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Business unit
database solutions
We turn your data into information.
and future-oriented.
database solutions
“Our team will implement your ideas and requirements into customized database solutions or applications.
Be it an in-house project or a project concerning global connectivity: we know the details; and we are your
ideal partner to find reliable and future oriented solutions for you.”
Dr. Florian Höpfl, softgate gmbh
Head of database solutions
database applications.
Safe and reliable
data management.
Nowadays, almost no professional software appli-
The key task of a database system is to efficiently
cation can get by without data management.
store data and provide required application
Thus, an efficient and safe database system is
modules. Thus, not only data storage, but also
crucial for your business success. A customized
application will help to get your data under con-
trol, permanently and reliably.
Design is the construction plan of your database
Our database team develops both, the database
system. We will choose structure and configurati-
itself for structured data management, and plat-
on of your system in a way to record data of your
form independent, mostly internet based, inter-
planned application most efficiently and bear up
faces for general data access.
against growing requirements. In existing data-
Further developments or adjustments of applications already existing and integrating standard
base performance increase may be achieved by
software into individual solutions is a typical chal-
Uninterrupted data availability plays a major role
lenge for us.
particularly in business critical applications. Our
Our experienced IT also offer maintenance or
support of your database application.
specialists design applicable hardware- or database-structures to work without loss of data and
almost uninterrupted in case of error.
Backup and possibility for early restoration are a
Not tailor-made – but still “suit”-able – is our MD-
“must-have” in IT. The larger and more extensive
Suite. This solution has been designed by softgate
the data file, the more complex and costly the
to transfer, visualize, and evaluate machine data.
backup- and recovery solutions to reach this
To ensure quality and consistency of a production
process, it needs continual monitoring. MD-Suite
Our consultants sit down with you to design a
customized backup concept and will implement
these concepts for optimal data protection and
records and evaluates the required data, as it is
essential for a complete documentation and tracing of the manufactured products as defined by
quality management. MD-Suite’s modular design
provides your optimum and cost-effective solution
Numerous subjects.
Extensive knowledge.
Over the years; we have been realizing many
Efficiency for your data
projects in technical or commercial sector; from
participation in only a part of the development
Database design and administration
process up to participation in development of the
 Design and tuning
complete system.
 High availability
We are familiar with relational database (e.g.
 Backup and recovery
Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Informix, etc.)
and “speak” many different programming langu-
Development of customized database
ages. Also, we are very well-acquainted with not
applications and user interfaces
only Microsoft Windows, today’s ruling IT Standard, but also with Unix/Linux operating systems.
MD-Suite for recording, visualizing, and
evaluating machine data
Efficient data handling
by the use of reliable software
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naegelsbachstraße 26
91052 erlangen
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Representative offices:
Prag, Czech Republic
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