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Printed at:
10/30/2016 1:37 AM
Opening Ceremony of a 2nd production line
02. September 2013
The Opening Ceremony of a second production line of the CIPP
(Cured-In-Place-Pipe) products NORDIPIPE™ and NORDIFORCE™
from SEKISUI SPR Americas (formerly SEKISUI NordiTube Inc.) was
held in Hammond, Louisiana on August 20, 2013. The inauguration
was performed by Mr. Kozo Takami, President of Urban Infrastructure
& Environmental Products Company of SEKISUI Chemical Co., Ltd.
shareholder of SEKISUI SPR Americas.
Worldwide the underground infrastructure suffers from age and
deterioration, which can result in severe pipe damages. For the
rehabilitation of damaged pipes, trenchless technology methods, like CIPP,
are a time-saving and environment-friendly solution because excavation
works are minimized. Furthermore less surface disruption and traffic
congestion reduce air and noise pollution. SEKISUI SPR Americas,
founded in 2005 as SEKISUI NordiTube Inc., produces and distributes its
CIPP products for pressure pipe rehabilitation in the USA, Canada, South
America and Asia Pacific. SEKISUI SPR Americas also offers
Spiral-Wound technologies for the rehabilitation of stormwater and
wastewater pipes. Together they provide for every rehabilitation project
the ideal trenchless solution that is installed by experienced network
With the second production line SEKISUI SPR Americas expands the
production of NORDIPIPE™ and NORDIFORCE™ to respond to increasing
demands in the water and sewer markets. NORDIPIPE™ and
NORDIFORCE™, specially tailored for each application, are glass-fiber
reinforced pipe liners, which can resist high internal pressures and exterior
loads. This means that these pipe liners can bear loads statically even
without the old pipe, therefore each can be described as a “stand alone
pipe”. The installation of long lengths and the negotiation of bends are
possible with both products.
NORDIPIPE™ is designed especially for drinking water networks and is
approved according to NSF 61 and BNQ. For pressure sewers SEKISUI
NordiTube offers NORDIFORCE™.
The new production line is geared towards larger and longer liners and
can produce up to 300 meters of 48” liner in one piece.
Printed at:
10/30/2016 1:37 AM
Kozo Takami, President of Urban Infrastructure & Environmental Products
Company of SEKISUI Chemical Co., Ltd., has opened the second
production line. The people in the photo from LEFT to RIGHT are as
follows: Shintaro Shibata, Hiromi Hatada, Shigeyuhi Ito, Mark Lucas, Kozo
Takami, Jay Keating, Drew Leazer, Tony Ohira. Makoto Nando