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6. Super-foods
Safety First Sports Supplements
Undisputed Superfoods
Leading understudies to Superfoods foods
Aloe Vera*
Acai Berry
Spirulina *
Brussels Sprouts*
Maitake Mushroom*
Flax Seeds
Wild Salmon
Ginger & Tumeric, White/Green Tea, Cocoa
Acerola, Goji, Blueberries, Cherries*, Purple Grapes
Pineapple*, Papaya*, Mango*, Apples*, Pomegranate*, Tomato*
Blue green Algae*
Alphalfa Grass*, Barley Grass*
Kale*, Watercress*, Peas*
Broccoli*, Cabbage*, Cauliflower*
Onions*, Leeks*, Chives*
Shittake, Reishi
Oats /Basmati Brown Rice
Sunflower/ Sesame/ Chia/Pumpkin seeds, Safflower/Olive/Coconut oil
Walnuts, Avocado*, Brazil nuts.
Beans: Organic Pinot/Kidney/Black
Sardines, Mackerel, Tuna, Trout
•Antho-cyanins (incl. Resveratrol) can speed up your recovery after a long run/cycle. & Antioxidants
•Lycopene and flavonoids which can significantly reduce sensitivity to the sun
•Iso-thiocyanates may block the activity of a protein linked to melanoma.
•Vitamin D is increasingly showing athletic performance enhancement capabilites
•Iron and Thiamine in Sunflower seeds will keep you energized through long workouts
•White and Green tea (and Black tea) & Aloe Vera show amazing pain relieving properties
•Anti-inflammatory superfoods: omega 3 & 6, oleic acid, curcumin, phycocyanin in algae, vit C & Anti-ox,
• * = Strong Alkaline – (need 75% in your diet)
Thursday, May 11, 2010