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The clean, high-contrast light of the H1 and H4 COOL BLUE®
offers more comfortable illumination of the road and the
• 20% more brightness on the road compared to conventional headlamp
• A more comfortable sight without increased effort or excessive
• The blue light from these bulbs is whiter, closer to daylight and more
• It is easier to see and therefore provides greater safety.
Thanks to a newly developed filament, all the SILVERSTAR®
bulbs offer up to 50% more light than corresponding
standard bulbs in the critical area 50 to 100m in front of the
• The light beam is up to 20m longer.
• SILVERSTAR® globes make your vehicle more visible to other drivers for
added safety.
• They also illuminate road markings and signs at a greater distance
which helps to provide a more relaxed driving experience.
• H4 and H7 SILVERSTAR® headlamp bulbs have metallic coated caps
that, unlike cheap imports, retain their full effect throughout the whole
life of the bulb.
• They are ideal for use in modern complex-shape headlights with clear,
unobstructed covers.
• In this type of headlight, the SILVERSTAR® blends so well with the
background of the reflectors that a stylish finish is achieved.
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• Up to 100% more light on the road.
• Up to 100% longer lamp life.
• Rugged and durable (heavy duty).
Better light from SC technology.
• The significant improvement in performance is the result of applying
single-coil technology to headlight lamps.
• More uniform light and better illumination of the road lead to greater
• Drivers on long journeys at night do not get tired as quickly.
• Drivers are more relaxed thanks to a light beam that is up to 40m
longer and up to 100% brighter, which means they can access danger
more quickly.
Longer life saves time and money.
• Conventional lamps often fail prematurely when they are fitted to trucks
because of the vibrations they have to endure.
• The reasons for such vibrations include harder suspension, greater
engine vibrations and driving on poor quality roads.
• With the new coil and its optimised mounting, OSRAM has succeeded
in improving vibration strength overall and significantly reducing the
failure rate.
• Users therefore save a great deal of time and money because the
lamps do not have to be replaced as often.
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