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Eric Dane sex tape excites fans
16:20, August 18, 2009
A video showing Grey's Anatomy star Eric Dane, his wife Rebecca Gayheart and reportedly
Kari Ann Peniche has excited Twitter fans and created a sensation on the Internet. The
recording reveals more than a little anatomy of all three individuals and has spread like wild
fire around the Internet with a little help from Twitter, the micro-blogging social networking
Eric Dane has appeared in many successful television series including the Wonder Years,
Roseanne and Grey's Anatomy as well as a number of Hollywood films amongst them Open
Water 2 and X Men: The Last Stand. But it is his latest appearance, in what might be
described as a soft porn movie, that is likely to be his biggest hit.
The 12 minute movie, part of which has been shown on, shows a naked Dane
discussing possible stage names for their impromptu sex movie. One girl is heard to say, "My
alter ego is Nina," and Dane, who is seen lying naked on the bed with another girl says, "Hi
girls my alter ego is Cocaine Manor". After one said her cat's name was Fifi, Dane suggests
they name themselves after their pets, Buster, Rambo and Fifi.
In a later part of the film the apparently inebriated trio have made their way to the bathroom
where the two naked ladies are seen lounging in the jacuzzi as Dane takes the role of
cameraman. "You're, like, a good hang. I see you on the street tomorrow, you're one of
Rebecca's friends," he is heard to say as the girls smoke what appear to be marijuana
cigarettes. Rebecca's friend is said to be Kari Ann Peniche, who was crowned Miss Teen
USA in 2002 but was stripped of the title after posing for Playboy.
It is unclear how the situation arose or how the video entered the public domain. But the
excitement on Twitter and other social networks is growing. One repeated Tweet is "I did not
have sex with that woman", a reference to a much quoted line from former President Bill
Clinton that followed his "improper relationship" with Monica Lewinsky in the mid 1990s.
It is not the first time Gayheart has been seen naked and inebriated in a jacuzzi. In June,
the National Enquirer printed a 2003 photo of her in a bathtub with an unidentified woman
and what is purported to have been a crack pipe. Gayheart posed for the picture for her then
boyfriend two years prior to marrying Eric Dane. Her life has it appears been somewhat
troubled with several instances of drug use. She was also convicted of vehicular
manslaughter in 2001 after pleading not contest to the charge following an incident where
she killed a 9 year old child while allegedly talking on her cellular telephone.
Eric Dane, known as Dr McSteamy in Grey's Anatomy, has so far made no comment on
the saucy video which has delighted fans around the globe. "OMG (Oh my God) an Eric
Dane sex tape," said one Twitter user while another exlaimed, "Eric Dane is sooo sexy."
"Source: Xinhuanet"