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p Pe re n
What would
shade gardeners do without
the fine, lacy foliage
of ferns to complement their broadleaved hostas and silvery
Pulmonarias? Though they have
been grown for hundreds of years,
ferns still play an essential role in
the landscape today. They come in colors
ranging from solid green to silver and
orange, but it is their finely textured foliage and ease of culture that make them so
Though they may appear delicate, ferns are
actually tough plants that can adapt to many
different environments. Most grow best in a
woodland type of environment: partial to full
shade and rich, moist soil.
• Watering: Good irrigation practices are
essential when growing ferns. Plants
need to be kept moist, but not soaked,
from the time they are potted up until
the time they are planted in the ground.
It is best to water early in the day to
allow the fronds plenty of time to dry
before nightfall. Allow the soil to dry
slightly between waterings.
• Fertilizer: Ferns can be sensitive to high
salt levels incurred from fertilizing. Use
about half of the amount of fertilizer you
would use with other perennials.
• Lighting: To prevent sun scorch in summer, grow ferns under at least 50% shade
in the north and up to 70% shade in the
• Timing: Ferns should be planted before
mid-August or the following spring to
ensure survival. Potting them up early
will give them an adequate amount of
time to become established before wintering over. Upon receipt of your order,
it is best to place them in a cool, shaded
Athyrium felix-forma
‘Lady in Red’
ATHLR20, ATHLR72 (Lady Fern) Dark
green, upright fronds with deep burgundy
stems. (Note: This burgundy color takes
2-3 years to develop.) Pair with purple
heucheras to really help the stem color
stand out.
30-36in/Z3-8/20 & 72ct T
Athyrium ‘Ghost’
ATHGH20, ATHGH72 (Ghost Fern) A hybrid of ‘Pictum’ and A. filix-femina. Frosted
apple green fronds emit a ghostly white
light in the shade. Dark purple stems hold
the broad fronds rigidly upright. This selection is taller than many other Athyriums.
Athyrium niponicum ‘Pictum’
ATHPI20, ATHPI72 ( Japanese Painted
Fern) Silvery-grey fronds are dusty purple
towards the center. Purplish-red veins
and stems. Low, mounding habit. Spreads
slowly by rhizomes.
12-18in/Z3-8/20 & 72ct T
Dryopteris erythrosora ‘Brilliance’
Matteuccia struthiopteris
MATST20, MATST72 (Ostrich Fern)
Green, pinnate fronds are shaped like ostrich plumes, being much wider at the top
and tapering to a bare stipe. Turns bronzegold in fall, then brown in winter. Spreads
rapidly by underground runners. Needs
moist soil.
3-6ft/Z3-7/20 & 72ct T
Award: RHS
DRYBR20, DRYBR72 (Brilliance Autumn
Fern) Lustrous young orange fronds light up
against the glossy, deeper green coloring
of the mature fronds. Best leaf color is
achieved in part sun. Tolerates a wide range
of growing conditions once established.
2ft/Z5-9/20 & 72ct T
2-3ft/Z3-8/20 & 72ct T
Award: MOBOT
Athyrium felix-forma ‘Lady in Red’
Athyrium niponicum ‘Pictum’
Dryopteris erythrosora ‘Brilliance’
Athyrium ‘Ghost’
Matteuccia struthiopteris
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Valued for their
long bloom time,
these native
are very easy
to grow,
little extra
care through
the season. Newer
hybrids are more
compact with larger,
sometimes fluted
Gaillardia aristata
‘Arizona Apricot’
GAIAA30, GAIAA72 (Blanket
Flower) This selection offers a
softer color palette and compact
habit. Large 3”, apricot flowers
with yellow tips and a darker
orange center cover the uniform
mound of bright green foliage
for several months. Terrific retail
appeal! From Benary.
12in/ESu-EFa/Z3-10/30 & 72ct S
Awards: AAS
Scan this with your
Smartphone for more
cultural information on
Gaillardia a.
‘Arizona Sun’ with
Sedum r.
‘Angelina’ (p. 185)
Gaillardia aristata
‘Arizona Red Shades’
GAIAZ30, GAIAZ72 (Blanket
Flower) This sister to ‘Arizona
Sun’ produces masses of large,
crimson red flowers over a very
long period. About 20% have
slight yellow tips. Much more
compact and uniform than ‘Burgundy’. Great for containers and
gardens. From Benary.
10-12in/ESu-EFa/Z3-10/30 &
72ct S
Gaillardia aristata
‘Arizona Sun’
GAIAS30, GAIAS72 (Blanket Flower) Petite form with
impressive bloom power and a
compact, uniform habit. Large,
3in. wide, fiery orange-red flowers are tipped by a ring of yellow.
Provides continuous color all
season long. From Benary.
8-10in/ESu-EFa/Z3-10/30 &
72ct S
Awards: FGM, AAS
Arizona Series
Introduced by Benary, this is the first Gaillardia series from seed. All members of
this series bloom the first year from seed, not requiring vernalization to bloom.
They have excellent branching, forming a relatively short mound which becomes
blanketed in flowers for several months.
Photo courtesy of All America Selections
Gaillardia aristata
‘Arizona Apricot’
Photo courtesy of Fleuroselect
Gaillardia aristata
‘Arizona Red Shades’
Gaillardia aristata
‘Arizona Sun’
x/x/x/x/x = foliage height / scape height (where applicable) / bloom time / zone / size offered
Gaillardia aristata
‘Lucky Wheeler’ PPAF
Gaillardia aristata ‘Amber Wheels’
GAIAW30 (Blanket Flower) Selected for
its unique blossoms; large, golden yellow
flowers with fringed petals and prominent amber-red center. They are produced
on tall stems above the mounded, lanceshaped leaves all summer long.
28-32in/ESu-EFa/Z3-10/30ct S
Gaillardia aristata
‘Fancy Wheeler’ PP22016
GAIFW30, GAIFW72 (Blanket Flower) A
compact, floriferous selection from Jelitto
Perennial Seeds. Rich scarlet red flowers
rimmed in gold with a red cone blanket
the dwarf, compact plants all summer.
10in/ESu-EFa/Z3-10/30 & 72ct C
Asexual propagation prohibited.
GAILW30, GAILW72 (Blanket Flower)
This compact, floriferous selection from
Jelitto Perennial Seeds is like a miniature version of ‘Fanfare’. Red and yellow,
fluted, 2” flowers top the dense, rounded
mound of foliage for several months. Ideal
in containers or as edging.
10-12in/ESu-EFa/Z3-10/30 & 72ct C
Asexual propagation prohibited.
Gaillardia aristata
‘Oranges & Lemons’ PP17092
GAIOL30, GAIOL72 (Blanket Flower) A
color breakthrough! Large, peachy-orange
flowers with yellow tips and a gold cone.
Blue green foliage and an improved upright
22-26in/ESu-EFa/Z6-10/30 & 72ct C
Tips for Growing Gaillardia
• Keep flowers pinched out of
Gaillardia until the plants are
bulked up.
• Once roots are established, apply
Pistil or Configure to promote
lateral branching.
• Grow Gaillardia on the dry side
with moderate fertility.
• Grow under high light levels;
prefers long days.
Asexual propagation prohibited.
Wheeler Series
Introduced by Jelitto Perennial Seeds, this series includes two incredibly
compact yet large flowered varieties under a foot tall. They form a tightly
rounded mound of foliage blanketed in flowers for several months. They are
produced vegetatively, ensuring crop uniformity.
Photo courtesy of Jelitto Staudensamen GmbH
Gaillardia aristata
‘Amber Wheels’
Photo courtesy of Visions
Gaillardia aristata
‘Oranges & Lemons’ PP17092
Gaillardia aristata
‘Fancy Wheeler’ PP22016
Gaillardia aristata
‘Lucky Wheeler’ PPAF
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Gaillardia ‘Burgundy’
GAIBU30 (Blanket Flower)
Large, 3 in. wide, wine-red
blooms. Has a button-like center
which emerges bright yellow and
then slowly changes to oxbloodred. Blooms heavily all season
long. Heat tolerant. Grows best
in poor soil.
30in/ESu-EFa/Z3-10/30ct S
Gaillardia ‘Fanfare’ PP15892
GAIFA30, GAIFA72 (Blanket
Flower) Huge, upward-facing,
scarlet flowers flare outward
from the central crown like
trumpets with bright yellow tips.
Has a more compact, mounding
form. Blooms all season.
18-24in/ESu-EFa/Z3-10/30 &
72ct C
Gaillardia ‘Fanfare
Blaze’ PPAF
GAIFB30, GAIFB72 (Blan-
ket Flower) Like the look of
‘Fanfare’? Try this new color!
Fiery orange-red, 2.5” flowers
with trumpeted petals and a
deep orange-red center appear
continuously over an exceptionally long period. Widely
mounding, grey-green foliage.
Heat tolerant.
12-16in/ESu-EFa/Z5-10/30 &
72ct C
Asexual propagation prohibited.
Gaillardia ‘Goblin’
GAIGO30 (Blanket Flower)
Scarlet-red petals with sunny
yellow tips surround the
reddish-brown cone of these
daisy-like flowers. Provides
continuous color all season
long. Heat tolerant. Grows best
in poor soil.
12in/ESu-EFa/Z3-10/30ct S
Gaillardia grandiflora
MESA™ Yellow
GAIMY30, GAIMY72 (Blanket
Flower) Vast improvement
over older yellow Gaillardias.
Uniform, compact, wellbranched plants have a strong,
upright habit. Abundant, sunfast yellow, 2.5-3.5” blossoms
are followed by globe-like seed
heads. Tolerates a wide range
of climatic conditions. From
PanAmerican Seed.
30 & 72ct S
Award: FGM, AAS
Galium odoratum
GALOD30, GALOD128 (Sweet
Woodruff ) A vigorous ground
cover for moist, shady areas.
Tiny, white, star-shaped flowers appear above a carpet of
finely cut, green leaves. Use to
edge pathways, hide dying bulb
foliage, or as an underplanting.
6in/LSp/Z4-8/30 & 128ct C
Asexual propagation prohibited.
Gaillardia ‘Fanfare’ PP15892
‘Fanfare Blaze’ PPAF
Gaillardia ‘Burgundy’
Gaillardia ‘Goblin’
Gaillardia grandiflora MESA™ Yellow
Galium odoratum
x/x/x/x/x = foliage height / scape height (where applicable) / bloom time / zone / size offered
Photo courtesy of Jelitto Staudensamen GmbH
Gentiana cruciata ‘Blue Cross’
Gentiana ‘True Blue’ PP20433
Gentiana cruciata ‘Blue Cross’
GENBC30, GENBC72 (Cross Gentian)
Distinguished by its intense blue violet
flowers on a compact, durable, drought
resistant plant. Clusters of small flowers
open at the nodes where spoon-shaped
leaves meet at angles to form a cross,
thus the name. From Jelitto Perennial
10in/MSu-EFa/Z3-7/30 & 72ct S
Gentiana ‘True Blue’ PP20433
GENTBG1 (Gentian) This floriferous
gentian from hybridizer Darrell Probst
produces large 2”, tubular, true blue
flowers which open at the nodes all up
and down the stems. Smooth, lanceshaped leaves form an attractive clump.
24-30in/MSu-EFa/Z4-7/#1 Grade T
Asexual propagation prohibited.
Geranium ‘Dragon Heart’
Geranium ‘Brookside’
GERBRG1 (Hardy Geranium, Cranesbill) This award winning selection forms
a compact clump of small, deeply lobed,
green leaves that turn vivid red-orange
Geranium ‘Brookside’
in fall. Lavender blue flowers with a tiny
white eye and deep purple veining are
produced over a long period.
18-24in/LSp-MSu,EFa/Z4-8/#1 Grade D
Award: RHS
Geranium ‘Dragon Heart’
GERDH30, GERDH72 (Hardy Geranium, Cranesbill) A monster-sized
hybrid with very large leaves and flowers. Magenta flowers with a black center
and veining are produced in abundance.
Makes an outstanding focal point. Hybridized by Alan Bremner of Scotland.
24in/ESu-LSu/Z5-8/30 & 72ct T
Geranium ‘Perfect Storm’
GERPS30, GERPS72 (Hardy Geranium,
Cranesbill) A storm of small, magenta
pink blossoms with a black center and
veins are produced atop low, spreading
mounds of velvety grey-green foliage in
12in/LSp-MSu/Z5-8/30 & 72ct T
Geranium ‘Perfect Storm’
Geranium ‘Rozanne’ PP12175 and Hakonechloa m. ‘Aureola’ thrive
together in this partially shaded garden.
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Photo courtesy of Jelitto Staudensamen GmbH
Photo courtesy of Blooms of Bressingham®
Geranium pratense
‘Dark Reiter’
Geranium ‘Rozanne’ PP12175
Geranium pratense ‘Dark Reiter’
GERDR30, GERDR72 (Hardy Geranium,
Cranesbill) From Jelitto Perennial Seeds
comes this attractive dark-leafed selection
that forms a compact mound of finely
cut, plum purple foliage. Leafy scapes
carry clusters of nicely contrasting, lilac
blue flowers.
8-10in/ESu-LSu/Z4-8/30 & 72ct S
Geranium ‘Rozanne’ PP12175
GERRO20, GERRO72 (Hardy Geranium,
Cranesbill) One of the longest blooming
perennials. Violet blue flowers with a white
eye are produced atop the sprawling foliage. Vigorous; spreads 2-3’ in one season.
18-20in/LSp-MFa/Z5-8/20 & 72ct T
Asexual propagation prohibited.
Tips for Growing
Geraniums Successfully
• Start smaller size plugs in
late summer to bulk plants
up for spring sales.
• Grow at 65°F with moderate
moisture levels.
• Fertilize with 150-200ppm N
constant liquid feed or with a
moderate rate of slow release
• PGRs can be used effectively
if necessary.
Geranium sanguineum
Geranium sanguineum ‘Alpenglow’
GERAP30 (Bloody Cranesbill) Lavenderpink, cup-shaped flowers appear above
low carpets of deeply lobed, green foliage.
Especially strong grower and longblooming. Brilliant red fall color.
12-18in/LSp-MSu/Z4-8/30ct T
Geranium sanguineum
‘New Hampshire Purple’
GERNH30, GERNH72 (Bloody Cranesbill) A profusion of magenta-purple flowers cover the compact, spreading mounds
of intricately cut leaves. Turns brilliant
crimson-red in fall. One of the best lowgrowing geraniums.
Geranium sanguineum
‘New Hampshire Purple’
12-18in/LSp-MSu/Z4-8/30 & 72ct C
Geum flora plena ‘Blazing Sunset’
GEUBS30, GEUBS72 (Avens) Fully
double, scarlet-red flowers up to 50%
larger than other varieties are produced
over a long period beginning in late
spring. Lovely in flower borders and fresh
24in/LSp-MSu/Z5-7/30 & 72ct S
Geum Totally Tangerine
(‘Tim’s Tangerine’ PP22041)
Geum flora plena ‘Blazing Sunset’
GEUTT20, GEUTT72 (Avens) Incredible
performer in the landscape; robust habit
and extremely floriferous. Very tall, strong
stems carry loads of totally sterile, bright
apricot to tangerine orange flowers. Deep
green, fuzzy foliage forms a compact 14”
mound. Hybridized by Tim Crowther.
30in/LSp-MSu/Z4-7/20 & 72ct C
Asexual propagation prohibited.
Geum Totally Tangerine
(‘Tim’s Tangerine’ PP22041)
x/x/x/x/x = foliage height / scape height (where applicable) / bloom time / zone / size offered