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Co-operation profile details from Enterprise Europe SEIMED
BOGR20151119001 - Empresa griega ofrece hojas de aloe vera
Business partnering opportunity
Una empresa griega especializada en cultivo de aloe vera busca compañías interesadas en comprar hojas de aloe vera para su promoción en nuevos
mercados. La empresa está interesada en establecer contratos de agencia, distribución y externalización.
Domiciled in southern part of Greece, the company is dedicated exclusively to cultivation, process and trade of the aloe vera barbadensis miller plants is
offering the leaves of that particular kind of aloe. The offered type of aloe vera is featured by many medicinal and therapeutic properties. It is used by the
world's largest pharmaceutical companies and among the largest companies in the field of beauty.
The main activity of the company is the dedicated process of these leaves under its specialised processing facilities extracting aloe vera gel. The
extracted gel is then sold to companies for after treatment producing aloe-based products such as beauty creams, drinks, soaps, lotions et cetera.
However, the company recently decided to start trading these leaves aiming at entering into an additional market segment.
The plants are certified and produced directly by the company itself and indirectly in cooperation with local producers and the company observes all the
rules and process controls. As for the growing of the plant, the company provides all the necessary expertise to producers, offers useful services to
cultivate the plant achieving the maximum possible performance.
In addition, apart from the trade of leaves, the company also offers several after-planting services to their partner producers such as:
-Ground conformity check in the parcel in which the planting will take place.
-Provision of any information needed for growing Aloe Vera.
-Three to four annual visits are performed by the experienced agronomists of the company at producer's land in order to check the progress of aloe crop.
-Harvesting of the aloe leaves is carried out by the qualified staff of the company.
-In case of a natural disaster, 50% of plants destroyed is replaced.
The Greek company is looking now for enterprises interested in purchasing the described leaves and willing to outsource any of the above mentioned
activities as well. The considered types of agreements are commercial agency agreement, distribution services agreement and outsourcing agreement.
Target partner expertise sought:
- Specific area of activity of the partner: - Type of partner sought: Enterprises active in the field of cultivating, processing and selling aloe vera. Partners
interested in purchasing the described aloe leaves for distribution pusposes.
- Type of partnership: The company is willing to sign commercial agency agreement, distribution services agreement or outsourcing agreement.
Key information:
Country of origin: GREECE
Profile created on: 22/12/2015
Last updated: 28/01/2016
Closing date: 28/01/2017
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