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Tanjung Lesung Beach
Tanjung Lesung is an unspoiled and serene peninsula
with some of the most beautiful beaches the island of
Java has to offer. Its proximity to Jakarta makes Tanjung
Lesung attractive to Jakartans and tourists alike. Here
guests are treated with a secluded and chic holiday
location. The 1,500-hectare development area is an ideal
tourism destination.
A toll road to Tanjung Lesung is projected to get
started soon. The 83.9-km Serang-Panimbang toll road
project has already been up for bidding and is valued
at Rp6.7 trillion. The toll road will provide easy access
to the proposed Tanjung Lesung Special Economic Zone
and President Joko Widodo insists that the project be
completed in 2018.
Tourism Minister Arif Yahya said port operator Pelindo
II will build an international marina at the resort area. He
emphasized that his office is already marketing Tanjung
Lesung overseas, including at the upcoming PAT Travel
Mart in Jakarta in September this year, which will bring
more than 5000 tourism operators from around the world.
Borobudur Temple
It is said that you cannot claim
to have seen the world without
visiting Borobudur Temple.
The most magnificent Buddhist
monument and the largest
stupa complex in the world is
recognized as a World Heritage
site by UNESCO. Borobudur
is a masterpiece gallery of
stone carving and its form is a
remarkable representation of the
Buddhist conception of
the universe.
Standing long before Angkor
Wat in Cambodia and the great
cathedrals in Europe, Borobudur
Temple was at one time covered in
jungle but it has been painstakingly
restored. It was visited by pilgrims
in the mid-ninth century until the
beginning of the 11th century.
Buddhists seeking enlightenment
flocked to Borobudur from India,
Cambodia, Tibet and China. Not
only magnificent and large,
Borobudur’s wall panels are filled
with 2,672 sculptured reliefs. As
such it is living evidence of the
philosophical values of human
civilization in the past.
The Borobudur Tourism
Authority was established
recently to orchestrate joint
efforts by various ministeries to
boost tourism. The authority is
targeting a seven-fold increase
in the number of foreign tourist
arrivals to generate $2 billion
by 2019. The investment needed to
boost Borobudur tourism is expected
to reach Rp20 trillion of which half will
come from the government and the
other half from the private sector.
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