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Q.1) Which system involves the study of skin
and its appendages ?
a) Locomotor system
b) Endocrine system
c) Integumentary system
d) Skeletal system
Q.2) Lying down (recumbent) position with the
face directed down is called asa) Anatomical position
b) Prone position
c) Supine position
d) Lithotomy position
Q.3) Study of deeper parts of the body in
relation to the skin surface is called asa) Microscopic anatomy
b) Embryology
c) Living anatomy
d) Surface anatomy
Q.4) Application of the anatomical knowledge
to the medical and surgical practice is a) Applied anatomy
b) Genetics
c) Comparative anatomy
d) Physical anthropology
Q.5) Science which deals with study on dead
embalmed (preserved) bodies usually with
naked eye is called asa) Cadaveric anatomy
b) Histology
c) Surface anatomy
d) Comparative anatomy