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Sesleria autumnalis
The ultimate dream grass for the landscaper.
It is tolerant of almost any conditions. It can
handle dry, moist, sunny or shady locations.
It is salt tolerant which adds to its diversity
of location. In the shadiest locations, it will
only produce blooms sparingly. In the driest
of locations, it can linger rather than live
spectacularly, but it will still live. It mixes
great with other perennials and bulbs. Plant
Allium ‘Purple Sensation’ bulbs around the
grasses for a stunning early spring display.
Shrub roses amongst a large planting of
Sesleria would be a nice substitute for a
Size: 18” Tall x 24” Wide
Sun to part shade
Drought tolerant - prefers some moisture
Combine with:
Allium ‘Summer Beauty’ - Ornamental Onion
Amsonia ‘Blue Ice’ - Blue Star
Geranium ‘Max Frei’ - Cranesbill
Echinacea ‘Pica Bella’ - Purple Coneflower