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Vanessa Walters
Marketing Copywriter
Alabama Telco Credit Union
Phone: (205) 985-2872
Fax: (205) 444-3745
August 13, 2014
Alabama Telco Reports Strong First Half for 2014
With the economy holding steady and the housing market picking up again, Alabama
Telco Credit Union reports a strong first half of the year.
Alabama Telco is currently celebrating its 80th year in the banking industry, and the
credit union continues to prove their financial strength with a strong start to 2014.
Financial reports for the first half of 2014 show a steady increase in deposits and loans.
They reported a growth of $8 million in deposits and booked $76 million in new loans.
Part of the loan growth stems from the upswing in real estate loans, both in home equity
lines of credit and first and secondary mortgages.
“Each year brings new challenges as the economy is ever changing. By holding true to
our commitment of providing excellent service and working toward the goal of
improving our members' financial well-being, we continue to see growth as well. We
look forward to what the rest of 2014 holds,” states Linda Cencula, President and CEO of
Alabama Telco.
Alabama Telco Credit Union is a full service financial institution with branches located
across the state of Alabama. With assets in excess of $607 million, Alabama Telco serves
more than 65,000 members with friendly and professional service. Alabama Telco Credit
Union has a “5 STAR” Superior Rating by Bauer Financial for Safety and Soundness.
Alabama Telco Credit Union is a not-for-profit, financial cooperative that is solely owned
by its members. For more information on Alabama Telco Credit Union, visit or call 1-800-24TELCO. Alabama Telco Credit Union is also on
Facebook and Twitter.