King Neptune in The Tail of Emily Windsnap by Liz Kessler
Monster Odyssey: Eye of Neptune, YA novel by Jon Mayhew
Neptune Sting, one if Aisha’s powers in Winx Club
Neptune, planet in game Warframe
The Tridents (Sounds like a band, no? ;) Actually the ones mentioned here are
the drone ships of the Gods’ in Ulysses/Ulysse 31}
King Triton - Ariel’s Father in The Little Mermaid, voiced by Kenneth Mars in I
and II, then Jim Cummings in Ariel’s Beginning
Triton, Battlestar in Battlestar Galactica
Triton, Nori’s boyfriend in Barbie Mermadia
Triton’s Daughter, ship in 3rd series of Arrow
Trident, Renegade from 80’s ‘toon Machine Men/GoBots
Trident Guard, from 80’s ‘toon Machine Men/GoBots
Uncle Scallops, a Moshling in Moshi Monsters is a play on Poseidon
Shuttle Perseus, (Earth storm movie, 2006) - and also various computer games
Perseus, vehicle in Doctor Who
Phobos, Doctor Who Audio drama
Prometheus, starship in Stargate
Prometheus: archetypal image of human existence, book by Carl Kyreni
Prometheus, planet on Star Trek: The Next Generation
Prometheus, the Titan, Dr Who comic The Life Bringer
Prometheus Black, con artist in Transformers Animated
Prometheus, movie, 2011
Prometheus Project, novel by Steve White
Prometheus, movie, 2012 (also the name of their ship) Fecking GODawful
dreck - be WARNED!!! (The real Prometheus lit a torch, then farted at this
travesty of his namesake…) Prometheus 2, sequel. Ye Gods! Not
another one!
Prometheus, operation in new Knight Rider series and name of pilot episode
Prometheus Deception, novel by Robert Ludlum
Prometheus Trap, movie
Prometheus ~ The Poem of Fire, symphony by Aleksandr Scriabin
Pythagoras’ Revenge, novel by Arturo Sangalli
Ra, character in Stargate (NOT a nice Ra...)
Staff of Ra, both from an episode of Star Wars: Clone Wars & Indiana Jones
Helios-Ra academy, in the Drake Chronicles, vampire fantasy, Alyxandra Harvey
Vasilisa “Lissa” Sabina Rhea Dragomir, one of the main characters in the
Vampire Academy/Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead
Rogue Vampires online game has various Gods, and idols including Cupid and
has Elysium and Pandora’s Box
The Romans, Doctor Who episode set in ancient Rome. Has Emperor Nero.
Sappho, movie (2008)
Scylla, a Japanese Transformer (Destron/Decepticon)
Scylla, Russian missile launcher in series Arrow
Scylla horse/beast on John Connolly’s The Book of Lost Things- Great book (If
you love Once Upon a Time you will love this book)
Sedna, planet in game Warframe
Sekhmet, character in Stargate
Selene, moon Goddess, Dr Who comic The Life Bringer
Seth, character in Stargate
Socrates, character in The Ship Who Searched by Anne McCaffrey and
Mercedes Lackey
Sokar, character in Stargate
Sobek, character in Stargate
Spartacus, Star Trek: The Next Generation novel by T.L Mancour – great book
Spartacus the Spider, children’s picture book, Etienne Delessert
Spartans, team in Forks High School in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer
Fishing in the Styx, amazing autobiography of author Ruth Park
Below the Styx, novel by Michael Meehan
The Styx mentioned in Gilmore Girls episode, series 7
The River Styx market is mentioned in online vampire game Immortal Night
River Styxx, cute Monster High character
Tartarus Rotation, fictitious sun development in Matthew Reilly’s awesome ‘Jack
West Novels Seven Greatest Wonders, Six Sacred Stones, Five Greatest
The Tartarus Gate, Doctor Who audio drama
Tartarus, a land in Lloyd Arthur Esbach’s The Armlet of the Gods novel
Tartarus, major location in computer game Persona 3
Thanatos, Warlock in the T.Witches book series (The real Thanatos isn’t evil
though and technically neither are real warlocks :)
Themis, unicorn from Bellua in Hattie B Magical Vet series by Claire TaylorSmith
Theseus, character in Dr Who
Thor comic book series – Thor and Loki and the Asgardian Gods also feature in
Tiamat, character in Stargate
Titania, Queen of the Faeries featured in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s
Dream. And in several faery novels. The name is Ancient Greek, meaning
Daughter of the Titans}
Remember the Titans, 1997 {Movie}
Titan Men {Adult movie ;}
The Titans, book by Fred Mustard Stewart
Titan, hero turned villain in MegaMind (actually since Mega mind can’t spell it
was spelled Tighten, lol ;)
TitanFall, computer game
Titan (one of the Space Chimps voiced by Patrick Warbuton)
Last of the Titans, Doctor Who audio drama
Forge of the Titans, fantasy novel by Steve White
Titans! - Novel by Michael Stephens
Wreck of the Titan, novel by Morgan Robertson
Titan Tops, Live Wrestling – had an action figure of one fellow who looked like
Sean bean, lol!
Titan Tron, WWF action figures based on the wrestler
The Titan’s Bastard, character in Game of Thrones, series 3
Titan, novel by Ron Chernow
The New Titans, comic book series
The Titans, Dr Who
Crash of the Titans, book by Greg Farrell
Titans, epsiode of Transformers Cybertron
Titan, novel by John Varley
The Plasma Environment of Venus, Mars and Titan, Karoly Szego
Titus, the Gorilla King, documentary about an amazing gorllia, narrated by
Bernard Hill
Typhon, ship in Justin Somper’s Vampirates series - great series!
Grand Typhon, race horse in Downton Abbey series 5
Vulcan, mentioned in Doctor Who episode, The Fires of Pompeii
Vulcans {a race of advanced humanoids in Star Trek, are adept at controlling/
suppressing their emotions} - Home planet Vulcan
Vulcans - machines in Ah! My Mini Goddess, Japanese anime
Zagreus, Doctor Who Audio drama, 2003
Zeus & Roxanne, cute movie about a dog who makes friends with a dolphin. Dog
is called Zeus.
Clea & Zeus books, Emily Prager
I Still Worship Zeus (2004) - Documentary on Hellenic Polytheism
Let's Play Zeus (1994) (TV)
Treasures of Ancient Hellas: Ancient Olympia - The Temple of Zeus (1999)
"10-07: L'affaire Zeus" (1995)
Et Zeus se gratta la cuisse (1964)
Zeus: Master of Olympus (2000) (Video game - bloody hard too!)
Zeus 7 Space Program (Fictitious space program in the movie Thunderpants)
“Zus” (Pronounced “Zeus”) character in Defiance, played by Liev Schreiber
Zeus, dog in 305, (a parody of 300)
Zeus, Valerio Massimo Manfredi novel
Zeus, a type of fangled tool in Dr Who
Zeus, the God, in Dr Who comic The Life Bringer
Zeus, another Immortal by the same in Dr Who comic Deadly Reunion
Zeus, another individual calling himself by the name of the God, Dr Who comic
Immortal Beloved
Doctor Who was believed to be Zeus by the Greeks fighting in the Trojan War.
Comic The Myth Makers
Zeus strapping young artist in movie Under the Tuscan Sun. Yum Zeus. Yum
Tuscany ;)
Zuse (Spelt like this) Tron Legacy, 2010. Portrayed by gorgeous Michael Sheen
;) (Also played Castor in the same movie)
Zeus – ship in Andy McDermott’s The Hunt for Atlantis
Zeus, (Vampire Casimir posing as the God) in Kerrlyn Sparks’ Secret Life of a
Mount Zeus mountain in 2061 Odyssey Three by Arthur C. Clarke
Zeus Opus, one of the attacks in League of Angels online game
Zeus, guild in League of Angels online game
Zeus, hero dog in The Dog Who Saved Halloween (voiced by Joey Lawrence)
Sailor Jupiter, (Lita) character in Japanese anime Sailor Moon
Jupiter Ascending, sci-fi action movie (2014)
Jupiter II - Space Craft in Lost in Space - Also mentioned in Mel Brooks’ Sci-Fi
parody Spaceballs
Jupiter Mining Corporation (Red Dwarf)
Jupiter, character in the later Knight Rider series.
Jupiter, UNIT code name in classic Dr Who
Jupiter's Bones, novel by Faye Kellerman
Jupiter, Ethan Hunt’s code name in Mission Impossible movie franchise
Dreaming of Jupiter and Jupiter’s Travels, motorcycle travel books by Ted
Jupiter War, novel series by Neal Asher, set on Mars
Destination: Jupiter, Nasa documentary on Jupiter mission
Actors, Writers, Authors, musicians/Vocalists,
Bands, Songs, Famous folks, Sport Stars, Etc with
Names of The Gods and Famous Mortals, etc
Achilles, track by Kevin McLeod
Ajax Australian band
Kori Tia Aphrodite (Daughter of Aphrodite) song
Aphrodite, Night/Afrodite Night, Porn star
Awaken Aphrodite, lovely new-age course
Aphrodite & Taxman, band
Kylie: Aphrodite Les Folies (Music video movie of Kylie Minogue)
Dating Aphrodite, album
Venus, the Bringer of Peace, classical suite by Gustav Theodore Holst
Guided By Venus, awesome album by Australian Pagan singer Wendy Rule
Venus Terzo (voice over actress - did Blackarachnia in Transformers Beast
Wars and has starred in many other voice-over productions)
Rebirth of Venus (Album by Brian Lee)
"I'm your Venus, I'm your fire…" (Retro song by Banannarama)
Venus (various productions)
Venus Exalted, violin music by Mary Masselos in honour of Venus
Venus song by Frankie Avalon
Venus Andricht, new age teacher
Venus Rising, Deuter track
Venus Yatra Mantra, Robin & Michael Mastro
Vive La Venus, band
Venus Williams, tennis player
Venus and Mars (Wings album), 1975
Venus & Mars (Jett Rebel album)
Andromeda, metal band
Apollo Mix, from CD Forest Hymn by Deep Forest
Live at the Apollo, band
Apollo’s Lyre - track on New Age Album Ancient Echoes
Apollo Ensemble, orchestra
Ares team at NASA
Julie Mars, Author
Bruno Mars (singer) – great stuff!
Mars Lasar (new age composer)
The Mars (Australian Band)
Mars, the Bringer of War, classical suite by Holst
30 seconds to Mars, (rock band)
Kenneth Mars, actor
Face on Mars, band
Charles Mars, singer
Mars Needs Guitars, album by the Hoodoo Gurus
Venus and Mars (Wings album), 1975
Venus & Mars (Jett Rebel album)
Ariadne, track on Dead Can Dance Album Into the Labyrinth
Artemis, Australian New-Age author
Artemis, track on Wendy Rule’s album Deity
Lament for Artemis, track on Songs of Distant Earth, Mike Oldfield
Artemisia Gentilesch, baroque 16-17th century Italian Artist
Arttemis Keszain, male new-age healer. Great stuff!
Barbara Luna (Played Marlena in Classic Star Trek)
Analaura Wilson Luna, author
Luna - Alessandro Safina (Beautiful song!)
Hotel Luna, lovely New age Italian album by Suzanne Ciani
Diego Luna, actor
La Luna, lovely Italian song
Luna Jaffe, new age teacher, author, artist & financial planner
Athena Starwoman {Australian Astrological, New-Age author. Passed to
the Otherworld in December 2005. I had the pleasure and honour of
meeting her in June of that year. Rest in Peace}
Athena - Song from the Movie Athena
Athena, vocalist
Athena, track on Damanhur new age album Oro Tel
Athena, Italian metal band
Athena Ko, movie producer
Athena Browning, birth name of Penelope Gardiner, actress
Athena Burke, singer
Athina Onassis, billionairess
Atlantis is Calling - Song by Talking Modern
Return to Atlantis, Medwyn Goodall track on album Priestess ~ Return to
Atlantis, Deuter track on album D
Atlantis, Ken Davis track on album Celebration of Life
Roads of Atlantis, track on Gandalf album The Stones of Wisdom
Atlantean Twilight, track by Kevin MCleod
Ross Atlas, new age teacher
Natacha Atlas, Arabian singer
Atlas Sung, song, various
Atlas, album by Rüfüs
Atlas Obscura, reporter
Aurora Perrineau, actress
Aurora Shannon, movie artist
Calypso, Afro-Caribbean music
Calypso, instrumental track on Ronnie Aldrich’s Sea Dreams
Calypso, song by Harry Belafonte
Calypso, song by John Denver
Sally Calypso (Voice over actress)
Best of Calypso, various CDs
Calypso, various CDs
Gentle Colossus, track on Whale Songs album
Colossus, track by Kevin MCleod
Cupid ~ "Cupid draw back your bow and let your arrow go…" (Sam Cooke)
Cupid, mentioned in Midsummer Night’s Madness song Jem & the Holograms
Cupid’s Revenge, track by Kevin Mcleod
Cupid, do Your Magic Dance, song by Brandon Jarrett, featured in movie Gabe,
the Cupid Dog
Ceres Doyle (Demeter) SFX (Special Effects Person, works on Dr Who)
Sirens of Ceres, Dr Who episode (Not about the SFX girl tho ;)
Iris, Ceres & Juno ~ Guitar Piece
Ceres, (also called Ceres Espalan) New age & health author
Demigod, track on Wendy Rule’s album Zero
Oracle at Delphi and Delphi II - tracks on New Age Album Ancient Echoes
Princess (Lady) Diana (Rest in Peace) - and “English Rose” - Elton John’s
song in Honour of her
Dido & Aneas, band
Dionysos, song by Jocelyn Pook, Gangs of New York soundtrack
Dionysos, band - they have a track called Song for a Jedi, cool!
Pseudo Echo {Retro band}
Elektra, Greek singer
Electra, Emelia Earhart’s Plane
Carmen Electra, actress/model, singer
Electra, Song by Synergy
From Eleusis - track on New Age Album Ancient Echoes
Elysia, new age author
Elysia, band
Elysium Shift, album by Inhuman Nature
Elysium, album by Black Lung
Elysium, Auvergne Chants (German band)
Europa League, football team
Gaia choir - {a wonderful Pagan Band}
Gaia Grant, author
Gaia Weiss, actress
Gaia Dreaming Herself Awake, Deuter track – lovely! From Garden of the Gods
Kiss of Hades, song on Inkubus Sukkubus album Wild
The Leveller, song on Inkubus Sukkubus album Wytches – about Hades
Harlem's Hot as Hades
Hades (heavy metal group)
Joe Hades
Mickey Hades, author
Walls of Hades, song by Looking East
Pluto ~ The Renewer, classical piece in the style of Holst and in honour of Holst
By Colin Matthews
Underworld, song on Inkubus Sukkubus album Heartbeat of The Earth
Héctor Elizondo, actor
Hippolyte Pixii, a male instrument marker from Paris
Hippolyte Bayard, male French photographer
Hippolyte Mège-Mouriès, male French chrmist – he invented margarine!
Hippolyte Taine, male French critic & historian
Hippolyte de Brouchard, male French pirate
Hippolyte (Paul) Delaroche, male French pianter
Juno (Hera) Temple (nice name!) Actress, starred in St Trinians as Celia &
Queen Anne in The three Musketeers, amongst other movies
Juno song by Trent Renzor & Atticus Ross & to comemorate the Juno NASA
space probe
Iris Detenhoff, author
Iris Johanssen, author
Iris Owens, author
Hecate, track on Wendy Rule’s album The Lotus Eaters
Shades of the Hecate, album by David Wood
Hercules - World’s heaviest dog - 127 kg! (An English Mastiff)
Hercules song by Mercury Rev
Evan Hercules, producer on the original Doctor Who series
The Mighty Hercules track on The Aviator Soundtrack
Hermes (various)
Mercury Rev – Australian Band
Mercury song by Twisted Air
Mercury, the Winged Messenger, classical suite by Gustav Theodore Holst
Freddie Mercury, lead singer of band Queen. R.I.P.
Mercury Living Presence, classical composure
Mercury Mantra
Icarus & Me (Band)
Icarus, track on Howard Shore’s Avatar soundtrack
Iris, Ceres & Juno (Hera) ~ Guitar Piece
Horus, new age author
Hydra, name of famous chess club
Isis singer
Isis (various) imdb
Isis Mussenden, movie costume designer
Kronos Quartet, band
Saturn, (Greek Kronos) the Bringer of Old Age, classical suite by Gustav
Theodore Holst
Leda Ross, Junior Fashion editor, Dolly Magazine
Peter Leto, TV & movie director
Lord of the Flame, song on Inkubus Sukkubus album Wild – about Osiris and
Medea, Irene Papas song
Mystic Medusa, new age author
Medusa, Annie Lennox album
Medusa, track by Kevin McLeod
Midas’ Touch - Song by Midnight Star
Sweet Morpheus, song on Inkubus Succubus Pagan album Vampyre Erotica
Muse, band
Narcissus, track by Kevin McLeod
Nemesis Rising, band
Nemesis, Korean band
Age of Nemesis, band
Nefertiti, famous spider who went into space
Octavia Spencer, actress
Oedipus Schmoedipus, comedy act
Odyssey, track on Wendy Rule’s album The Lotus Eaters
Odyssey of the Mind, track on Enigma’s Le Roi Est Mort, VIVE Le Roi! (The King
is Dead. Long live the King)
Ulysses S. Grant, 18th president of the United States
Olympus - (Instrumental album by Mars Lasar)
Twilight in Olympus, metal album by Symphony X
Olympia Dukakis, actress
Olympia - Track by composer Ken Davis on album Pan Flutes by the Ocean
Ode for Orpheus - track on New Age Album Ancient Echoes
Oddisee, American rapper
Uranus, (Greek Oranous) the Magician, classical suite by Gustav Theodore
Pan Fu-Chiang, Chinese golfer
Psonn (Song) Of Orion, by Asha’yana Deane sung by Sabra Wooley
Darshan With Osiris, Instrumental tune on new age dolphin Guardians of the
Legend, album, Darmin
Born of Osiris, band
Various Pan flute albums
Pan and Gea Pan, tracks on Damanhur new age album Oro Tel
Flash and the Pan, Australian rock band
Pandora and the Locksmiths, band
Pandora Showan, behing the scenes movie crew
Pegasus, track on Sky of Avalon, by Uli Jon Roth
To Dream of Pegasus, track on new age band Llewellyn’s album Shiatsu Gold
Pegasus, John Denver song
Persephone's Dream (musical band)
Persephone, new age band (Letter to a Stranger is one of their albums)
Molly’s Reach: Persephone, CD album
Persephone, Billy Hallquist album, (Has a track of same name)
Persephone’s Descent, song by Marie Bruce, Pagan Moon Chants
Persephone Roth, author
River Phoenix, actor (RIP)
Pythagoras - track on New Age Album Ancient Echoes
Children of Poseidon, extreme Australian entertainers
Neptune the Mystic, classical suite by Gustav Theodore Holst
Joe Neptune - Singer
Neptune, God of the Seas, track on a new-age composer Medwyn Goodall’s
Neptune Rising
Valleys of Neptune, Jimi Hendrix
Neptune, track on new age composer Mike Rowland’s Lady of the Lake and
Pisces (Albums - Note they are the same album with different names)
Neptune, God of the Oceans, new age album by Medwyn Goodall, has a track
called Neptune Rising
Neptuvision, CD album
Prometheus, track on Wendy Rule’s album Zero
Psyche’s Sisters, track on Wendy Rule’s album Zero
Sun Ra Arkestra, American band
Names of Race Horses:
Atlantean Soul, Epona Miss, Daedalus, Luna Spirit, Odyssey, Olympic Time
Pegasus, - (fitting!), Vulcania
Rhea Perlman, actress
Nicholas Rhea, author
Roshan Seth, very good British/Indian actor (and good looking ;)
Thalia, Greek singer
Thor Kristjansson, actor
Brad Thor, author
Thor Freudenthal, movie director
Thor Heyerdahl, explorer and writer
Thor Andersen, sound operator for TV & movies
Thor Kjartansson, works behind the scenes on movies
Thoth, track on Damanhur new age album Oro Tel
The Titans football team, USA and Australia
The Trojans football team
Trojan Horse, song by Luv
Ulysses S. Grant 18th president of America
Ulysses, track on Dead Can Dance Album The Serpent’s Egg
Ulises Arreola, artist
Vulcan (various) tracks on Star Trek soundtracks (RIP Leonard Nimoy)
Vulcan, track by Kevin McLeod
Zeus, rescued blind own with ‘the universe’ inhis eyes.
Jupiter, (Greek, Zeus) Bringer of Jollity, classical suite by Gustav Theodore
Holst The Planets
Jupiter Jazz band
Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me - Album) – Song by Train
Jupiter E, Electronic Rock Band
Jupiter Symphonie, Andrea Luchesi (Luchese) - Classical Italian composition
Jupiter, SARK (creative artist and author’s) cat
Mercury (Hermes)
Venus (Aphrodite)
Earth (Gaia)
Mars (Ares)
Jupiter (Zeus)
Saturn (Kronos/Cronus)
Neptune (Poseidon)
Uranus (Ouranos)
Pluto (Hades) has Styxian Seas
Tyche, hypothetrical gas giant
Apollo Asteriods
AND YES, PLUTO! He’s STILL a planet as far as I’m concerned (and he
definitely is in Astrology - He’s the only planet to deal with the deepest reaches of
the soul and - truth be known, I learned that many millions of years ago,
originally, Pluto was 4 times the size of Neptune, though due to asteroid
bombardments and such, he was reduced to the smallest planet in our solar
system, also truth be known, there were ancient texts written in Egypt, Greece
and India, dating back over 8000 years stating that we loved in a nine planet
solar system, so as it were Pluto was “re” discovered in 1930 and Disney, in
honour of the naming of Pluto names Mickey’s Dog Pluto - not the other way
around, people, geez! And I know I’m not the only one pissed at the IAU’s
decision not to include him in our Solar System and appalled at their hubris.
Apparently only 4% of their members voted to have Pluto demoted. Here’s to
Pluto’s reinstatement! Cheers! Prost! Salute!
MARS - Phobos, Demios
JUPITER – Io (has active volcanoes Loki (fitting) and Pele – also very fitting),
Europa, Metis, Adrastea, Amalthea and Thebe, Ganymede,
Callisto, Leda, Himalia, Lysithea, Elara, Ananke, Carme, Pasiphae and
SATRUN - Pan, Atlas, Prometheus, Pandora, Rhea and Titan, Epimetheus,
Janus, Mimas, Enceladus, Tethys, Telesto and Alypso, Dione and
Helene, Hyperion, Iapetus, Phoebe
URANUS – Titania and Oberon, Puck, Ariel, Umbriel, Uranus XVI and
Uranus XVII
NEPTUNE - Naiad, Thalassa, Despina and Galatea, Larissa, Proteus, Triton,
PLUTO - Charon, Nyx, Hydra, Kerberos & Styx
Andromeda {Greek Princess}
Apa {The Altar}
Apophis, {Egyptian serpent} asteroid
Aquarius {The Water Carrier}
Aquilla {The Eagle}
Aries {The Ram}
Auriga {The Charioteer}
Caelum {The Chisel}
Cancer {The Crab}
Capricorn {The Mountain Goat}
Carnia {The Keel}
Cassiopeia {Greek Queen}
Centarus {The Centaur}
Cepheus {Greek King}
Cetus {The Whale}
Chamaeleon {The Chamaeleon}
Chrion {The Wounded Healer}
Corvus {The Crow}
Cygnus {The Swan}
Delphinus {The Dolphin}
Dorado {The Goldfish}
Draco {The Dragon}
Equuleus {The Little Horse}
Eridanus {The River - a River in the Underworld}
Fornax {The Furnace}
Gemini {The Twins}
Hercules {Greek Hero}
Hydrus {Lesser Water Snake}
Indus {The Indian}
Leo {The Lion}
Lepus {The Hare}
Libra {The Scales}
Lupus {The Wolf}
Lynx {The Lynx}
Lyra {The Lyre}
Merope {Greek Maiden}
Nemesis, hypothetical ‘evil twin’ of our sun
Octans {The Octant}
Ophiuchus {The Serpent Holder}
Orion {The Hunter - the Ancient Egyptians called this cluster Osiris. It's also
said to be the place where the Legendary Star Wars took place - about
10,000 years ago in this galaxy, far, far away - yes it's all real :} May The
Force Be With You.
Pegasus {The winged Horse}
Phoenix {The Phoenix}
Perseus {Greek Hero}
Pictor {The Painter's Easel}
Pisces {The Fishes}
Pleiades {Greek Maidens}
Pyxis {The Compass}
Sagitta {The Arrow}
Sagittarius {The Archer}
Scorpius {The Scorpion} - Scorpio
Sculptor {The Sculptor}
Scutum {The Shield}
Taurus {The Bull}
Triangulum {The Triangle}
Vela {The Sails}
Virgo {The Virgin}
Vulpecula {The Fox}
Other regions and craters on our Moon named after famous ancient Greek
& Roman Gods & mortals:
Plato Alps
GaiaOnline collectibles,
collectibles, Characters & Items with
names of the Gods and other Greek, Roman &
Egyptian Coolies:
Warmth of Apollo
Grace of Aphrodite, collectable
Chill of Artemis {Has an awesome ornate white bow)
Order of Atlantis, collectible
Bacchus, (in Gift of the Goddess)
Bacchus, July 2010 monthly collectible
Grace of Eros (Eros’ Headdress, Bows & Arrows. Cool!)
Wrath of Gaia, collectible item
Gift of the Gods - has Hades’ Helmet, Sceptre & Cerberus - Also has Anubis’
Belt + Headdress, Thor’s goodies...& more
Gift of the Goddess - has Athena’s Enlightened Cape & Enlightened
Laurel, Isis Royal Adornment & Wings, Durga’s Divine Crown & Collar &
more and has other Mythological greats.
Eirene’s spirit, collectable item
The Golden Fleece, Gaia special item
Depth of Hades {Has a gorgeous puppy Cerberus!}
Death Whisper, a now concluded “Evolving Item” was inspired by the Lord of
the Underworld, I’m sure ;) Fun stuff!)
Hermes’ Moon, a now concluded evolving item
Pegasus feather, crafted alchemy item also has Pegasus hooves & hair
Phoenix feather, alchemy item
Pride of Hera, collectible
Viral Hydra, collectible
Icarus’ Fall, collectible
Luna’s Incense
Medusa’s eyeball. Collectible item
Mercury’s Moon, concluded evolving item
Red Mercury, collectible item
Minatour horn, collectible
Nyx, GaiaOnline character + Absolute Nyx, collectible- VERY expensive!!
Ballad of Orpheus, collectable
Poseidon’s Legacy (And a Verrrry sexy Poseidon I’ll add)
Movies, shows, books and computer games
featuring the Actual gods, Goddesses &
Infamous Mortals & Also Statues of the Gods
around the world
Amazons & Gladiators, movie set in ancient Rome.
Agora (Set in ancient Rome about philosopher Hypatia) Starring Rachel Weiss.
Ben Hur, various classic movies
Ben Hur, 2016 remake
Clash of the Titans (More than one version)
Wrath of the Titans, (sequel to 2010 version)
Cleopatra (various versions) of the which the most famous starred the late
Elizabeth Taylor.
You’re So Cupid, movie, 2010 – features the daughters of Cupid.
Gladiatress, comedy about girl gladiators
Hercules (More than one Version, including Hercules in New York with Arnie as
Hercules! And Disney’s Hercules in which Hades is a scream!) There’s
even a 3 Stooges version! – They even made chocolates for the movie!
Recently there have been The Legend of Hercules starring Kellan Lutz
and Hercules starring Dwayne Johnson.
Josh Keaton/Tate Donovan as Herc and James Woods as Hades) Disney
Gods Behaving Badly - also book – see below
Immortals, 2011 {Released 11:11:11}
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief + Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters ~
(Please see book entries below as well)
Oedipus Rex (More than one version) – Trivia: The 1957 version starred
Douglas Rain, who did the voice of the computer HAL: 9000 in Arthur C.
Clarke’s Space Odyssey saga
Pompeii – Romance set at the time of the eruption of Vesuvius – very good
300 (2006), 300: Rise of an Empire (2014)
305 (2008) – Parody of 300.
A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum, musical comedy set in
Ancient Rome
Thor + Thor The Dark World, + The Avengers, (Has Loki & Thor)
Troy / Helen of Troy (More than one version) - (See book entry as well)
Also soundtracks
The Odyssey (More than one version)
Spartacus (Classic movie and series of the heroic slave of the same name)
Original starred Kirk Douglas.
Spartacus: Blood and Sand + Arena of the Gods, Vengeance & War of the
Damned, series starred Andy Whitfield, later Liam McIntyre. (Rest In
Peace, Andy) mentions various Gods and Goddesses
TV Series and One off Shows
Who Mourns for Adonais, classic Star Trek episode, featuring Apollo.
Apollo also mentions Zeus, Hera, Hermes, Artemis & Athena)
Adonais could also be another name for Hades (as in Aidoneus) or
It could have been meant as Adonis
Apollo's Kiss and End of Apollo – tracks from that episode
Atlantis, BBC series set in ancient Greece – 2 seasons – Great show!
Throne of Atlantis, Justice League cartoon movie of the graphic novel
Clash of the Gods, History channel series
Class of the Titans, carton series
Cupid, late 80’s fantasy love show, Trevor Hale thinks he is Cupid sent down
from Mount Olympus by Zeus to connect 100 couple in love
Gladiatrix: Short documentary of Sharon Carter and her amazing journey
Becoming the Gladiatrix “Amazonia” in an ancient Roman re-enactment
Gladiatrix: Documentary about the grave of a Gladatrix discovered in Rome.
Disney’s Hercules: The Series
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys + Young Hercules - Starring Kevin Sorbo
Hercules /The Labours of Hercules (Various kids cartoons)
The Secret of Isis (1975) Isis/Andrea Thomas portrayed by JoAnna Cameron –
Spin off of Shazzam!
The Mummy & The Mummy Returns, features a badass Anubis and his army.
Also mentions Horus & Osiris
A false Odin appeared in Doctor Who Viking epiuside The Girl Who Died
Relic Hunter Episodes featuring relics and places of the Gods and ancient times:
‘Aferlife and Death’ about the diamond of PharoahThutmose.
‘Nine Lives’ about the ancient Egyptian cat statue of Mafdet.
‘Posessed’ features the Sundial of Zeus.
‘Myth of the Maze’ episode set in the Labyrinth
‘Wages of Sydney’ mentions the mask of Agamemnon
‘All Choked Up’ has the Statue of Athena. Also mentions Zeus
‘Antianeirai’ Features Hippolyte and Hercules, the war belt of Hippolyte
and a group of modern day Amazons
‘Pandora’s box’ features the infamous article
‘Roman Holiday’ features Caesar’s breastplate
The Roman Mysteries (Young adult series set in ancient Rome) – see also
books of the series below
Rome (Series set in Ancient Rome)
Shazzam! (1975) Has Immortal Elders Zeus, Atlas, Achilles, Hercules,
Mercury & Solomon
Ulysses 31 (Cartoon set in the 31st century where Olympus is a region of
space) – Great stuff! Very poignant for an 80’s cartoon. (1981)
Up Pompeii/Further Up Pompeii (Hilarious British comedy, mentioning several
Gods, Goddesses, Emperors and other famous mortals)
Xena: Warrior Princess (Including this, despite the disgraceful way they treated
The Gods in the end, making them the bad guys :*(
Wonder Woman cartoon movie featured:
Ares (Evil ancient Greek Warrior - not the God, however was depicted in
the cartoon movie as the God)
Hippoltya, Queen of the Amazons
Persephone mortal woman Amazon
Wonder Woman is the daughter of Atremis/Diana.
Books/Graphic Novels/series, Poems, plays & Operas
Amerotke series, Paul Doherty
The Mask of Ra (1988), The Horus Killings (1999), The Anubis Slayings
(2000), The Slayers of Seth (2000), The Assassins of Isis (2004) , The
Poisoner of Ptah (2007), The Spies of Sobeck (2008)
Andy McDermott’s Nina Wilde and Eddie Chase adventure series
The Hunt for Atlantis (2007) The Tomb of Hercules (2008)
The Secret of Excalibur, (2008) The Covenant of Genesis (2009)
The Cult of Osiris, (2009) The Sacred Vault (about Shiva, 2010)
The Empire of Gold (El Dorado, 2011) Temple of the Gods (2011)
(Released in the US as Return to Atlantis) The Valhalla Prophecy (2014)
The Kingdom of Darkness, (2014), The Revelation Code (2015), The
Midas Legacy (2016)
Artemis ~ The Indomitable Spirit in Every Woman, Jean Shinoda Bolen (2014)
Gena Showalter Atlantis series
Heart of the Dragon, (2005), Jewel of Atlantis, (2006), The Nymph King,
(2007), The Vampire's Bride, (2009), The Amazon's Curse, (2009), Into
the Dark, (2010)
(Perry Covington) ~ Child of Atlantis: Ascension, Child of Atlantis: Destiny
The Children of Atlantis, Lee Harding
The Children of Atlantis series, Annie Rachel Cole
Guardian of Atlantis, Wrath of Hades
Barry Denenberg – The Life and Times of: Atticus of Rome (2004),
Pandora of Athens (2004), Maia of Thebes (2005)
Throne of Atlantis, Justice League graphic novel
Blood Bond Series, A. M Day
The Throne of Olympus
Boudica series, M.C Scott
Dreaming the Eagle (2003), Dreaming the Bull (2004) Dreaming the
Hound (2005), Dreaming the Serpent Spear (2006)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Power of Persuasion (Has 3 Muses gone really bad.
Mnemosyne, Calliope & Polyhymnia. Mentions Zeus, Apollo,
Mars/Ares & Hermes)
Cairo Jim and Jocelyn Osgood series, Geoffrey McSkimming
Cairo Jim on the Trail to ChaCha Muchos, Cairo Jim & Doris in Search of
Martenarten, Jocelyn Osgood - After the Puce Empress, Cairo Jim and the
Sunken Sarcophagus of Sekheret, Jocelyn Osgood and the Xylophones
above Zarundi, Cairo Jim and the Alabastron of Forgotten Gods, Cairo
Jim and the Quest for the Quetzal Queen, Jocelyn Osgood in Ascent into
Asgard, Cairo Jim and the Secret Sepulchre of the Sphinx, Cairo Jim
Amidst the Petticoats of Artemis, Cairo Jim and the Lagoon of Tidal
Magnificence, Cairo Jim and the Tyrannical Bauble of Tiberius, Cairo Jim
and the Chaos from Crete, Cairo Jim and the Rorting of Rameses'
Regalia, Cairo Jim and Jocelyn Osgood in Bedlam from Bollywood, Cairo
Jim and the Sumptuous Stash of Silenus, Cairo Jim at the Crossroads of
Orpheus, Cairo Jim and the Astragals of Angkor
Christian Jacq books
The Ramses Series
The Son of Light (1995), The Temple of a Million Years (The Eternal
Temple. 1995), The Battle of Kadesh (1996), The Lady of Abu Simbel
(1996), Under the Western Acacia (1997)
The Stone of Light Series
Nefer the Silent, The Wise Woman, Paneb the Ardent, The Place of Truth
The Queen of Freedom Trilogy
The Empire of Darkness, War of the Crowns, The Flaming Sword
The Judge of Egypt Trilogy
Beneath the Pyramid, Secrets of the Desert, Shadow of the Sphinx
The Mysteries of Osiris Series
The Tree of Life, The Conspiracy of Evil, The Way of Fire, The Great
The Vengeance of the Gods Series
Manhunt, The Divine Worshipper,
The Mozart Series
The Great Magician, The Son of Enlightenment, The Brother of Fire, The
Beloved of Isis
The Tutankhamun Affair, For the Love of Philae, Champollion the
Egyptian, Master Hiram and King Solomon, The Black Pharaoh,
Tutankhamun: The Last Secret, The Judgement of the Mummy
Non fiction
Egyptian Magic (1985), The Living Wisdom of Ancient Egypt, Fascinating
Hieroglyphics (1997), Magic and Mystery in Ancient Egypt (1998), The
Wisdom of Ptah Hotep (2006), Egypt (2009)
Coriolanus, Shakespearean play set in ancient Rome on the life of Caius Marcius
Coriolanus (Several plays have been performed, including one starring
Tom Hiddleston – filmed ) Mentions several Gods and Goddesses
Dan Simmons, Illum (about Troy), Olympos,
Dionysos ~ Exiter to Frenzy ~ A Study of the God Dionysos is Mystery, Myth
and Lore, Vickki Bramshaw
Dogs in Antiquity: Anubis to Cerberus - The Origins of the Domestic Dog,
Douglas J. Brewer, A. A. Phillips, Terence Clark (2002)
Cronus Chronicles, Anne Ursu
The Shadow Thieves (2006), The Siren Song (2007), Immortal Fire (2009)
Corydon series,Tobias Druitt
Corydon and the Island of Monsters (2005), Corydon and the fall of
Atlantis (2006), Corydon and the Siege of Troy (2007)
David Gibbins Jack Howard Series
Atlantis (2005), Crusader Gold (2006,) The Last Gospel, (2008)
The Tiger Warrior (2009), The Mask of Troy (2010),
The Gods of Atlantis, (2012) Pharaoh, (2013), Pyramid
Demichat and the Lost Mummy, Toni Brisland
Return to Elysium, Joan Grant
The Etruscans, various books, various authors
Farticus Maximus + The Fury of Gassius Brutus, (Gross but kinda cute) series by
Felice Arena
The Firebrand, Troy novel by Marion Zimmer Bradley
Francesca Simon, Norse Gods series and other books about Gods
Helping Hercules (2004), The Sleeping Army (2012), The Lost Gods
(2014), The Monstrous Child (2016)
George O’Connor Olympians, Graphic novel series: - Very good! - Zeus, Hera,
Athena, Aphrodite, Hades -
The God Chronicles, Kamery Solomon
Zeus (2013), Poseidon (2013), Hades (2014), Adrastia (2014)
Goddess Chronicles series by Julien Longo
Hera (2010) Romancing the Dragon (2011)
Goddess For Hire, Sonia Singh (Hilarious book about a woman who is the
modern day incarnation of Kali)
Goddess Girls, Joan Holub & Suzanne Williams
Athena the Brain (2010) Persephone the Phony (2010), Aphrodite the
Beauty (2010) Artemis the Brave (2010), Athena the Wise (2011),
Aphrodite the Diva (2011), Artemis the Loyal (2011), Medusa the Mean
(2012), Pandora the Curious (2012) Pheme the Gossip (2013),
Persephone the Daring (2013), Cassandra the Lucky (2013) Athena the
Proud (2014), Iris the Colorful (2014), Aphrodite the Fair (2014), Medusa
the Rich (2015), Amphitrite the Bubbly (2015), Hestia the Invisible
(2015), Echo the Copycat (2015)
Goddess Summoning series by P. C. Cast
Goddess of the Sea, 2003, Undine, Goddess of Spring, 2004,
Goddess of Light, 2005, Artemis, Goddess of the Rose, 2006, Hekate,
Goddess of Love, 2007, Venus, Goddess of Legend, 2010, Guenevere
Goddess of Troy, 2011, Helen
The Goddess Test Series, Aimee Carter,
The Goddess Test (2011), The Goddess Interrupted (2012)
The Goddess Inheritance (2013)
Goddess Test Novellas: The Goddess Hunt (2012),
The Goddess Legacy (2012)
Goddess Test Short Stories (2012): The Goddess Queen, The
Lovestruck Goddess, Goddess of the Underworld, God of Thieves, God
of Darkness,
Goddess Unbound series, T. D Thomas
Hera, Queen of Gods (2012), Hera, Queen of Mortals (2013)
The Goddesses series by Alicia Fields, signet
Love Underground ~ Persephone's Tale (2005), Fatal Attraction:
Aphrodite's Tale (2005), All's Fair in Love and War: Athena's Tale (2006)
Goddesses, Clea Hantman, (A series of books about three Muses banished
from Mount Olympus to live life on Earth as teenagers. Also features
Zeus, Apollo, Hera, Hades and the Furies.
Heaven Sent, Muses on the Move, Three Girls and a God, Love or Fate,
Gods Behaving Badly, Marie Phillips (Funny book about the Gods trying to fit
into modern-day Earth.) A movie of the book also exists. Would love to
see it – any ideas where I can get a copy?
I am the Great Horse, Katherine Roberts (About Bucephalas, War horse of
Alexander the Great) Also has horses called Apollo, Electra and Hades
Greek Myths, Graphic Novels, Rob Stone
Hades’ Daughter, book one of Sara Douglass’ Troy Game quartet. (Not about
Hades (or his daughter, but a mortal woman nicknamed Hades’ Daughter,
though Hades and several other Gods & Goddesses get a mention. Set in
ancient Greece. The 3 other novels in the series are set in later historical
Halo Series, Alessandra Adornetto
Halo, Hades, Heaven
The Hatshepsut Trilogy, Patricia O’Neill
Her Majesty the King, The Horus Throne (2010), The Eye of Re (2011)
Hera: Queen of the Gods, Goddess of Marriage, Teri Temple
Handfasting and Wedding Rituals: Welcoming Hera's Blessing, Tannia
The Lost Jewels of Hera, Kelly Abell. Has a character called Kindra Ceres
Helen of Troy, Margaret George
The Memoirs of Helen of Troy, Amanda Elyot
Various Disney’s Hercules books
Various Xena & Hercules books
Hercules series by John Gregory Betancourt
The Vengeance of Hera (1997, )The Gates of Hades (2001),
The Way of Hermes ~ New Translations of The Corpus Hermeticum and The
Definitions of Hermes Trismegistus to Asclepius, Clement Salaman,
Dorine van Oyen, William D. Wharton, Jean-Pierre Mahé (Translators)
Heroes in Training series, Joan Holub & Suzanne Williams
Zeus and the Thunderbolt of Doom (2012), Poseidon and the Sea of Fury
(2012), Hades and the Helm of Darkness, (2013), Hyperion and the
Great Balls of Fire (2013), Typhon and the Winds of Destruction (2013),
Apollo and the Battle of the Birds (2014), Ares and the Spear of Fear
(2014) Cronus and the Threads of Dread (2014), Crius and the Night of
Fright (2015), Hephaestus and the Island of Terror (2015), Uranus and
the Bubbles of Trouble (2015) Perseus and the Monsterous Medusa
Horrible Histories, The Groovy Greeks & The Rotten Romans, The Egyptian
Tales, The Measly Middle Ages, Terry Deary
House of Night, series by P. C. Cast - has Nyx, Goddess of Night, Erebus,
Charon, Thanatos, Neferet, Vulcania, Herakles, Atropos, Ulysses,
Circe, Freya, Aphrodite, Venus, The Amazons and Pompeii
The Kane Chronicles, Rick Riordan (Ancient Egypt in the modern day) –
Features various Egyptian Gods and Goddesses
The Red Pyramid, The Throne of Fire, The Serpent’s Shadow
Kerry Greenwood novels, set in ancient Greece
Medea, Cassandra, Electra
Lucy Coats
Atticus the Storytellers 100 Greek Myths, Coll the Storytellers Book of
Enchantments (medieval)
Beasts of Olympus series
Beast Keeper (2015), Hound of Hades (2015), Steeds of the Gods
(2015), Dragon Healer (2015), Centaur School (2016), Zeus’s Eagle
Greek Beasts and Heroes series
The One-Eyed Giant, The Harp of Death, The Hero's Spear, The Silver
Chariot, The Monster in the Maze, The Dolphin's Message, The Flying
Horse, The Fire Breather, The Dragon's Teeth, The Sailor Snatchers, The
Magic Head, The Beasts in the Jar
Lyndsey Davis, Marcus Didius Falco novels (set in Ancient Rome)
The Silver Pigs (1989), Shadows in Bronze (1990), Venus in Copper
(1991)The Iron Hand of Mars (1992), Poseidon's Gold (1993), Last Act in
Palmyra (1994) Time to Depart (1995), A Dying Light in Corduba (1996),
Three Hands in the Fountain (1997), Two for the Lions (1998),
One Virgin Too Many (1999), Ode to a Banker (2000)
A Body in the Bath House (2001), The Jupiter Myth (2002), The Accusers
(2003) Scandal Takes a Holiday (2004), See Delphi and Die (2005),
Saturnalia (2007), Alexandria (2009), Nemesis (2010), The Ides of April
(2013), Enemies at Home (2014)
Lysistrata, Aristiophanes (About women in ancient Greece, who protested their
husbands going to war and abstained from sex)
Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series by Rick Riordan
The Sword of Summer (2015), The Hammer of Thor (2016) Book 3
(to come in 2017)
Mini Myths series by Joan Holub
Brush Your Hair, Medusa! (2012), Play Nice, Hercules! (2014), Be
Patient, Pandora! (2014), Make a Wish, Midas! (2015), Please Share,
Aphrodite! (2015) Be Careful, Icarus! (2015) Good Job, Athena! (2016)
Don't Get Lost, Odysseus! (2016)
Mortal Temptations, Allyson James, had the son of Hera, Nico, Dyon (minions of
Hera) also mentions several other Gods.
Myth O Graphic, amusing web comic series
(For Myth O’ Mania see Hades and Undewrworld books below)
Nero, David Wishart, fictitious biography on the infamous Roman Emperor.
Nero, Edward Champlin, another good book on the colourful Emperor
Odysseus: The Oath (2012), Odysseus: The Return (2014), Valerio Massino
Ulysses, James Joyce (1922)
Olympia Heights series, Any Leigh Strickland {Graphic Novels}
The Pantheon (2011), The Weight of the World (2012), The Blood of
Athens, (2013) The Cult of Kronos (2014), Lightning Rod (2015), Give
Up the Ghost (2015), Sink or Swim (2016)
Olympia series, Shoo Rayner
Run Like the Wind (2011), Wrestle to Victory (2011), Deadly Target (2011)
Jump for Glory (2011). Throw for Gold (2011), Race for the Stars (2011)
Swim for your Life (2011) On the Ball (2011)
Out of the Black Land, set in ancient Egypy, Kerry Greenwood
Pegasus series by Kate O’Hearn
Pegasus and the Flame, Pegasus and the Fight for Olympus
Pegasus and the New Olympians, Pegasus and the Origins of Olympus
Pegasus, Robin McKinley
Percy Jackson series (He’s the son of Poseidon) - Percy is short for
Perseus - Features many Gods and Monsters, by Rick Riordan
The Lightning Thief (2005), The Sea of Monsters (2006)
The Titan's Curse, (2007) The Battle of the Labyrinth (2008)
The Last Olympian (2009), The Demigod Files (2009)
The Sword of Hades, (2009), Demigods and Monsters (2009),
The Demigod Diaries (2012), The Lost Hero (2010),
The Son of Neptune (2011), The Mark of Athena (2012),
The House of Hades (2013), The Blood of Olympus (2014)
Percy Jackson & the Greek Gods (2014) Percy Jackson & the Greek
Heroes (2015)
Persephone of Eleusis ~ Romance of Ancient Greece, Clare Winger Harris {In
this book, “Persephone” is a mortal woman named after the Goddess}
Phaedra, 'concert opera', Hans Werner Henze
Phaedra, novel by Jean Racine
Prometheus, poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Psyche's Knife: Archetypal Explorations of Love and Power, Elizabeth Éowyn
Robert Calasso, The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony, 1993
The Roman Mysteries books, Caroline Lawrence
The Thieves of Ostia (2001), The Secrets of Vesuvius (2001)
The Pirates of Pompeii (2002), The Assassins of Rome (2002)
The Dolphins of Laurentum (2003), The 12 Tasks of Flavia Gemina (2003)
The Enemies of Jupiter (2003), The Gladiators from Capua (2004)
The Colossus of Rhodes (2005), The Fugitive from Corinth (2005)
The Sirens of Surrentum (2006), The Charioteer of Delphi (2006)
The Slave-girl from Jerusalem (2007), The Beggar of Volubilis (2008)
The Scribes from Alexandria (2008), The Prophet from Ephesus (2009)
The Man from Pomegranate Street (2009)
Rome series, M.C Scott
The Emperor's Spy (2010), The Coming Of The King (June, 2011)
The Eagle Of The Twelfth (May 2012), The Art of War (March 2013)
Warrior of Rome series, Harry Sidebottom
Fire in the East (2008), King of Kings (2009), Lion of the Sun (2010), The
Caspian Gates (2011), The Wolves of the North (2012), The Amber Road
Rome series, Stephen Saylor,
Roman Blood, In the Jaws of Hades (Arms of Nemesis) Catilinas Riddle,
Venus-throw, Roma
Seven Wonders series, Peter Lerangis
The Colossus Rises (2102), Lost in Babylon (2013), The Tomb of
Shadows (2013), Curse of the King (2015), Legend of the Rift (2016),
Seven Wonders Journals: The Select (2013), The Orphan (2015), The
Key (2015), The Promise (2016)
Staria, comic strip sometimes features Alexander of Macedon (Alexander the
Great) As well as other Olympian Gods and Goddesses
The Stone Rose, Dr Who novel set in ancient Greece, Jaqueline Rayner – also
audiobook read by David Tennant
Story of Julius Caesar, Dr Nicholas Saunders (graphic novel)
Thor & The Avengers (Comic series - starring Thor & Loki, also features other
Asgardian Gods such as Odin and also Pluto from Greek Myth)
Clash of the Titans, Alan Dean Foster
The Trials of Apollo series by Rock Riordan
The Hidden Oracle (2016), The Dark Prophecy (2017), Book 3 (coming
2019), Book 4 (coming 2020)
Troy, Adele Geras
Return to Troy, Pierce C Feirtear
Escape from Vesuvius, Julie Mitchell
Secrets of Vesuvius: Unlocking the sources from Pompeii and Herculaneum,
textbook by Kate Cameron, Jennifer Lawless
Warrior Trilogy, Noble Smith
Sons of Zeus (2013), Spartans at the Gates (2014), Sword of Apollo
(2015) The One-Armed Warrior (short story)
Warriors of Poseidon series, Alyssa Day
Wild Hearts in Atlantis , Wild Thing by Maggie Shayne
Shifter by Angela Knight, Shifter's Lady, novella , Atlantis Unleashed ,
Atlantis Unmasked, Atlantis Redeemed, Atlantis Betrayed, Vampire in
Atlantis, Heart of Atlantis
Lords of the Underworld series, Gena Showalter (pertains to men who are
cursed to carry demons that escaped from Pandora's Box)
The Darkest Fire (prequel, 2008), Geyron (Guardian of Hell)
The Darkest Night, 2008—Maddox (Keeper of Violence)
The Darkest Kiss, 2008—Lucien (Keeper of Death)
The Darkest Pleasure, 2008—Reyes (Keeper of Pain)
The Darkest Prison, 2009 —Atlas (Titan God of Strength)
The Darkest Whisper, September 2009—Sabin (Keeper of Doubt)
The Darkest Angel novella in Heart of the Darkness and in the anthology
Dark Beginnings, 2010—angel Lysander
The Darkest Facts: A Lords of the Underworld Companion, 1, 2010-in the
anthology Into the Dark
The Darkest Passion, 2010—Aeron (Keeper of Wrath)
The Darkest Lie, 2010—Gideon (Keeper of Lies)
The Darkest Secret, 2011—Amun (Keeper of Secrets)
The Darkest Surrender, September 2011—Strider (Keeper of Defeat)
The Darkest Seduction, February 2012—Paris (Keeper of Promiscuity)
The Darkest Craving, July 2013-Kane (Keeper of Disaster)
The Darkest Touch, 2014-Torin (Keeper of Disease)
Zeus, John Doherty
Zeus on the Loose (2004), Zeus to the Rescue (2007), Zeus Sorts
It Out (2011)
Daughter of Zeus, Red Harvey
Daughters of Zeus series (Kaitlin Bevis)
Persephone (2015), Daughter of the Earth and Sky, (2015) The Iron Queen,
Computer games
Dragons of Atlantis, online computer game
Return of the Gods I & II,
Gods, (early 90s)
Hades Challenge, (Disney)
Disney Hades also features in Disney computer game Kingdom Hearts
Various Disney’s Hercules games & multimedia
Heroes of Hellas + Heroes of Hellas 2: Olympia
Age of Mythology and the expansion pack – Titans
Myths & Mortals, online game get in ancient Greece, featuring Greek Gods and
Ryse: Son of Rome
Olympiad: Game of Champions
Titan Quest,
Trials of the Gods (Has one called Ariadne’s Fate)
Trials of the Olympian Gods
Zeus: Master of Olympus + Poseidon
There are statues of Gods all around the world.
Here are a few examples
Statue of Apollo and Artemis, hyde park, Sydney, Australia
Statue of Eros, Picadilly. England
Some Words and places that have Origins from
the Gods and the ancient Greek language
Alpha (First or dominant - the first letter of the ancient Greek alphabet)
Alphabet comes from Greek letters alpha and beta
Agoraphobia (Fear of wide open spaces. Agora: Ancient Greek: “A public
open space used for assemblies and markets.” See below for origins of
the word ‘Phobia’)
Athens (Named in honour of Athena, the City’s Patron, who offered the olive
Grove, a symbol of Peace)
Aphrodisiac (Sexual stimulant - named for Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of Love,
Eros’ mother)
Arachnid (the term for spiders, from Arachne, Greek mortal, who spun beautiful
tapestries, but offended Athena who turned her into a spider. Arachne is
also depicted in the Underworld weaving the Tapestry of Life) –
Arachnophobia = fear of spiders)
Bacchanal (Wild party from Bacchus/Dionysos, Roman/Greek God of Wine,
Merriment and the Secrets of the Universe)
Beta – second letter in Greek alphabet
Chromium, after the Greek word ‘khroma’ meaning colour, so named because of
the many different coloured compounds displayed by chromium
Chronological – Comes from Chronos, Father of Time. Not to be confused
with Kronos, father of the Olympians
Corn - was invented by Demeter
Democracy - was created in Athens
Discord (Mayhem, from Goddess of the same name)
Echo (Greek nymph of the same name, offended Artemis by her inane gossip,
and was cursed to “echo” only the last word said by anyone, fell in love
with Narcissus - both pined away and died. Perhaps they are happy now
together in the Elysian Fields)
Elysium (Peace, bliss & harmony, from Elysium - The Elysian Fields, where the
blessed and souls of good mortals went in the Afterlife)
Erotic/ Erogenous (Sexual, from Eros, Greek God of Love, Son of Aphrodite)
Europe named by Zeus after the Goddess Europa
Herculean, (a huge effort) after Hercules
Horses - were created by Poseidon
Hygeine (from Hygeia, Greek Goddess of Health)
Hyptotise/notic (From Hypnos, Greek God of Sleep. He’s Morpheus’ Father)
Jovial (and the expression by Jove!) - From Zeus/Jupiter/Jove, King of the
Gods, also God of Joviality)
Morphine (from Morpheus, Greek God of dreams)
Music, museum and amuse/ment - come from the Muses
Narcissistic/Narcissist (being full of one’s self from Narcissus, Greek youth
(some say God) who fell in love with himself and pined away. He did not
notice Echo who fell in love with him on the mortal plane until it was too
Nemesis (from Nemesis the Goddess of Vengeance)
Pharmaceutical (from the Greek word ‘pharmakia’ - which means ‘poison
maker’) – scary, huh?
Phobia (Phobos, Greek God of Fear, son of Ares/Mars)
Planet derives from the Greek word for “Wandering Star”
Plutonian/Plutonium, after Pluto, Roman God of Wealth and the Underworld
Psyche, from the mortal woman Eros/Cupid fell in love with
Strife, after the God Strife
Tantalise comes from the Greek mortal Tantalus – (not a nice guy!)
Titanic/Titanium, after the Titans
Typhoon comes from Typhon
Hades & Persephone Books
Fictional Tales, Classics & Poetry
Dazzling Brightness, Roberta Gellis, Pinnacle Books, 1994
The Epic of Hades, Lewis Morris, Roberts Brothers, 1889
{Often listed as The Epic of Hades In Three Books}
The Iliad, Homer, Wordsworth Editions Limited, 1995
Love Underground ~ Persephone's Tale {The Goddesses # 1} Alicia Fields, Signet,
Metamorphoses, Ovid, Penguin Classics, 1955
Persephone of Eleusis ~ A Romance of Ancient Greece, Clare Winger Harris, The
Stratford Company, 1923. Book is not about Persephone herself, but of a mortal
woman sharing the same name, in love with a Persian soldier. There are two
chapters on Persephone the Goddess and the Eleusinian Mysteries.
The Odyssey, Homer, Wordsworth Editions Limited, 1992
Return to Elysium, Joan Grant, Methuen & Co. Ltd, 1947 - First Edition
{Later reprints also exist} – About a mortal-made place called Elysium,
near Athens and deals with altered states
Theogony ~ Works and Days, Hesiod, Translated by M. L West, Oxford
University Press, 1998
Thief of Hades, L. E. Henderson, Writer's Club Press, 2000. A revised edition
also exists.
This book is set in the modern day about Charon trying to free his daughter,
from Hades. At first I thought I would dislike this book, given it did not seem
from initial review that Hades was portrayed in a good light. Upon reading it for
myself, it seemed to me Hades was portrayed as hurting, fed-up. In truth
I was more annoyed by Charon’s obnoxious daughter and his wife for hurting
Hades and Daphne’s inability to make her home in the Elysian Fields to her
liking. I felt for Hades, his pain and how the author described him as a head of a
dying company, without knowing it was crumbling around him, betrayed by
those he loved and trusted.
Demeter and Persephone: Lessons from a Myth, Tamara Agha-Jaffar, McFarland &
Company, 2002
Goddesses in Every Woman, ~ Powerful Archetypes in Women’s lives, Jean Shinoda
Bolen, Harper & Row, 1984 {Includes insightful Persephone and Demeter
Gods in Everyman ~ Archetypes That Shape Men's Lives, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Gloria
Steinem, Harper San Francisco, 1989
{Includes insightful Hades
Greek Gods, Human Lives ~ What We Can Learn from Myths, Mary Lefkowitz, Yale
University Press, 2003 {Has insights of Hades, Persephone, Demeter and
Greek Hero Cults and Ideas of Immortality (Volume Three), Lewis Richard Farnell,
Kessinger Publishing, 2004
{Hades, Kore/Persephone and Demeter
featured in this volume}
The Greek Myths, Combined Edition, Robert Graves, Penguin Books, 1992
The Hades Moon ~ Pluto in Aspect to the Moon, Judy Hall, Samuel Weiser, 1998 Brilliant book!
The House of Hades ~ Studies in Ancient Greek Eschatology, Lars Albinus, Aarhus
University Press, 2000
In the Footsteps of Orpheus ~ The Discovery of the Ancient Greek Underworld, R. F.
Paget, Roy Publishers, Inc, 1967 - Awesome book!
Life's Daughter - Death's Bride: Inner Transformations through the Goddess DemeterPersephone, Kathie Carlson, Shambhala Publications Inc, 1997
The Long Journey Home ~ Re-Visioning the Myth of Demeter and Persephone of Our
Time, Christine Downing, Shambhala Publications, Inc, 1994
Great book! Includes a wonderful piece entitled ‘Hades Speaks’ by John Daughters
The Metamorphosis of Persephone: Ovid and the Self-conscious Muse, Stephen Hinds,
R. L. Hunter & R. G. Osborn, Cambridge University Press, 2003
Myths of Greece and Rome, Thomas Bulfinch, Penguin Books, 1979
Mysteries of Demeter ~ Rebirth of the Pagan Way, Jennifer Reif, Samuel Weiser, 1999
Hades is referred to as Plouton in this book - Awesome book!
The Narcissus and the Pomegranate : An Archaeology of the Homeric Hymn to
Demeter, Ann Suter, University of Michigan Press, 2002
Children's Picture Books:
Demeter and Persephone, the Seasons of Time, I. M. Richardson, Robert Baxter
Troll Associates, USA {No publication date given} I don't quite agree how
The author portrays Hades, but at least he's not a bad guy! - Beautiful watercolor
also. Hades looks really good. Very well drawn, young and spunky!
Persephone and the Pomegranate Seeds, Geraldine McCaughrean, Orchard Books,
{Hades is referred to as Pluto}
Disney’s Hercules ... Hades
Hades, the Truth At Last, “Transcribed” by Nancy Krulik, Illustrated, Gerald
Scarfe Disney Press, 1997. - A fun retelling of Disney’s ‘Hercules’ from Hades
point of view...
A Tale of Hades, Evan Skolnick, 1997
Young Adult Novels:
Abandon Sereies, (Meg Cabot), PanMacMillan
Abandon (2011)
Underworld (2012)
Awaken (2013)
Cronus Chronicles, Anne Ursu
The Shadow Thieves (2006), The Siren Song (2007), Immortal Fire (2009)
Daughters of Zeus series (Kaitlin Bevis)
Persephone (2015), Daughter of the Earth and Sky, (2015) The Iron Queen,
The God Chronicles, Kamery Solomon
Zeus (2013), Poseidon (2013), Hades (2014), Adrastia (2014)
Goddess Girls series, Joan Holub & Suzanne Williams, Aladdin
Athena the Brain (2010) Persephone the Phony (2010), Aphrodite the Beauty
(2010) Artemis the Brave (2010), Athena the Wise (2011), Aphrodite the Diva
(2011), Artemis the Loyal (2011), Medusa the Mean (2012), Pandora the Curious
(2012) Pheme the Gossip (2013), Persephone the Daring (2013), Cassandra the
Lucky (2013) Athena the Proud (2014), Iris the Colorful (2014), Aphrodite the
Fair (2014), Medusa the Rich (2015), Amphitrite the Bubbly (2015), Hestia the
Invisible (2015), Echo the Copycat (2015)
Author’s Note: Persephone and Hades portrayed as Teenage Gods attending
Mount Olympus Acadymy. Hades is seen as a bad boy but he’s not really. Really
digs Persephone and she digs him! Delightful books!
Goddess of Spring, P. C. Cast, Berkley Publishing Group, 2005
Goddesses, Clea Hantman, (A series of books about three Muses banished
from Mount Olympus to live life on Earth as teenagers. Also features
Zeus, Apollo, Hera, Hades and the Furies.
Heaven Sent, Muses on the Move, Three Girls and a God, Love or Fate,
Sherrilyn Kenyon books featuring Hades and Persephone: (Details from her
Night Embrace (2003), Night Play (2004), Second Chances (2005, short story
contained in novel Styxx), Dream Hunter (2007), Dark Side of the Moon
(2006), Devil May Cry (2007), Dark-Hunter Companion (2007), Dream Chaser
(2008), One Silent Night (2008), Acheron (2008), Dream Warrior (2009) Dark
Hunter, An Insider’s Guide (2010), Dark-Hunter 5 Book Box Set (2010), Styxx
(2013), Illusion (2014), Instinct (2015), Dragonmark (2016), Acheron: DarkHunter Issues 1-3 (2016)
Myth O Mania: (Karen McMullen), Scholastic, inc.
Have a Hot Time, Hades (2002), Phone Home, Persephone (2002),
Say Cheese, Medusa! (2002), Nice Shot, Cupid! (2002)
Stop that Bull, Theseus! (2003), Keep a Lid on It, Pandora! (2003)
Get to Work, Hercules! (2003), Go for the Gold, Atlanta! (2003)
Hit the Road, Helen! (2013), Get Lost Odysseus! (2014)
A fun perspective on the Greek myths. A little silly in parts, but a rare and
refreshing perspective, told from a quirky Hades’ point of view.
Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series, (also movies), Rick Riordan, Puffin
books. (The books Hades stars in are marked with an asterish)
Hades features in this series as a stoic and bitter god, not necessarily a nice guy but not a
bad guy either. Persephone is portrayed as a conniving Goddess. She and Hades’
relationship appears strained. In the first movie (not book) Persephone is portrayed as
slutty, though she helps the heroes.
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief* (2005) Percy Jackson and the Sea of
Monsters (2006), Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse, (2007) Percy Jackson and
the Battle of the Labyrinth, (2008), Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian*
(2009), Percy Jackson and the Sword of Hades* (World Day Book, 2009 –
comes with Terry Deary’s The Groovy Greeks – 2 books in one.), The Demigod
Files (2009) – (Sword of Hades also features in this book.)
Demigods and Monsters (2009), The Demigod Diaries (2012)
Heroes of Olympus series:
The Lost Hero (2010), The Son of Neptune (2011)*
The Mark of Athena (2012),* The House of Hades (2013)*
The Blood of Olympus (2014)*
Persephone (Daughters of Zeus Book 1) Kaitlin Bevis, Musa Publishing, 2012
Persephone ~ Secrets of a Teenage Goddess, Jennifer Cook, Lothian books, 2005
I found this book incredibly deep and insightful and very well written and has one
really feeling for Persephone, feeling trapped under the thumb of her overbearing
mother and feeling for Hades and his timeless wisdom and balance in the
Ring of Hades, Dorothy Higgins, 1969, Parent’s Magazine Press.
Although Hades himself does not make an appearance in this book, it is quite a
good read, set in Ancient Greece, following the adventures of, Agathon an
Athenian youth. It does feature the item of the title, and ‘reading between the
lines’ as I do, I believe Hades was guiding the young boy to discover his fortune,
as Hades is also the God of wealth.
Tales From The Odyssey, Book Two, Land of the Dead, Mary Pope Osborne,
Hyperion Books, 2002
Tales from the Old World, Kevin Crossley Holland, Dolphin, 2000
“Persephone Rising,” - Also has a tale entitled “Godfather Death” from
the Czech Republic amongst other tales of worldly mythology.
Tales of Gods and Men, John Bailey, Kenneth McLeish, David Spearman, Oxford
University Press, 2002. “The Six Seeds” amongst many other mythological
Books and Resources on other Underworld Gods, Goddesses and
Underworlds and on the planet Pluto:
Alive and Well With Pluto ~ Transits of Power and Renewal, Bil Tierney, Llewellyn
Publications, 1999
Awakening Osiris ~ The Egyptian Book of the Dead, Normandi Ellis,
Phanes Press, 1998
Becoming Osiris ~ The Ancient Egyptian Death Experience, Ruth Schumann Antelme,
Stephanie Rossini, Inner Traditions Intl Ltd,
October 1998.
The Book of the Dead {Egyptian}, E.A Wallis Budge, Arkana 1985, (First published,
The Book of Pluto, Steven Forrest
The Cult of the Immortal ~ Mummies and the Egyptian Way of Death, Ange-Pierre
Leca, Librairie Hachette, 1976
Healing Pluto Problems, Donna Cunningham, Samuel Weiser, Inc, 1986
Hermes ~ Guide of Souls, Karl Kerényi, {Translated from German by Murray
Stein}, Spring Publications, Inc, 1996 {Revised Edition}
Inanna ~ Queen of Heaven and Earth ~ Her Stories and Myths From Sumer, Diane
Wolkstein & Samuel Noah Kramer, Harper & Row Publishers, 1983
Pluto the Planet, (Article) Molly Hall (No date given)
Pluto ~ The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul (Volume I), Jeff Green, Lewellyn, 1998
Pluto ~ The Soul’s Evolution Through Relationships (Volume II), Jeff Green, Lewellyn,
Pluto ~ New Horisons for a Lost Horizon, Edited by Richard Grossinger, North
Atlantic Books, 2015
Pluto, Planet of Magic and Power, Ginger Chalford, American Federation of
Astrologers, 1984
Pluto ~ Sentinel of the Solar System, Barrie W. Jones, Cambridge University
Press, 2010
TransPluto, All About Astrology, (Booklet) David Dukelow, Dhruva, Astro
Communications Services (ACS) Publications, 1994 – ISBN 0-935127-26-7
The Underworld Initiation ~ A Journey Toward Psychic Transformation, R.J Stewart,
The Aquarian Press, 1985)
Thanks to the many websites I Googled for companies named after Gods. Thanks
to the companies, authors, stars, etc that keep the Gods alive!
Thanks also to Elani.